Street Update #133

June 22, 2016

The streets around the world have gotten a few more remarkable embellishments on their walls. In the latest edition of our Street Update, we are, once again, bringing you the best of the best of the world of street art muralism. As always, these works of art tell a unique and important story related to the events that are shaping the life as we know it, criticizing the bad, and promoting the good. We can all learn a lot from these street art works, and what makes them so important is the fact that everyone can see them, enjoy them, comment on them, and think about them, regardless of their social status. People who simply do not have the time or the resources to visit official exhibition spaces, to go to museums or purchase expensive artworks can still enjoy the beauty of art by simply stepping outside and looking at the glorious murals on the walls of their towns and cities.

Before we show you the artworks that left us breathless last week, we suggest taking some time and visiting the 30works Gallery in Cologne for the Thomas Baumgartel exhibition, on view until June 30th. For the inquisitive souls out there make sure to check out the CoBrA Group artists you should definitely know, and read about the contemporary Arabic art figures. Animal lovers will enjoy our dog portraits article and many of our lovely readers who’d love to know what Chicano art is can find out here. And of course, because we know how stressful life can get, we suggest you read our art therapy feature and find a peace of mind you need and deserve.

And now (drumrolls please) here are the top five best murals created in the week behind us. As always, we would love to hear from you, so make sure to drop us a line and say which one of these amazing street art murals are your favorite on our Facebook page.

Sepe and Chazme in Italy

Sepe and Chazme have recently completed the large-scale mural entitled Deaf Phone in the streets of the Italian town of Assago for the START festival. The Polish duo created the poetic piece of street art that shows the unique style of each artist and their imagery blended into one work of art. Sepe employed the clever use of light and used a limited color palette and expressive brush strokes to achieve a strong atmosphere, and Chazme added his abstract architectural elements, making Deaf Phone simultaneously fascinating and absurd. The grotesque and flamboyant world they depicted makes the viewers take a few moments more to examine the intricate structure and the fascinating details of the artwork.

Images via and

Mr Cenz in Birmingham

Mr Cenz has produced a mural for the City of Colours festival in Birmingham. Julian Phethean a.k.a Mr Cenz is a freehand graffiti artist who has been on the scene since 1998, painting and making a difference ever since. He often says that his work is purely aesthetic and it does not carry any big meanings and theories. He simply creates his own fantasy worlds, abstract pieces, and colorful characters, allowing the viewers to get lost looking at his art, and examine each part of each piece individually. His influences include abstract artists such as Mondrian, Klee, and Roger Hilton.

Images via Mr Cenz Facebook page and Widewalls Facebook page

Solo in Italy

The artist Flavio Solo has created an amazing new mural for the Re_Acto fest in the hillside town of Paganica in the L’Aquilla province in southern Italy. The Rome-based artist painted a piece that reminds of the best works of Pop Art, the topic we covered not so long ago. The artist does not shy away from creating pieces that mean a great deal to him. He often paints scenes, landscapes, and objects that are deeply personal. He gives life to his artworks, he gives them their own history. Solo leaves subtle or, at times, not so subtle hints of his presence so that the viewers can find a piece of him in his works, and discover a piece of themselves in his amazing designs. His weapon of choice is acrylic, but only for the base, from then on, he is experimenting, whether with coffee or blood, anything's in the game.

Images via Solo Facebook page

Phlegm in Birmingham

The internationally recognized street artist Phlegm has produced a striking new mural in Birmingham for the City of Colours festival. The artist who first got into the world of street art through his illustrations in comic books has depicted a scaly creature that emerges from the water to pick up drowning people and take them to safety. The piece he created was a bit unsettling due to the flooding that struck the city recently. Phlegm refused to sign the astounding piece because he wants his art to speak for itself, and not to be burdened by the name of the famous artist.

Check out the production of this amazing piece.

Images via and

Borondo in Germany

Borondo has recently popped over to Berlin to create a massive mural for PM9. The Spanish muralist has worked for a week to paint the amazing new piece to be a part of the One Wall Project and PM9, curated by StreetArtNews and JUSTKIDS at Urban Nation Berlin. The mural is divided into two parts. It is a depiction of a girl lost in her thoughts, and the other part shows a wood landscape and an image of what appears to be Saint Sebastian, a Christian saint and martyr, believed to have been killed during the Diocletian’s persecution of Christians in the Roman empire.

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