Street Update #139

August 3, 2016

It's time to say goodbye to July and welcome the month of August and what better way to do that then with a selection of best street artworks created during this transitory period. And just like the month behind us, it seems that August will be marked with numerous artworks created at street art festivals all over the globe. This year the exotic island of Bali got its very first international graffiti & street art event entitled Tropica festival. During the first edition of the event, eighteen prominent street artist embellished the Indonesian island including ROA, Felipe Pantone and Seth. In Hamburg street art festival MS ARTVILLE has begun and it will last till August 13th, 2016. This year's theme "ghost town" encourages the participants to explore the tension between the outer shell of the city, embodied by its architectural design and the soul of the city carried by its inhabitants. Urban Vision Festival in Acquapendente combines music, performance and other kinds of visual art to develop the cultural scene in this Italian town. The festival culls from the area's century-long pottery and ceramics tradition and combines it with contemporary art tendencies including graffiti and urban art. During a two days event a series of exhibitions, live painting sessions, panels and workshops take place in various locations thus reviving the spirit of the captivating Italian town. A floral mural by Pastel found its place on our Street update as well and an oversized weasel made from trash also sneaked its way to our weekly list.

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Bordalo II - Weasel

This summer ARTVILLE festival invited numerous musicians and visual artists to created a real utopian ghost town in the city of Hamburg, Germany. The latest resident of the town is a large Weasel created by Portuguese artist Bordalo II. The adorable sculpture of a cute animal is created from found objects and realistically painted to reach its final form. It's hard to believe that this beautiful street art installation is completely made of trash and metal scraps found nearby, but with a right set of skills almost anything can be turned into a captivating work of art.

Featured image : Bordalo II - Weasel via artist's Facebook page

Bosoletti - Desarraigo

Urban vision festival that aims to build a bridge between traditional and contemporary art in Italy gathered numerous urban artists that embellish the facades of Acquapendente with their unique colorful artworks. Bosoletti is one of those artists and he participated in the event by creating a large-scale mural of an elderly lady painted on the deteriorating building. The mural was created in the artist's recognizable poetic style in which the figure of the human body takes control over the surrounding environment.

Featured image : Bosoletti - Desarraigo

Pastel - Nelu

This colorful mural entitled Nelu is placed on the wall of a Tøyen Botanical Garden in Oslo, Norway. The garden contains various plants from different regions and climate conditions, adapted to survive in this institution. The mural got its name from a 54-year-old Romanian immigrant who spends 10 hours of every day in the Oslo metro. Pastel felt a strong connection with both Nelu and a bunch of displaced plants in Tøyen as he himself often feels like a migrant considering that he spends more time traveling the globe then he does in his own home.

Featured image: Pastel - Nelu in Toyen, Oslo, Norway

Seth in Canggu, Bali

During the first edition of Tropica Festival in Bali renowned street artist Seth decorated the fisherman's village, of Canggu with several thought-provoking works portraying his trademark kid characters. One of these murals, a site-specific image of a boy falling asleep amid a deteriorating building found its place on our Street Update list. Located on a part of a facade in the long line of destroyed buildings next to the beach, the artwork carries an environmental undertone that highlights the connection between people and nature. The French artist painted the piece in gray and green tones that associate the mural with the surrounding environment and made an interesting juxtaposition with the garbage bursting through the door.

Featured image : Seth in Canggu, Bali via

David Walker in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France

Captivating mural created by David Walker in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France portrays one of the artist’s recognizable color-explosive female characters. The conspicuous pair of dreamy eyes dominates the peace while gray cheeks show traces of color. David Walker is only the first of five street artist that will climb the cranes in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France and create large scale murals on the city's deteriorating facades. The stunning artwork was created as a part of an initiative launched by the local authorities of Boulogne that aims to bring art to unexpected places and make the city a more beautiful place to live.

Featured image : David Walker – Mural in Boulogne-sur-mer, via Galerie Mathgoth Instagram page

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