Street update #148

October 5, 2016

Before we begin the exploration of the finest street artworks created in the past week let’s have a round of applause for the hardworking street artist Amok Island who spent an entire month working on one of the tallest murals in Australia. It took him 31 days to paint this 25-meter tall artwork on the sides of the town's abandoned grain silos. The advantage of such a large mural is the fact that it can be seen from 10 kilometers away which should easily capture the passers-by's attention and boost tourism in the area. Apart from this stunning artwork showing the life circle of endemic plants and wildflowers, that was single-handedly painted by the Dutch artist, last week was marked with a series of very successful street art collaborations. First, Phlegm collaborated with Icelandic music band Mum to create Time To Scream And Shout artwork for the Iceland Airwaves festival in Reykjavik. Then the city of Budapest revived the concept from the 1980s with a turquoise artwork by Sepe and Chazme appropriately entitled Blue in green. Additionally, Gola Hundun reminded everybody about the necessity of fighting organized crime while famous Polish artist Bezt gave a medieval makeover to a construction in the City of Sin.

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Gola Hundun - Risveglio

Gola Hundun's encouraged people to open their eyes and fight against criminal organizations with this colorful mural appropriately entitled Risveglio (Awakening). The mural is inspired by and dedicated to Italian priest Don Pino Puglisi whose contribution to the battle against mafia is legendary. Risveglio is located on the elementary school in the town of Catanzaro in Italy and it was created as a part of the third edition of Altrove project.

Featured image : Gola-Hundun - Risveglio via isuppportstreetartcom

Bezt - Sleeping Knight

Street artist Bezt is best known as a half of the prolific duo Etam Cru but he's perfectly capable of making amazing murals on his own which he recently proved in Las Vegas. The artist visited The city of Sin during Life is Beautiful festival and painted a complex colorful mural entitled The Sleeping Knight as his contribution to the event.  The mesmerizing artwork juxtaposes the ancient art of glass painting and modern muralism trough an image of a boy sleeping in a Gothic church underneath a stained window that portrays a knight while slaying a dragon.

Featured image : Bezt - Sleeping Knight via artist's Facebook page

Phlegm and Mum - Time To Scream And Shout

Here's an interesting street art and music collaboration. British artist Phlegm based his latest Time To Scream And Shout artwork on the lyrics of the song by the Icelandic band Mum. The song that speaks about the ancient masks and rituals was wonderfully illustrated by the artist who's known for his fantasy-like murals and primitive characters.

Featured images : Phlegm and Mum - Time To Scream And Shout via

Amok Island - Six Stages of Banksia Baxteri

Amok Island's monumental artwork in Ravensthorpe in Australia portrays various stages of the life cycle of the local endemic specie Banksia. From flower buds and full bloom, to seedpods developing, and then drying out and opening again thus completing the circle. The artwork's composition shows the interconnectedness of nature as the final silo marks the beginning of the first. The artwork is additionally embellished with two animal figures - Honey Possum and New Holland Honeyeater that represent the main pollinators of the Banksia baxteri.

Featured image : Amok Island - Six stages of Banksia baxteri

Sepe and Chazme - Blue in green

A collaboration between Michał Sepe Wręga and Chazme resulted in this captivating monochromatic mural located in Budapest. The artwork that depicts a typical summer day with people swimming and bathing from an underwater perspective was made for Szines Varos festival. The event that  aims to make arts democratic and available on the streets, is based on the Hungarian artist's Victor Vasarely's Colorful City concept established in 1983. This years main topic was city, water, and the Olympics, and the Polish duo responded to the topic with a series of stylized human figures submerged in turquoise water.

Featured image : Sepe and Chazme - Blue in green via chazme718.blogspotrs

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