Street Update #143

Street Update

August 31, 2016

Due to the nature of their chosen art genre, street artists rarely get a chance to work in natural environment and are mostly restricted to painting in busy urban scapes. Italian artist Mr. THOMS recently proved that street artworks can look just as captivating in nature as they do on the city facades. Last week, the artist visited Estonia where he created a unique street art installation in the nearby park. The artwork entitled Keep on listening Any kind of Shape Talk with You is the only installation on our latest Street Update list, that also features a series of captivating murals created in the final week of August. Previously we've written about a gigantic piece that Pixel Pancho created for One Wall project. This week, we continue to support the initiative organized by Urban Nation by presenting another magnificent artwork created in the German capital. Every year, Drammen in Norway hosts several street artists that meticulously paint the street of the Norwegian town for Ugang, a grassroots project that promote street art and its creation. This year the biggest graffiti happening in Norway hosted street art duo Telmo Miel that embellished the facades of the town with two mind-bending art pieces. The seventh edition of Sensibility festival starts on September 5th, 2016 but even before the official beginning of the event, Estonian city of Tartu got its first colorful artwork as an effective preview of things that are about to come. The event that promotes street art, public awareness and a sensible approach towards the use of (spray) paint will undoubtedly find its place on our updates in the following weeks as well.

Say goodbye to August by reviewing outstanding artworks created in the week behind us and make sure to comment on the artworks on our Facebook page

Axel Void - Homo Homini Lupus

A Latin saying meaning "A man is a wolf to another man," served as an inspiration for artist Axel Void who created this humongous, monochromatic art piece in Berlin. His latest mural depicts the upper body of a man combined with a written inscription of a famous proverb from the comedy Asinaria by the Roman writer Titus Maccius Plautus. The artist used the popular phrase and spray paint to question the psychological and social issues of today. The inscription also represents a reference to Leviathan, a book by the famous English philosopher Thomas Hobbes who used the proverb to describe human craving for power. The artwork that questions the tension between human desires and social norms was created for Urban Nation's One Wall project.

Featured image : Axel Void - Homo Homini Lupus, via

Dzia Krank - Catch the butterfly

Dzia Krank embellished a private house in Netherlands with one of his outstandingly detailed, animal-inspired murals. The artwork that depicts a fox staring at a butterfly standing on the chimney of the house, in painted in vibrant colors that add a touch of liveliness to the entire neighborhood. Strong lines and numerous details come together to create an energetic and heartwarming piece. The artwork entitled Catch the butterfly is made for Heerlen Murals project that aims to enrich the city of Heerlen in Netherlands with an array of captivating urban artworks.

Featured image : Dzia Krank - Catch the butterfly via Heerlen Murals Facebook Page and Dzia Krank - Catch the butterfly via artist's Facebook page

Sen2 in Montreal

Artist Sen2 created this colorful portrait of a woman in the Canadian city of Montreal. The influence of Pop art and artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein is visible in the artwork that opens up an interesting dialogue between color and motion. Sharp lines and bold colors collide to create a variation of textures and splashes noticeable on this captivating artwork. The mural was created as a part of South Boogie exhibition that will be on view until September 18th, 2016 at Artgang gallery in Montreal.

Featured image : Sen2 in mural Montreal

Mr. THOMS - Keep on Listening Any Kind of Shape Talk with You

Italian artist Mr. THOMS recently visited Estonia and took part in Stencibility festival where he created a 3D installation featuring a comic-like character surrounded by both fictional and real natural elements. His legs are incorporated in the pivots of the building that served as a large canvas. The colors on his shirt complement the green shades in the background. His oversized right ear represents the main motif of the artwork as the subject carefully listens to the bird singing on his finger.

Featured image : Mr.THOMS - Keep on listening Any kind of shape talk with You via artists Facebook page

Telmo Miel - Nar jeg blir Stor

This captivating mural of an intricate name Når jeg blir Stor (which a Norwegian for When I Grow Up) presents two depictions of the same man in various periods in his life. The left part of the mural contains and image of a little boy crying while a grown-up pulls his ear. The other part of the artwork depicts a full grown viking with a helmet on his head. Located in the very heart of Drammen, Når jeg blir Stor is the second mural that Telmo Miel painted for UGANG street art project.

Featured image : Telmo Miel - Nar jeg blir Stor via artists Facebook page

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