Street Update #140

Street Update

August 10, 2016

Every four years, finest athletes in the world gather for a global multi-sport competition we all know and love - the Olympic games. In the following two weeks the Olympics will capture the attention of experts and sports lovers around the globe, but sports enthusiasts aren't the only ones looking forward to the games. The event, where thousands of participants compete in over 50 disciplines, served as an inspiration for several artists who decorated the streets of the host city Rio de Janeiro in Brazil with a variety of urban artworks. First our artist of the week JR embellished the city with his interactive large-scale depictions of athletes. Then Rio-based street artist TARM painted one of his colorful sport-inspired artworks at Rio's Flag Square. The mural that's featured on our Street update list was created for Rio Esporte Arte project that links Brazil-inspired themes, sports, citizenship, and culture. The city of Rio will definitely remain in the spotlights for the next two weeks but we mustn't forget to mention other parts of the globe that were also graced with exciting new artworks in the past seven days.

Last Wednesday, we wrote about Urban vision festival that was held in the Italian town of Acquapendente. Now we present you with yet another festival located in the south of Italy. Willoke is an event that lasts from May till September 2016 and uses street artworks to draw attention to important social issues of today. The festival already hosted four exceptional artists who created thought-provoking murals dealing with topics of oppression, knowledge and love. The city of Gothenburg in Sweden currently hosts an international street art festival that aims to take artworks from the galleries to the streets where they can engage in a competition with advertising billboards that occupy the public space. Many notable artists already arrived at the second largest city in Sweden where they will embellish neighborhood walls till August 21st. Another street art festival entitled Sand Sea & Spray recently took place in Blackpool, England where several creatives worked hard to turn the British seaside resort into an open air gallery.

Finest works from Rio and street art festivals around the globe are featured in the remainder of the article so scroll down to see the best street artworks of the week and fell free to comment on the pieces on our Facebook page.

Man o Matic - Birds

Spanish artist Man o Matic uses spray paint as his main tool to create realistic imagery with clean and minimalist design. Last week, the artist combined the title of Alfred Hickock's celebrated film and equally famous social network, to produce a thought-provoking street art masterpiece entitled Birds. The eye-catching mural painted in his hometown Huelva in Spain, features celebrated director's portrait hidden behind the recognizable Twitter logo.

Featured image : Man o Matic - Birds, via

Nomad Clan - Final Fleet

Nomad clan, street art duo composed of Cbloxx and AYLO, painted this complex mural depicting an elderly fisherman and his prey for Sand, Sea & Spray - Blackpool's urban art festival in England. One of street art's finest female duos embellished the parking lot in Blackpool with a surreal artwork that demonstrates their unique propensity to combine natural elements and human portraits. Artwork entitled Final Fleet is inspired by and dedicated to diminishing fishing trade in Fleetwood and Blackpool, two ports that were once synonymous with the fishing industry in the UK.

Featured images : Nomad Clan - Final Fleet via

Hyuro in Monteleone di Puglia, Italy

On August 23rd, 1942 hundreds of women gathered on Piazza Municipio in the town of Monteleone di Puglia in Italy to protest against food restrictions implemented by the fascist regime. This monumental event represents the first massive uprising against fascism in this country. To commemorate the rebellion, street artist Hyuro created this powerful mural that speaks about the role of women in the time of war. While men battle on the front, their mothers, wives and daughters stay at home and take care of the children and the farms and have a vital role in the preservation of the entire household. This vital function is rarely discussed in history but represents a fascinating source of inspiration for humanitarians and street artists like Hyuro.

Featured images : Hyuro mural in Moteleone di Puglia in Italy via

Rone - Emma of Goteburg

Australian street artist Rone recently participated in Artscape festival in Sweden where he painted one of his recognizable female characters. Named after the place of its creation Emma of Göteburg represents a large-scale depiction of a woman looking sideways. Her laid-back apparel draws attention to her captivating face, lavishing hair and particularly, the masterful shadowing on the subject's neck. This monochromatic artwork represents the tallest mural Rone ever made and the tallest mural painted in Sweden.

Featured image : Rone - Emma of Göteburg via

TARM in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

While passing by Rio's Flag square (Praça da Bandeira,) graffiti artist TARM felt a strong desire to embellish the large deteriorating wall of the local building with one of his colorful murals. His wish finally came true last week when Rio Esporte Arte project invited him to create an Olympics-inspired artwork on this very wall. TARM decided to create a bicycle-themed piece that represents both a reference to the importance of sport in everyday life and the Olympics in Rio. TARM is one of five artists that decorated the devastated facades in Rio with murals during the project, thus revitalizing the deteriorating urban scapes of the metropolis.

Featured image : TARM mural in Rio de Janeiro; Photo: Henrique Madeira via artist's Facebook page

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