Street Update #132

June 15, 2016

What a week for the world of street art murals! Some amazing pieces have emerged on the walls all over the globe, adorning the cities and putting smiles on the faces of passersby. Abstract and realistic, epic and cartoonish, these street art murals prove that street art is still on the rise and that towns and cities can look so much more appealing with just a little love and creativity. The artists who took it upon themselves to paint and leave a message for the inhabitants and visitors of these places are true lovers of the art and critics of the society that we live in, making us look up and take a moment to appreciate something truly beautiful in our fast-paced lives. Somehow, whenever new street art murals pop up somewhere in the world we suddenly become aware of the problems we are facing each day, and we think about them, and we ponder over their message, and we talk about them, and we make plans to make a difference. Somehow, this hype does not seem to last for the most of the humanity, burdened by the quotidian troubles that slowly crumble their will to fight for the greater good. However, what we must remember is that if the whole world fails, we fail too; if the values we nurture disappear, we all disappear; if we turn our backs on those weaker than us, we become the weak ones; if we let the society fall into oblivion, we fall into the darkness as well. This is precisely why it is so important to see art as more than just decoration, as more than just a pretty thing to look at that will brighten our day. It is important to view art as the most straightforward criticism of the societal issues and controversial events that are happening all over the world. It is crucial to think, to talk, to act, to change, to strive for the development and to obliterate the inhumane behavior we are seeing all over the news. We must fight back, we must change what is not right, we must employ all our strengths and fix all our weaknesses for only then will we be able to say that we live in the true society, the society that nurtures the talents and ostracises the violent individuals, that discourages terrorism and suffering, that fights poverty and fights for the rights of humans and animals in this crazy planet we call Earth.

Before we go on to revealing the top five street art murals of the past week, let’s take a look at some interesting stories we covered. Some people just cannot behave and control their children, right? Imagine if someone destroyed a valuable work of art, how would you feel? Read about the top examples of destroyed art before you go on to checking out the top 10 of witty Instagrammers who recreated famous works of art. On a little more serious note, find out what makes a good photo of the city life, and read about the Pyotr Pavlenski trial. If you are still confused about the Bauhaus influence, check out our handy guide, and definitely take the time to enjoy the most memorable portrait photography moments. For the lovers of the macabre, we have put together an article about the disturbing art pieces that are bound to put the chills in your bones. And yeah, Johnny Depp is selling his art collection!

So what can we say about the world of urban art? The artists who create these amazing mural works use various techniques and their wit to provide us with the beautiful pieces that make the urban life easier. Using their talent and skills they make each street feel like home, the photos of their creations make our newsfeeds shine. We search for beauty, and beauty we get, by simply using our steady feet that can take us to the nearest mural or our smartphones that bring those murals straight to our homes. It doesn't matter if we are in the East, West, North or South, each corner of the world offers the amazing murals we can enjoy and admire, each building the urban artists decorate becomes a museum-worthy piece, and we should be thankful for living in such a world where beauty and creativity are celebrated and welcomed. And now, without further ado, here are our top picks for the best street art murals of the past week! As always, do share your opinions and thoughts on our Facebook page.

Li-Hill - The Impact of Discovery, Kiev

Li-Hill has created mural entitled The Impact of Discovery in Kiev, Ukraine. The artist is known for his large-scale murals that examine the nature of motion and movement that merge the energy and the particles that construct the space. This is one of his largest street art murals, and it serves as a tribute to the science of particle physics and the study of the human form. The piece was completed with the support of the Sky Art Foundation and Mural Social Club, and it is curated by Yulia Ostrovska and Oleg Sosnov, and it was painted on the side of the Kieve Polytechnic Institute, the largest science and technology school in Ukraine. Li-Hill depicted the hydrogen protons colliding with each other, thus creating an explosion. The mural reminds of Duchamp’s Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2, and Etienne-Jules Marey’s studies of human motion.

Images © Film UA and Li-Hill via

Daniel Eime - .PRIMA., Viseu, Portugal

Another example of the amazing street art murals from the week past is .PRIMA. by Daniel Eime. The mural was painted in Viseu in Portugal, curated by Kruella d’Enfer and Akacorleone. Daniel Eime started as a graffiti artist, experimenting with posters and stickers before moving on his current investigation of the technique of stenciling, that he has been exploring since 2008. Known for his large-scale murals, Daniel’s works depict interesting characters combined with abstract elements that aspire to capture the inner light of the subjects he paints. This piece employs the blue color that reminds of the clear ocean waters, dancing on the side of the building, surrounding the bird painted in black and white. .PRIMA. was created for Tons da Primavera / Street Art Festival.

Images via

Low Bros for North West Walls, Belgium

Christoph and Florin Schmidt are the Berlin-based street artists working under the name Low Bros who created an excellent example of street art murals for the North West Walls in Belgium. The brothers used to work as graffiti writers Qbrk and Nerd before moving on to muralism, canvas works, and multimedia projects and installations. They draw inspiration from the hip-hop culture, often depicting animals with human features and criticizing the current events in their works that carry a futuristic vibe. The piece they painted on the containers for North West Walls in Belgium are curated by Arne Quinze is done in signature Low Bros style, with a keen eye for detail and technical precision.

Images via and North West Walls Facebook page

Ella & Pitr - The Silence of the Slippers After the Rain, Chicago

Whimsical and sad, playful and hopeful, Ella and Pitr’s take on street art murals resulted in The Silence of the Slippers After the Rain. Painted in Chicago, one of the largest cities in the United States, this mural with a poetic name was created for the occasion of Le silence des pantoufles après la pluie (The silence of the slippers after the rain), their June exhibition in the USA. The French duo has produced a hauntingly beautiful piece that speaks to the audience on many different levels, evoking the sense of loneliness and devastation in the world so vast that seems to make being alone impossible. Yet, the character depicted on the wall in Chicago shows how humans can be detached from the society when they decide to be different, unique, and to stay true to themselves.

Image via and Ella&Pitr Facebook page

Nychos - Exploding Ronald's head, Brooklyn, New York

Street art murals are perfect instruments of social commentary. With the rise of obesity and heart disease among children, Exploding Ronald’s head is the Nychos' critique of the fast-food lifestyle one out of four Americans is living each day. They spend more than $100 billion on fast food every year, which is the amount of money that could stop world hunger! McDonalnds, particularly, is the choice of restaurant for over 45 million people each day, which adds up to more than the population of whole Spain. For this reason precisely, the Nychos’ mural is so important to remember, as the fast-food industry keeps luring children in with their fun commercials and whimsical mascots. The world needs to wake up and stop clogging its arteries, and unless something is done soon, heart attacks and strokes will become a regular thing in our schools – all thanks to over processed, unhealthy, hormone-infused fast food.

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