Street Update #137

July 20, 2016

Summer is a perfect time for festivals. Apart from numerous ravishing music and film happenings, there’s also a rising number of street art festivals taking place all over Europe. From Kiev on the east to Portugal and Ibiza on the west this week has seen several street art events worth adding to your traveling calendar. Recently, the Ukranian city of Kiev got its first International Festival of Contemporary Art that will last until July 30th, 2016 in the public space called Mural Social Club. The festival gathered famous street art names (such as Fintan Magee, Millo and Agostino Iacurci to name a few) with a mission to popularize art through a series of outdoor artworks, indoor exhibitions, and educational programs. In Portugal, second edition of Loures Arte Pública welcomed more than one hundred artists that carried out a wide range of art initiatives, ranging from graffiti and photography to sculpture and land art. Unlike Loures Arte Pública that recently ended, BLOOP festival in Ibiza just started few days ago (on July 16th to be exact). This year's main theme is NO Fear and the organizers invited numerous artists to use their works to confront an entire series of fears including fear of being yourself, fear of direct contact, fear of having no future and fear of others. With so many events happening almost simultaneously it should come as no surprise that most murals on our Street Update come from the street art festival happening this July.

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Fintan Magee - The Visionary

Last week one of Australia's finest street artists Fintan Magee painted a truly mindblowing mural on a 17-floor high building in Kiev. The humongous artwork entitled The visionary depicts an array of colorful visions emanating from a young girl's head. Like many other Fintan Magee’s artworks, The Visionary also contains an environmental undertone as the main subject of the piece seems to be the only thing standing between the paddle of water bellow and the lavishing fauna above her. The massive mural was painted in artist’s recognizable figurative style with a touch of surrealistic elements visible in the piece. The Visionary was created as a part of a Mural Social Club Festival currently unfolding in Kiev and it seems to be one of the crowd’s favorite so far.

Featured images : Fintan Magee - The Visionary, via Mural Social Club Festival

Agostino Iacurci - Water, please

Another colorful mural recently grew on the side of a skyscraper in Kiev. Italian artist Agostino Iacurci used a vocabulary of flat shapes and oversized geometric forms to create an image of an oversized house plant for Mural Social Club Festival. Water is the moving force and the plant a protagonist of an artwork entitled Water, please that complements the plenteous park located next to the piece. It's almost as if the artwork invites nature to come inside the apartments and bring the energy of the surrounding environment into the concrete walls.

Featured image : Agostino Iacurci - Water, please, via agostinoiacurcicom ; Agostino Iacurci - Water, please, detail via

INO - In Search of Sunrise

A white dove that’s searching for sunrise in a realistic mural created by INO is both inspired by and dedicated to refugees constantly arriving at the shores of Greece. That’s why the palette of the mural correspond to the colors of the Greek flag. In Search of Sunrise was made for BLOOP festival in Ibiza that gathered several prominent street art names and encouraged them to create artworks that best portray the festival’s main theme NO Fear. In Search of Sunrise and other works created during the festival intend to encourage the viewers to think proactively and ask the question of is it the fear that unites us or is it the resistance toward the fear?

Featured image : INO - In Search of Sunrise

Hazul – Solar

Loures Arte Pública in Loures, Portugal included works by more than 100 artists each produced in the unique style of its creator. Though the festival finished days ago, due to the technical difficulties in preparing the wall for painting Hazul's Solar was finished after the official closure of the festival. But that shouldn’t stop Loures’ inhabitants or visitors from enjoying it! The geometrical artwork portraying pots and shelves will remain permanently in Villas do Solar where in will be visible to the patients of the hospital Beatriz Angelo. Hopefully, the vigorous abstract artwork will ease their stay at the medical center and help the patients get through the hard times.

Featured image : Hazul - Solar via artist's Facebook page


Mr. WOODLAND embellished the building in Erding in Germany with a realistic image of The GLOBETROTTER. The artist known for telling stories with his intricate murals once again intrigued the street art enthusiasts with a realistic figurative piece that evokes the sense of journey. Depicted with a full hiking equipment, with a branch in one and a raccoon in another arm, the Globetrotter seems ready to travel the world.  It took four days to finish the mural but the result is definitely worth every minute of the artist’s valuable time.

The Creation of The GLOBETROTTER

Featured image: Mr. WOODLAND - The GLOBETROTTER via artist's Facebook page

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