Street Update #128

Street Update

May 18, 2016

As we’re approaching the end of May, more and more murals are appearing on the walls around the world. The renowned street artists are not shy to show their mastery and to criticize the society that is plummeting towards the depths of capitalism and consumerism as each day passes by. However, not every good deed is done in vain, and these murals represent just that will to fight and overcome the consuming negativity that surrounds us nowadays. Wherever we turn we hear horror stories about new terrorist attacks, about ever-growing poverty, about diseases, and the crash of the stock market, yet, even in these somewhat dark times, we are still able to see the beauty of the world around us. The artists who painted these magnificent murals are here to remind us why we should fight for the better future, and why we should never give up on seeking beauty in this sometimes discouraging and ugly world.

The Widewalls crew likes to support everything that brightens the days of our readers, and we like to see beauty in each aspect of life, and so we are bringing you the new edition of Street Update, to remind you that even a plain wall can become a work of art with a little love and creativity. And if the wall can become so magnificently breathtaking, imagine what you could do if you put a smile on your face and start your day with positivity! So, without further ado, scroll down to see this week’s top five murals from around the world.

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Johannes Mundinger - Mural at the Tempelhof Airport

Johannes Mundinger has recently painted an amazing new mural at the Tempelhof airport in the center of Berlin in collaboration with Kid Cash (Klub 7). Mundinger’s works are always on the fine line between figuration and abstraction, and he often creates site-specific works, incorporating the surrounding elements into his art which then become an integral part of his work. His works have been displayed in major exhibition spaces such as the Museum Kunstpalast in Dusseldorf, Museum Weserburg in Bremen and the Freiburg Kunstverein. He received the jury price of the Berliner Kunstverein in 2013 and has been a resident artist at the Urban Spree Gallery in Berlin since 2012. This particular mural was created as a part of his exhibition entitled Below the Fog.

Guido Van Helten - Mural in Grudziadz

Guido van Helten is an Icelandic contemporary street artist who usually creates large-scale, site-specific works. He has painted murals all over the world, everywhere from Iceland to Australia, but has recently focused on Eastern Europe, and thus produced this magnificent piece in Grudziadz in Poland. The mural depicts an aged woman, obviously not in her prime, but nevertheless beautiful, as if the artist is trying to tell us that the beauty never fades, no matter how old you get. This piece is actually a part of his ongoing series of portraits of women. Having previously painted a young girl, then an adult woman, and now the older one, we can link these three into a unique example of the circle of life, and as a reminder of age that will someday make us all look like this lady (that is if we’re lucky).

Corn79 - Study of Integration

A new mural by Corn79 has emerged in Villa Lagarina, a small town in Trentino in northern Italy. This piece is titled Study of Integration and painted on the wall of Villa Lagarina’s town hall. The work of art serves as an actual study of its surroundings, depicting the colors and the geometry of the street it is located on and the surrounding architecture. Riccardo Lanfranco, aka Corn79, worked close to La Pieve di Santa Maria Assunta, which is the architectural focal point of the small town, giving new shape and life to the mural that incorporates and enhances the rich architecture and culture of the Italian town.

Ludo – Victory

The French street artist Ludo has created a masterpiece entitled Victory on the streets of Paris. The capital of France is adorned with this gorgeous piece, which is an oversized hand-painted paster, depicting Ludo’s unique imagery that combines nature, weapons, and sculptures. The added green tint emphasizes the natural element of the mural, which looks like one of the old Greek sculptures depicting Old Gods that symbolize the rebellious spirit and the fight for a better life. Ludo’s work is inspiring to viewers who seek justice in this unjust of a world and offers a peace of mind for the troubled souls that roam the streets of Paris.

Etam Cru - Meeting her parents

Bezt and Sainer comprise the duo of Etam Cru, and they often depict scenes from Eastern European folklore and fantasy and incorporate their witty sense of humor into their works. The ray of sunshine that marked last week is Bezt’s new mural Meeting her parents, that shows a silhouette of a boy holding a bouquet of flowers behind his back while knocking on a door. The adorable new piece inspires the passersby to construct a story behind the image and even identify with the romantic boy waiting to pick his girl up and take her on a first date, shivering with the thought of her dad, probably very suspicious and overprotective. This heart-warming mural can be seen in Aalborg in Denmark, and it is a part of the Out in the Open mural project by the local KIRK Gallery.

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