Street Update #146

September 21, 2016

There's never enough street art in the world and there never enough street art festivals either. That's why we're particularly thrilled to feature UPEA16, brand new street art festival taking place in several cities in Finland throughout the month of September. Since large-scale street artworks are rarely seen in this North European country, organizers of UPEA Street Art Festival invited several prominent urban art figures to bring much-needed diversity to Finish street art scene. The festival's mission is to bring art out of the museums to public spaces and raise the appreciation of a variety of art genres. And while we've overjoyed that Finland got it's very first festival that enables artists to create permanent street artworks, we haven't forgotten about similar art events simultaneously happening in other parts of the globe. The latest edition of Anime di Strada festival, for instance, was held from September 15th till September 21st, 2016 in the small town of Civitanova Marche in Italy. The festival that gave a new face to the suburbs of the town troubled by economic difficulties already hosted the likes of Etam Cru and Sick Crew and this week another celebrated street art group joined its mission of reclaiming public space trough art. It's been a while since we've written about Mural Social Club festival in Kiev, but now a captivating dance-inspired mural made us return to the initiative that already decorated dozens of facades in the Ukrainian capital.

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Mister Trazo - Sabia Locura

Sabia Locura (or Wise Madness in English) is the name of the latest piece made by Mister Trazo on the walls of an Agricultural cooperative dubbed Bodegas San Antonio Abad. The mural is dedicated to Bacchus, a Roman god that uses his wise madness to teaches us that dreams will not make us crazy. The main subject of the piece is Don Quixote, a knight of a regretful demeanor whose considered crazy by most for daring to enter the world of dreams. Hidden behind the mask of the Roman god of agriculture and wine, Don Quixote fuses with this archetype of the classical mythology.

Featured image : Mister Trazo - Sabia Locura via artist's Facebook page

Telmo Miel - Half Way There

The town of Civitanova Marche in Italy got a brand new inhabitant last week. Transformation is the main motif of a giant mural made by celebrated street art duo Telmo Miel for Anime di Strada festival. Mural entitled Half Way There depicts a fierce female figure while turning into a suited man. This captivating large scale surrealistic artwork is created with a careful application of an abundance of colors and details.

Featured image : Telmo Miel - Half way there via artist's Facebook page

WD aka Wild Drawing - Prosperity

Athens-based Indonesian creative WD aka Wild Drawing painted this intricate piece for the first edition of UPEA16 festival in Finland. The artwork created in a Finish town of Kemi, depicts a female character while holding a crystal, evoking the notion of magic and witchcraft. The mural was done in the Balinese artist's recognizable comics -inspired, photorealistic style and the main character appears as if she's emerging from the building thus adding an element of drama to the complex street art piece.

Featured image : WD - Prosperity via artist's Facebook page

Sasha Korban in Kiev

Decorating one large facade clearly wasn't challenging enough for the Ukranian urban artist Sasha Korban, which is why he created this stunning dual mural that spans over two walls of a 16 story building, in Kiev. According to the artist, the mural depicts a relationship between a man and a woman, and in a broader sense, a relationship between two humans. The couple that appears to be dancing was painted in a photorealistic manner with the use of a limited color palette. The captivating dyptic was made for Mural Social Club project.

Featured image : Sasha Korban in Kiev photo credit : Denys Shpak via

Okuda & Remed - A Bridge Between Sky and Earth

Three years ago Remed and Okuda joined forces to create a colorful large-scale installation located in the vineyards of the winery Campo Viejo in La Rioja in Spain. Artwork entitled A Bridge Between Sky and Earth quickly became a trademark symbol of the vineyards but due to the negative influence of the sun and the rain the sculpture quickly began to deteriorate. Last week, two artists went back to the vineyard to repair the piece and sign the limited edition label of Campo Viejo Art Series. Energetic and vibrant color palette brought new life to the main subject of the sculpture that will continue to nest in the heart of the Spanish grape plantation.

Featured image : Okuda & Remed - A Bridge Between Sky and Earth via

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