Street Update #142

August 24, 2016

The relationship between street artists and the rain is contradictory to say the least. On one hand, it's almost impossible to work during rainy weather as water damages the surface, the paint and the artwork itself. On the other hand, rain often serves as an inspiration for amazing works of art. It's been a humid third week of August in Europe, so it should come as no surprise that rain-inspired pieces (alongside large-scale female portraits) dominate this week's Street Update list. Also, though season of summer festivals comes to its end, there are still several outstanding street art events worth visiting this season. First, there’s JJ-Street Baltic Session: Street Art Jam 2016 that ends tomorrow (August 25th,2016). The event that allows the local community to experience art trough the act of its creation has been fruitful, to say the least. The city of Tallinn in Estonia is now richer for ten street artworks painted in a variety of styles and genres. INK & RIDE - Tattoo, Bike und Urban Art Festival in Hamburg hosted several street artists as well. The event that represents a unique fusion of all things underground merges activities as diverse as live tattooing, BMX and skateboarding competitions, and live painting sessions and places arts, sport and fun in the center of the populous German city.

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Bordalo II - Flying Squirrel

In case you’ve missed MS Artville festival in Hamburg where street artist Bordalo II created one of her trademark trash animals, don’t despair. This week you have another chance to discover pieces by this extraordinary artist who uses junk to create adorable gigantic animals. Bordalo II created a trash art installation Flying Squirrel for JJ-Street Baltic Session: Street Art Jam 2016 festival in Tallinn in Estonia. Made on the brick wall of a flea market in Tallinn the mural depicting a squirrel eating a plant adds a natural touch to the concrete-infested surrounding.

Featured image : Bordalo II - Flying Squirrel

Alex Senna - That Rain in The Evening

Annoying rainy days served as inspiration for Brazilian street artist Alex Senna who painted a youthful black and white mural on the wall of a local business in the town of Naevsted in Denmark. The main character appears as if he's seating on top of the nearby roof while holding a massive black umbrella that protects him from the evening rain. The intimate character conveys a notion of fragility and retains a tragicomic note that opposes the harshness of the neighboring city scapes.

Featured image : Alex Senna - That Rain in The Evening

Sokar Uno - The artist and his muse

Sokar Uno spent four days in the rainy city of Hamburg to create this beautiful large-scale piece entitled The artist and his muse. The artwork depicts an embrace between a male and a female character painted in a gray color palette that makes them resemble Greek sculptures. The red of the background represents a strong contrast to the monochromatic subjects and simultaneously refers to the location of the mural. The artist and his muse is located in the Red district of the city of Hamburg and created for multifaceted festival INK & RIDE.

Featured image : Sokar Uno - The artist and His Muse via Urbanskills Facebook page

Dourone - REFLEXION // Respect

Three weeks ago British artist David Walker kick-started new street art project organized by the local authorities in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France. Last week, Dourone joined the adventure and became the third creative that participated in the urban reinvention of the French town. Spanish artist painted a colorful portrait of a woman entitled Reflexion // Respect inspired by adventure novels of Jules Verne that tell tales about magnificent journeys over the oceans, in the center of the earth, and in the universe. Dourone’s mural reflects on the living conditions of woman worldwide and underlines the respect that society owes them for their immeasurable contribution.

Featured image : Dourone - REFLEXION//Respect via

Adnate in London

Australian street artist Adnate recently visited London where he painted this large-scale portrait of a young woman. The master of portraiture known for painting female characters and Aborigines in his native Australia used vibrant colors and clear lines to create a photorealistic mural of a woman staring at the sky. Her partly-opened lips and focused gaze convey the notion of uncertainty and tension. The artist's realism is highlighted by what appears careless but is, in fact, carefully calculated use of giant blocks of lively colors.

Featured images : Adnate mural in London via

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