Street Update #144

September 7, 2016

"All You Need Is Love" sang The Beatles almost 50 years ago. Love makes people do the most extraordinary things and create the most wonderful works of art. Love inspired street artist ABOVE to produce 70 meters long mural in the American city of Worcester. Site-specific artwork that's meant to turn the spot into a favorite place for proposals, was made for the celebrated POW! WOW! festival that aims to strengthen community engagement and regional tourism. Almost simultaneously, another interesting street art event took place across the ocean. Waterford Walls festival hosted street artist Smug One who embellished the oldest city in Ireland with a photorealistic portrait of his fellow Waterford Walls participant Dermot McConaghy. Our favorite trash artist Bordalo II visited Aruba art fair where he produced another one of his giant trash installations. Back to School project invited 15 international urban artists to paint schools in underprivileged areas all around China under the guidance of Seth a street artist who's also a curator of the project. Last but not least, we draw your attention to a stunning mural made by Zest in the rocky mountains in Villars Fontaine, France.

The finest artworks from the first week of September are listed below and all you have to do is scroll down, enjoy the mesmerizing pieces and tell us what you think on our Facebook page!

SmugOne in Waterford City, Ireland

Last week, Waterford City in Ireland was graced with more than forty murals, all created during the annual Waterford Walls street art event. In an array of fresh, edgy and captivating artworks one stood above all. This stunning photorealistic mural made by Glasgow-based creative Smug One represents a true-to-life depiction of a fellow artist Dermot McConaghy. Untamed, red beard dominates the piece and every hair appears as if it is growing out of the building's wall itself.

Featured image : Smug One in Waterford City, Ireland via Waterford Walls festival's Facebook page

Zest - Stone Quarry

French artist Zest visited the old stone quarry in the town of Villars-Fontaine in France. Though stone quarries often seem as dull, gray spaces the artist's skillful use of colors and layering made this particular spot vibrant and exciting. It took him about five days to complete the colorful abstract mural that looks as if it was located on a separate layer just under the stones. Zest is only the first out of five artists that will revitalize the abandoned stone quarry during a project initiated by the major and other local officials of Villars-Fontaine.

Featured image : Yest Stone Quarry, via artist's Facebook page

Bordalo II in Aruba

Last time we wrote about Bordalo II when he embellished a local flea market in Estonia with one of his adorable junk animals. This week he flew all the way to Caribbean island of Aruba where he created a humongous trash lizard for the annual Aruba art fair. The giant green lizard looks truly impressive! His body spans over the yellow facade and his tail spills over the neighboring wall as the artist skillfully uses the space near the local library to create an incredible three-dimensional art installation.

Featured image : Bordalo II in Aruba

Seth - My Mountain

Street artist Seth recently participated in Back to School project whose goal was to gather educational materials and supplies for children in China. The artist created this realistic mural by asking the kids from local school to draw a picture of a mountain that was then used as the background for the piece. Since the artwork was painted in Chang Ping, city mostly populated by Tibetans, the little girl on the artwork is dressed in traditional Tibetan clothing and turned toward the mountains that serve as a model for her masterpiece.

Featured image : Seth - My mountain, via

Above - I Love You Marry Me

American street artist ABOVE employed rollers, paint, and his recognizable colorful abstract style to produce I LOVE YOU MARRY ME mural for POW! WOW! festival in the city of Worcester in Massachusetts, United States. The city that's known as "the Heart of the Commonwealth" was the first place that created Valentine day cards. Worcester also established the heart as its official symbol which inspired the prolific artist to paint this romantic art piece. The artwork is meant to turn DCU center, where it was painted, into a favorite place for newly weeds and future marriage proposals.

Creation of the Mural

Featured image : ABOVE - I LOVE YOU MARRY ME via POW! WOW! Facebook page

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