Street Update #138

July 27, 2016

Summer is definitely the busiest time for street artists everywhere. There’s so many festivals to visit and so many walls to paint. As every Wednesday once again we follow street artists on their journey around the globe to present our readars the finest murals created in the week behind us. Our journey begins in sunny California where one of annual POW WOW events just ended. Festival inspired by Native American tribe gatherings that's marked with traditional dancing, singing, and renewing old and making new friendships, brought both joy and fascinating murals to many facades in Long Beach. Then we’ll be heading to Berlin where celebrated Italian artist Pixel Pancho painted a large-scale diptych featuring his recognizable mechanical subjects. Last several weeks Kiev become the world's capital of street art. Thanks to two separate but closely related initiatives ( Mural Social Club and Art United Us) it seems like literally every day there’s a brand new humongous mural gracing the walls of the Ukranian capital. A beautiful pink bird inhabited a balcony in Sicily and a two-year-long Up North festival resulted in yet another captivating mural that carries a message of unity and kindness.

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Aaron Li-Hill - Crumbling As We Climb

POW! WOW! Long Beach festival in California ends today but numerous murals created by participating artists will permanently remain on neighborhood walls. Aaron Li-Hill was one of the participants of the event for which he created this mind-bending black and white artwork entitled Crumbling As we Climb. Trough the complex dense composition, the artist explores the devastating effect of capitalist values on the individual psyche. Simoultaneoselly beautiful and slightly disturbing Aaron Li-Hill’s piece depicts a distorted image of the global impact of western worldview on other cultures and traditions. During POW! WOW! in California, Aaron Li-Hill also took part in a group exhibition entitled Vitality and Verve: Into the Third Dimension by presenting a large-scale installation at Long Beach Museum of Art.

Featured images : Aaron Li-Hill - Crumbling As We Climb, photo Brandon Shigeta ; Aaron Li-Hill working on a mural, photo b4flight via POW WOW festival's twitter page

Pixel Pancho - One Wall

Italian artist Pixel Pancho visited Berlin last week where he painted a large scale mural entitled One Wall. The artist employed an earthy color palette to create two creatures inspired by nature and soil. The mural contains two seemingly identical robotic characters, but while one still retains its human appearance the other is covered in flowers, grass, and vegetation. One Wall was crafted on a skyscraper in Berlin as a part of Urban Nation initiative that connects artists from all over the globe with a goal of promoting public engagement in local communities.

Featured image: Pixel Pancho – One Wall via

James Bullough - Rise

The latest art piece that appeared on the cityscapes of the Ukranian capital of Kiev comes from a brush of Berlin-based artist James Bullough. The artist known for painting extremely realistic and detailed murals challenges the viewers perception by fragmenting the subjects he paints. His recentlly completed piece entitled Rise, depicts a model inside a whirlpool of red waves that represent conflicts and confusion in the world. The model symbolically rises above this headaches and breaks free from the chaos that surrounds her. This powerful, thought-provoking artwork was created for Art United Us project that aims to raise awareness about wars, aggression, and violence through a series of street artworks that will be painted all over the world in the next two years.

Featured image : James Bullough – Rise via

Dzia Krank - Il fenicottero

Last week artist Dzia Krank created a pink flamingo on a balcony of a deteriorating private building in Sicily. The mural was made for Art’s Oasis project that aims to educate the citizens to redesign and revive abandoned and degraded public spaces via street art. Il fenicottero mural is located in Advanced Cultural District in Petrosino in Sicily. The project’s mission is to put this small town on the map of contemporary art events and attract international tourists who tend to visit art-related sites. This captivating image of a beautiful but fragile bird will undoubtedly contribute to that endeavor.

Featured images : Flamingo Dzia Krank - Il fenicottero via

AnimalitoLand in Bodo, Norway

Previously we’ve written about powerful large-scale murals that street artists Millo and Dzia Krank created for UpNorth Festival and now we present you with yet another captivating artwork that appeared on the streets of Bodo in Norway. During the festival, artist AnimalitoLand created this adorable mural depicting two humans of various origins kissing. The artist painted this lovable scene to encourage people from different cultures to embrace each other's differences and find the similarities that connect them. After all the world is a small place and the only way to make it better is to be good to one another. AnimalitoLand also painted two tiny deer in order to highlight the equality of all individuals on earth. After all, as the artist stated on his Facebook page "From the land of the little animals, we all look just like humans.“ Nor black nor white, nor male nor female, nor tall nor short, just human.

Featured image : AnimalitoLand mural in Bodo, Norway via artist's Facebook page

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