Street Update #141

August 17, 2016

Happy birthday, The Weird! We're in a celebratory mood this week cause one of our favorite street art crews is about to reach its fifth anniversary. On Thursday, August 18th, 2016, the eclectic group of artists working under the name The Weird will celebrate five years of its existence with a comprehensive exhibition of both individual and collaborative works. But even before the exhibition begins, the group delighted its fans with an intense mural painted last week in collaboration with Calle Libre Austrian Street Art Festival. Their new body of work found its place on this week's Street Update, but our anniversary celebrants aren't the only art-makers stirring up the streets this summer.

Stadt.Wand.Kunst festival in Mannheim hosted members of street art powerhouse ETAM CRU who decided to participate in the event separately and paint two individual large-scale pieces on the surrounding walls. One of the finest female street artists in the world, Miss Von participated in the second edition of ROSE BETON festival in Toulouse and once again turned the facades of her hometown into canvases for urban artistic creation. This year, ROSE BETON festival invited several international street artists to explore the legacy of New York's graffiti art scene and the French muralist responded to the challenge with an outstanding, though-provoking urban piece. Last week we wrote about the mural that street artist Rone created for Artscape festival in Gothenburg. This week we bring you yet another large-scale artwork from the second largest city of Sweden and a promise that we will continue to follow this exciting summer festival, that will revitalize the urban scapes of Gothenburg till August 21st.

When it comes to street art, images speak much louder than words so scroll down to check out street art masterpieces created in the week behind us and make sure to visit our Facebook page and discover additional fascinating murals.

L7M in Staten Island, New York

A colorful bird landed on the facade of Staten Island last week. The eye-catching mural comes from the spray can of Brazilian artist L7M who's known for merging geometrical abstraction with natural elements to create a melting pot of emotions, materials, and media. The artist created this fascinating piece across an apartment building in New York's Staten Island. The animal is wrapped in a whirlpool of colors that highlight its adorable yellow and black face.

Featured image : L7m mural in Staten Island via artist's Facebook page

Miss Van - La Symphonie Des Songes

Toulouse-born street artist Miss Van decorated her hometown with a large-scale mural entitled La Symphonie Des Songes. The captivating artwork features one of artist's recognizable eroticized female subjects called poupées (meaning dolls, in French). The seductive long-haired subject is depicted while playing with an array of folklore masks from various cultural traditions and different continents. La Symphonie Des Songes is the last piece made for ROSE BETON street art festival recently held in the Pink City in France.

Featured image : Miss Van - La Symphonie des Songes via artist's Facebook page

The Weird in Vienna

As we've mentioned before, international street art crew The Weird composed of 10 German-based and Austrian-based artists will soon celebrate five years of existence. And what better way to mark the occasion than by painting a complex, large-scale mural! Their latest artwork in Vienna depicts a female character surrounded by animals while holding a jar with a heart in her hand. Nychos, Frau Isa and Rookie the Weird painted the mural that's located in Therese Sip park. The intricate artwork represents a wonderful, gigantic street art teaser for The Weird's upcoming show at RABBIT EYE MOVEMENT Art Space in Vienna.

Featured image : The Weird Mural in Vienna ; photo by Oliver Toman via Frau Isa's Facebook page

BEZT - Europe

Street artist BEZT is best known as a member of the celebrated duo ETAM CRU but he's perfectly capable of making captivating murals on his own. Polish artist recently visited the city of Mannheim in Germany where he single-handedly painted this stunning photorealistic mural entitled Europe. The art piece was made for Stadt.Wand.Kunst festival in Mannheim that provides the local neighborhood with the opportunity to enjoy the works of finest street artist all day, every day, completely free of charge. You'll notice three mourning women as main subjects of the powerful artwork that forces people to reflect on their daily life by highlighting its fleeting nature.

Featured image : BEZT - Europe

YASH - Where Trees Don't Grow

The rising star of Swedish street art scene YASH, painted his largest mural yet at this year's Artscape festival in Gothenburg. The artist who's known for exploring the relationship between animals and humans, painted a little girl carrying a blue bird on her bun. Though it's located in Biskopsgården, Gothenburg's suburb that's been struggling with violence and social problems for years, the mural carries a nonjudgmental, serene and optimistic message. Where Trees Don't Grow conveys a notion of childlike innocence and aims to encourage the locals to help each other through tough times and treat each other with respect.

Featured image : YASH - Where Trees Don't Grow ( sketch and finished work) via artist's Facebook page

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