Street Update #149

Street Update

October 12, 2016

Nitpicking, the term that describes meticulous, almost fastidious attention to detail is often pejoratively used to define the practice of thorough searching for minor, even trivial errors in somebody's work. But as annoying as it may be, nitpicking is also a habit that creates perfectionist and prolific masters of all sorts. Street artist Lonac knows a thing or two about nitpicking as it seems to be running in his family. According to his latest mural and an accompanying Facebook statement Lonac inherited his artistic talent and his nitpicking tendencies from his father who he depicted while making a sailboat maquette on his latest artwork created in Rijeka. The mural painted for Spajalica public art project is featured on the list of five artworks our Facebook followers selected as their favorites the previous week. And while Lonac was busy embellishing the city of Rijeka, artists Okuda and Felipe Pantone visited the popular island of Ibiza where they decorated a popular hotel with and incredible mixture of geometrical patterns and monochromatic waves. The mural was created for WallBurners festival that brings the unique combination of street art and music on the explosive Spanish island. Last time we wrote about street artist Hyuro she was decorating the town of Monteleone di Puglia with an artwork dedicated to women's battle against fascism. The Argentinian artist is still in Italy where she recently created another powerful mural that pays tribute to heroes of the 1940s protests for the latest edition of FestiWall in Sicily that will last until September 18th, 2016. Meanwhile, DC Mural project brought Remi Rough to the US capital where he created a large-scale geometrical mural in collaboration with Art Wino gallery.

Scroll down to check out the captivating images of this weeks finest murals and make sure to visit our Facebook Page for more fresh and exciting street artworks from all over the world.

Nychos in Mexico City

Nychos, Austrian artist known for his peculiar depictions of various animals turned inside-out ,has created an equally bizarre image of a girl on the wall in Mexico City. The portrayal of human anatomy is interrupted with the depiction of a cobra bursting out of the young girl's head. By portraying a snake jumping out of the female mind the artist evokes the notion of mystery and danger lurking behind the women's smile. The mural created in the artist's exquisite detail-oriented style was painted on the parking lot of Fifty Gallery.

Featured image Nychos in Mexico City via artist's Facebook page

Hyuro - Una donna libera

Latest mural by Hyuro entitled Una donna libera honors the life of Maria Ochipinti, a woman who represents a symbol of mid-forties protests in Sicily. Widely known as a pacifist, feminist, and anarchist Maria Ochipinti spent her life as a nomad thus revolting against the bourgeois social norms. The mural that appears as if it was torn in half by the edge of the building, speaks simultaneously about its main subject's greatness but also about the marginalization she had to endure throughout her life. Una donna libera was made for the latest edition of FestiWall in Sicily.

Featured image : Hyro - Una donna libera via

Lonac - Nitpicking

Sure nitpicking can be annoying but it can also result in the most magnificent works of arts and crafts. This common habit inspired celebrated Croatian artist Lonac to make this awesome photorealistic mural for festival Spajalica 2016 in Rijeka. Nitpicking contains an image of the artist's father while crafting a sailboat maquette. This particular motif was chosen for a reason since it depicts the boat model Lonac's dad created while he was on compulsory military service in this seaside town several decades ago.

Featured image: Lonac - Nitpicking, photo by Silkfatblues Photo & Videography via artist's Facebook page

Remi Rough in Washington

British artist Remi Rough recently visited Washington where he painted this large-scale artwork for DC Mural Project. The captivating abstract piece was created in British artist's recognizable geometric style with an abundance of clean lines and sharp angles. The colorful piece wonderfully complements the surrounding elements of the buildings where it was created including windows and the interesting stepped roof.

Featured image: Remi Rough mural via artist's Facebook page

Okuda and Felipe Pantone in Ibiza

Okuda and Felipe Pantone joined forces to create this fantastic mural located on the walls of Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Hotel, in Spain. A conspicuous pair of eyes emanates from the colorful background composed of mind-bending waves of black and white. Two artist's styles complement each other perfectly as color explosive imagery of Okuda interweaves with the monochromatic linear style of his fellow artist. This intricate abstract artwork was painted during the WallBurners music festival in the restless island of Ibiza in Spain.

Featured image : Okuda & Felipe Pantone mural via Okuda's Facebook page

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