Street update #136

Street Update

July 13, 2016

It’s Wednesday again and we all know what that means don’t we? That’s right, it time for yet another recap of finest street artworks that were created during the previous week. Many things happened since our last Street Update. UpNorth urban art festival brought some of the finest street artists to the Norwegian city of Bodo where they decorated the surrounding facades with images of animals, children and an array of abstract works. Then there's an art piece on a certain pub in London that wants to add you to its collection of valuable items. A recent mural in Lagos will make you crave for the deep blue sea and an interesting large-scale thank-you note appeared on the cityscapes of the capital of Ukraine. From black and white cartoonish pieces, to row and powerful realistic murals and mesmerizing interactive works, this week’s Street Update list contains artworks that will satisfy art lovers of various tastes and preferences. So without further ado, we present you five finest and most loved murals painted in the week behind us.

Enjoy the selection bellow and make sure to tell us which is your favorite piece by leaving a comment on our Facebook page.

Sebas Velasco in Kiev

Last week, Spanish painter and muralist Sebas Velasco painted this incredible mural as a part of an ambitious ArtUnitedUs project that aims to embellish 200 walls all over the world during the next 2 years. In his latest artwork, the artist has painted a Kiev resident who took him and his team to dinner the previous night and (in artist own confession) the mural represents a one-of-a-kind thank-you note. The green line across the main subject’s eyes represents a continuation of the neon lights emanating from the buildings in the background. The artist played with shadows and light to add a more abstract level to the piece and make people wonder what exactly is going own on the image. Is the depiction as realistic as it seems at first glance or just a daydream coming from the mind of the central character?

Featured images : Sebas Velasco mural in Kiev Ukraine via artist’s Facebook page

Daniel Padure in Lagos, Portugal

A stunning black and white mural painted on the back of a Dive Time facility in Lagos, Portugal portrays the very core of a building that served as its canvas. Dive Time organization provides diving lessons and classes so it comes as no surprise that Daniel Padure’s artwork depicts a scuba diver in full equipment. Adorable comic-book like depiction of a diver who's playing with fish at the bottom of the sea will undoubtedly attract the attention of children and adults passing by.

Featured image : Daniel Padure in Lagos, Portugal via artist's Facebook page

Millo - Insomnia

An interesting art festival took place recently in the city of Bodo in Norway. UpNorth traveling festival that focuses on urban art welcomed an array of celebrated creatives including street artist Millo. During the festival noted Italian muralist painted a child-like figure trying to fall asleep amid a noisy urban jungle. Black and white imagery is combined with dashes of color and elements of architecture as the main subject dreams of medication that would help ease insomnia that troubles her.

Featured image : Millo - Insomnia via artist's Facebook page

Dzia Krank - Golden Eagle

Another interesting piece created for the festival in Bodo deserved its place on our street update list. An image of an eagle painted by Dzia Krank. An artist known for his raw animalistic murals painted a beautiful and intimidating Golden Eagle artwork that consists of an image of a captivating bird in full flight. The humongous wings dominate the piece as the artist uses abstract and geometric lines to create a monochromatic animalistic form that conveys the notion of power and energy.

Featured image : Dzia Krank – Golden Eagle via artist's Facebook page

Zabou - Cabinet of Curiosity

Street artist Zabou continued her collaboration with Bell Pub in Whitechapel, London where she previously painted her celebrated Jack The Ripper mural. This time, the artist embellished the pub’s walls with a cabinet of curiosity themed artwork that compliments the decoration inside the building. The mural portrays a curious gentleman with a cylinder and a magnifying glass that examines and then picks up passers-by that will later be added to his substantial collection of animals, potions, and skulls located on multiple shelves behind him.

Featured image : Zabou - Cabinet of Curiosity via

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