Street Update #130

June 1, 2016

Another week has passed which means that a great number of murals have emerged on the walls all over the world. Artists have been super busy creating gorgeous pieces for all of us to enjoy, leaving a permanent mark in the cities they worked in. With the summertime steadily approaching, it seems as if the themes and colors have become brighter and more positive, inspiring the joy in the viewers and brightening the days of passers-by, making the rush of contemporary life a little bit easier to handle.

Here at Widewalls, we have been busy and productive as well. We brought to you a list of the most interesting contemporary Australian painters whose works you should definitely follow, we wondered what the effect of street art is on the real estate prices. We relaxed with the most calming scenery paintings, and we tackled the notions of the Iranian art market. We were fascinated with Bauhaus movement and its typography and went Eastward with the article about contemporary art in Istanbul. Yes, the spring inspired us to be creative, and the beautiful murals we picked for you today made our job a lot easier and pleasurable.

Make sure to tell us which one was your favorite on our Facebook page. And without further ado, here are the top five murals of the last week of May!

SeaCreative in Cartagena

Fabrizio Sarti is an Italian street artist better known as SeaCreative who created an amazing mural in Cartagena, Spain. The witty piece is fresh and brings that much-needed dose of humor and positivity that we all long for, and it was created for One Urban World. The artist has started a Sea Creative project in 2000 in which he incorporated a more traditional approach to street art, with his usage of enamels, acrylics, and inks. He paints not only in populated urban areas but in abandoned industrial sites as well, where his art becomes blended into the history and archeology of the place. His style is vivid and graphic, expanding to the chromatic experimentation, inviting the viewers to become curious and explore the meaning and the message behind the pieces.

Millo in Morocco

The Italian street artist Francesco Camillo Giorgino, better known as Millo has produced a new mural entitled You make my heart spin around in Safi in Morocco. The piece was executed in Millo’s signature style, with a myriad of black and white lines with splashes of color, in this case, red and blue. The large-scale mural is a depiction of classic Milo characters, the children playing in their monochrome environment. Millo’s works have been exhibited all over the world, in London, Rio de Janeiro, Rome, Milan, Florence, and now Morocco, to name just a few. If you are in Safi, make sure you check out the mural in person and enjoy Millo’s imagery.

Pantonio in Safi

The Portuguese artist Pantónio has done it again! He produced a marvelous, dreamlike, and fascinating new mural in the seaside town of Safi in Morocco. The large-scale piece on the side of the building is a depiction of a school of fish swimming effortlessly and mesmerizingly in the yellow sea. Pantónio himself stated this about his piece: "fish have no leader and yet they maneuver in perfect formation." And indeed, the same could be said for his work. The intuitiveness and the magical flow of his murals are nothing short of amazing, and each of his pieces shows a great mastery and a keen eye for the behavior of animals that are his recurring subjects.

Sainer of Etam Cru in Rouen

Sainer of Etam Cru has recently painted a new mural in Rouen in France entitled Countryside evening for the occasion of the Rouen Impressionnée Festival. The mural is executed in the recognizable Etam Cru style, resulting in a highly realistic piece depicting two women and a cow. The mural looks like a painting that belongs in some traditional and upscale museum, making the viewers feel as if they were a part of an important exhibition. The building adorned with this astounding piece looks amazing, so make sure to go and check it out in person if you are somewhere in the vicinity of Rouen.

Emmanuel Jarus in Kiev

Emmanuel Jarus has recently completed a new mural in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. The piece entitled The Red Bicycle was made for Art United Us festival. A large-scale mural depicts a man on the bicycle executed in a highly realistic manner, which blended perfectly with the surrounding environment and followed the theme of cycling. Jarus’ subtle style and the masterful execution have made this piece take the first place on our list, and we love it as much as the next mural-lover, so be sure to pop over to Kiev and see the piece in all its glory.

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