Street Update #131

June 8, 2016

Hello there street art lovers, it's Wednesday again, and we're here, as usual, to give a summary of the murals that impressed us most. The past week has been all about a beautiful, socially engaged festival in Manchester, called Cities of Hope, which gathered the most renowned muralists from all across the world to "stand alongside the oppressed and those that fight at their side" (to use their own words). The festival aims to fight for social justice and to raise money in order to help those in need. Naturally, at least two of these murals had to end up on our list, and we are delighted to present them to you. Of course, that doesn't make the other three astonishing pieces less important or interesting, and we hope that you'll enjoy them as much as we did.

Before you scroll down to see them all, let us steal a moment of your time and give you some insights into other interesting events we were talking about recently. If you're a street art admirer, as we suppose you are, you might be interested in No Limits group show at Galerie Hegemann in Munich, which starts on June 16th. Not to far away from Munich, there is a festival you might also get excited about - LISTE Basel, that will present seventy-nine galleries with artworks by over 140 artists. And finally, after you're done with our Street Update number 131, return to this passage and click on the following link to read our interview with Cope2, one of the kings of the New York graffiti and street art culture.

Also, if there's anything you'd like to tell us about, feel free to give as a shout on Facebook.

NEVERCREW in Manchester

All the wonderful Manchester murals that were created last week are going to be the artworks you'll remember. This one has certainly gained a great deal of attention, and that comes as no surprise! After all, it was created by one of our favorite street art duos, Nevercew, on a pretty big surface. Of course, none of that would have mattered if the mural itself wasn't equally amazing - both as a concept, and visually. Inhuman barriers speaks about one of the most recent problems that struck the world - immigration, and it supports the local solidarity group WASP (Women Asylum Seekers Together).

Images via Nevercrew.

Fintan Magee in Toowoomba, Australia

The mural created by Fintan Magee is another awareness-raising artwork, however it was realized in another part of the world, in Toowoomba, Australia. The Day After addresses the 2011 Brisbane flood disaster, during which Toowoomba was also heavily affected. This traumatic event was experienced by Fintan Magee as well. Therefore, the artist made the mural as a form of a thank-you note, to the couple that helped him and his family remove all the mud and debris from his mother's house that previously went 1.8 meters under water.

Image via Fintan Magee.

DANK in Milan

And now we turn to happier subjects, as we move forward to the third mural on our list. It was made by the British street artist DANK (Dan Kitchener) in Milan, Italy, on the occasion of Looperfest, provided by Loop colors. As usual, DANK involves lots of colorful details and he depicts the characters and motives influenced by places that he's been to. These involve Tokyo, London, Cambodia and Hong Kong, and as you can see, a lot of his inspiration comes from oriental culture. The mural is titled The Light Guard, and it measures 6 by 8 meters.

Image via Dan Kitchener.

Case MaClaim in Manchester

Here's another mural that made the city of Manchester become more beautiful than ever. The German graffiti artist Case MaClaim deployed his recognizable life-like depiction in order to realize this breathtaking piece. The mural is done in support of Back on Track Manchester, a local charity that enables disadvantaged adults to make positive changes in their lives. it portrays one of their service users, and there is a photo of the man seeing the work for the first time featured in the slider above.

All images via Back on Track Manchester.

Dan Leo in Kilkenny

We are always happy to add some new artists to this list, and this time we bring you a mural by the London-born, Ireland-based artist Dan Leo. Although he is a multi-disciplinary artist, perhaps better known for his works on canvas, the artist makes large-scale murals as well, and this lovable pink flamingo is his most recent creation. Apparently, Dan Leo prefers to depict animals in a cartoon-like manner, and the reasons are explained on his website: I want to capture the essence of the animal I paint in the simplest way as I can. The eradication of unnecessary aspects of anatomy can bring focus to the most essential ones, such as the eyes. The gateway into the characters soul and their story.

Image via DanLeoDesign.

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