Street Update #147

September 28, 2016

Let's take a step back in time and contemplate about things that made us happy when we were kids. Whether you were a fan of nature and animals or you've spent your time reading children tales and watching cartoons we suggest continuing to read our Street Update because this week it features more-less everything that the child in you could possibly desire. Although the seventh edition of The Colorado Crush festival ended on September 18th,2016 fascinating murals created during the event will remain on the facades of Rino art district for a long, long time including the one inspired by possibly the most famous story in the world. Meanwhile in Detroit, Murals in the market festival invited over 40 artists for its second edition and at least one of them produced a cartoon-inspired mural that will take you back to your formative years. Additionally, we return to Back to School project taking place in China but this time instead of featuring the works of its curator Seth, we highlight a complex large-scale piece by Chilean artist Inti. And while street artists gathers funds for school kids in China, ArtCarsija project in Serbia tries to turn the district in the town of Novi Pazar into an art center with murals, galleries, exhibitions and artist's studios located nearby.

There's quite a few exciting new pieces created in the week behind us but before you embark on a trip down the memory lane, make sure to stop by our Facebook page and check out all the amazing stories from every corner of the art world.

Dulk - The Tortoise and Harriet

Although he already spend a year illustrating the new edition of The Tortoise &Harriet, artist Dulk is not nearly finished with this famous fable. Now that the book is out and available for purchase, the artist decided to revisit the tale once again, this time on a much larger scale. Tortoise&Harriet mural depicting two main characters from the book while traveling together was painted for Colorado Crush festival in Denver.

Featured image : Dulk - The Tortoise&Harriet

Inti - Random

Chilean muralist Inti joined Back to School project by painting this massive mural on the side of a school in the city of Jishou. The artwork inspired by the 4000-years long astronomy tradition in China depicts one of the artist's recognizable surreal characters placed between a chaotic universe and mathematical measurements. As its title suggest the mural conveys the chaotic pattern of the universe that remains out of the grasp of our comprehension. And though there have always been numerous attempts of understanding the laws that govern the universe we live in, human sciences such as physics and mathematics haven't managed to find predictable patterns that control its functioning. And according to this fascinating mural, they never will.

Featured image :Inti - Random via artist's Facebook page

Artez and Nikola Mihajlovic - Early White

Street artists Artez and Nikola Mihajlović joined forces and collaboratively created this large scale mural in Novi Pazar, Serbia. The artwork entitled Early White conveys the atmosphere of early morning with an image of a young girl standing amid a captivating landscape. The artists' skillful use of space makes the artwork even more enticing as the muralists position the elements in a way that employs every part of the provided surface. The creation of the mural marked the beginning of ArtCarshija project in Novi Pazar Serbia, whose aim is to turn unused public spaces in places for communication and art.

Featured image : Artez and Nikola Mihajlovic - Early White via

WD Wild Drawing - Wake me up when September ends

A sleepy monkey laid his head on the porch of the abounded house in Finland willing to sleep trough the first month of fall. No this isn't the beginning of another fable but a description of a most recent masterpiece made by the famous Athens-based artist WD Wild Drawing. The artwork was painted in Kruunuvuori an abounded village near Helsinki in Finland that presents the perfect bedroom for this tired ape. Certainly, in this empty place no one will interrupt his sleep.

Featured image : WD Wild Drawing - Wake me up when September ends via artist's Instagram account

Greg Mike - CAT and MOUF

Artist Greg Mike is known for creating striking artworks that incorporate vivid explosions of colors filtered through a Surrealist Pop Art perspective. With his clear and crisp lines and clever compositions, the artist conveys the limitless energy of iconic American mid-century cartoons. His latest artwork combines beloved mice Jerry with a lion from MGM logo but with a Surrealistic twist that adds a fresh appearance to these popular characters. The mural was painted for Murals in the Market festival recently held in Detroit, US.

Featured image : Greg Mike - CAT and MOUF via

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