Street Update #135

July 6, 2016

The first week of July has brought us a lot of interesting new events, a myriad of educational articles, and exciting news from the world of art. But today, in our newest Street Update, we are here to talk about the world of street art, especially the amazing new murals that had appeared all over the world in the week behind us. These inspirational pieces are sending strong messages to the society, questioning the decisions of the people in the position of power, and overall criticizing the decaying practices that the world is considering normal today. They are beautiful, they are meaningful, they make people think and ponder over their role in the society, they help the communities develop with the use of a simple, yet powerful tool that is art. A simple spray can make somebody’s life take a turn for the better and make them rethink some of the choices they made in their lives and take an active role in the advancement of their respective communities.

And now, here are the top five murals from the first week of July! Share your thoughts and opinions with us on our Facebook page!

Giulio Vespirini in Bonito

Giulio Vespirini has painted a new mural in a small town of Bonito, in the province of Avellino in the Campania region of la bella Italia. The piece was created for the Impronte 2016, Boca Contest Project, and can we just say that it looks very interesting? The mural entitled Cerchio G0023. The Boca collective is a group of creative people who became united by their love of art and the proactive way of making the community better. They are photographers, web experts and lovers of street art in whatever form it may come. They brainstorm ideas and gather their unique energies to improve the territorial projects they organize and to make an impact on the society around them. The idea of Boca emerged in 2011 when a group of friends became inspired by the historical and urban symbols of Argentinian district of artistic freedom. Perfectly in sync with Vespirini’s newest mural!

Image via via

Kristen McCrea in Toronto

Kristen McCrea painted a gorgeous new piece for A Love Letter to the Great Lakes festival that used urban art to inspire inspirational dialogues and conversations about environmental issues surrounding the Great Lakes. The festival is organized by PangeaSeed Foundation, and it managed to bring together a myriad of amazing street artists who took it upon themselves to paint the murals all over the city. Each of these pieces serves as the physical love letter to the lakes, and one of these love letters was created by Kristen McCrea herself. She chose the patterns based on flowers native to the river valley system of Toronto. This environmental piece will surely inspire the passersby to think twice about the decline of the lake and of the situation, it’s currently in.

Dulk in Longwy

The Spanish artist Antonio Segura Donat, better known as Dulk has painted a new mural in Longwy, in north-eastern France. The mural is called The last breeding pair, and it was executed with the use of spray paint and acrylic. It is a depiction of birds standing on a branch, looking at the distance. The large-scale piece was painted on the Albert School in the town of Longwy, and it was made thanks to the collaboration between the City of Lengwy and Kulturfabrik Esch-sur-Alzette. The goal of this urban art intervention is to make the city a beautiful home for all the people who live there and to provide them with amazing pieces of street art they can look at and enjoy in each day.

Images via Dulk Facebook page

Zed1 in Ponte de sor

The Florence-born Italian street artist Zed1 has produced a new piece in Ponte de sor in Portugal. The large-scale mural is entitled 2 amores 2 destionos, executed in Zed1’s signature style. The whimsical characters, light colors, and little smiles on the depicted faces surely brighten the day of anyone who walks by this amazing artwork, consolidating Zed1 as one of the most interesting street artists of today. Now, there are a plethora of possible interpretations of this lovely piece, but today let’s talk about the most obvious one. Two loves two destinies, two stories. We can all relate to the tale of the love we are trying to find and hold on to in this too crazy of a world. We can all learn something from this mural, and we can all take courage and finally solve all our love-related problems if we just become brave enough to take action and open our hearts.

Image via Widewalls Facebook page

Mademoiselle Maurice in Paris

Now this is what we call going big! Mademoiselle Maurice has completed the biggest mural ever in Paris covering a surface of 2000m2! It took her three weeks to complete this gargantuan piece, using origami and bright colors to create her works. Mademoiselle Maurice draws focus on the human connection to nature and the interaction between the humankind and its environment. The meticulous and delicate art of origami found its way on the huge wall of the soon to be demolished building in the City of Light, sending a very positive message the artist wanted to convey. The piece speaks about the ever-changing civilization and the Aboriginal resistance to the constant state of globalization our world is in. Keep your eyes open, you just might read an article completely dedicated to this amazing piece!

Images: Bird View – Photo Courtesy Galerie Mathgoth via | Artist and her work, photo Courtesy Galerie Mathgoth via

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