Street Update #129

Street Update

May 25, 2016

Many great murals have emerged in the past week. Some of them were made as social commentaries about the devastating strife that is affecting people around the world, some are trippy, some are adorable, and some are simply awesome! The world is getting richer and richer when it comes to amazing street art, and the murals from the past week are the living (okay maybe not literally living) proof of that. Street art is finding its way into the mainstream gallery spaces and the walls around the world are becoming perfect canvases for the creative people who want to share their artistry with large numbers of people. These pieces are inspiring people to get rid of their fears and troubled thoughts, and work towards creating a better world where everybody would have their place and live happily.

Before we reveal our top picks for the week behind us, make sure to share your thoughts and favorites on our Facebook page. And without further ado, here are the top five murals we have for you today!

Mr Cenz in Newham

The London-based artist Mr Cenz has completed a new mural in London Borough of Newham. The artist has been in the world of street art since 1988 when he discovered the culture of hip-hop and graffiti art. His first commissioned mural was made when he was only eleven years old, and since then he has continued to experiment with the art of graffiti and founded his company called Positive Arts. His works can be seen on the streets of London. They are abstract and aesthetically unique, often depicting the faces of women, just like in this piece. His funky style blends illustration, photorealism, and graffiti letterforms.

BiP - Vintage

The graffiti artist Bip aka Believe in People has created a new mural entitled Vintage in Oakland, California. The elusive artist hasn’t been heard of since last year in San Francisco, which makes this mural even more special. The piece depicts a 91-year-old Oakland resident Emma Levy holding a trash metal vinyl record that brings the positive energy into the town. The piece was sponsored by Art Primo and Molotow. BiP’s mural is the proof that age is just a number and that if a 91-year-old woman can look this happy and awesome, imagine what you as a young person can do!

Lee Jeffries in Paris

Manchester-based photographer Lee Jeffries has made a large-scale paste-up in Paris. Lee Jeffries specializes in anonymous portraits, especially of people who are facing great strife with a mission to provide them with the place in society they deserve, and to inspire the viewers to look on these individuals and stop the prejudice they are facing. The mural has been painted on the wall of Primo Lévi School. His breathtaking portraits are raw and evoke a plethora of emotions, and this particular piece depicts a young child with piercing eyes. The mural can be seen at 24 rue René Goscinny in Paris.

Alberonero - Mańana, 100 toni, Valencia

The artist Alberonero has painted a mural in the city of Valencia in Spain. The trippy mural on the walls of the Universitat Politécnica was painted by the Italian street artist and it features his signature color-based imagery. The simple and effective piece is entitled Mańana, 100 toni and it blows the minds of the viewers with its vibrant colors. Scroll down to see the exact location of the artwork, and make sure to see it in person if you are in Valencia.

Telmo Miel and Pariz One - Two Of One Kind, Lisbon

Telmo Miel and Pariz One have created an amazing super-large-scale mural entitled Two Of One Kind in the streets of Lisbon in Portugal. The mural depicts twin girls which are in reality only two portraits of one girl, the daughter of Pariz One. The beautiful piece is technically exquisite, typical for Telmo Miel, and it will surely warm even the coldest of hearts and put smiles on many faces that walk by it. The girls (or girl) are dressed in purple outfits and have little lilac bows in their hair, looking adorable and spreading the positivity through the town.

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