Best Street Art Murals of Last Year - Street Update #150

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October 19, 2016

One hundred and fifty weeks into the story, Widewalls' Street Update has reached it's point of transformation. Having began with the practice of featuring the most interesting mural art on our Facebook page and Instagram almost three years ago, we have grown along with the contemporary urban art movement. Widewalls Community has become accustomed to getting an update about the best street art murals each week, but with the time, the production of these phenomenal artworks of wall art grew and we feel that our weekly report doesn't do justice to all the artists out there. This is why we have come to a decision to transform our Street Update to a monthly feature, celebrating an end of an era with a special selection of the Top 50 murals of the past 50 weeks.

The murals listed below all come from the most favorite picks made by our followers on Instagram and Facebook, selected over the course of the year 2016. Following the pattern set by our first long selection of The Best 100 Murals, the list includes artworks in the street as well as great commissioned wall paintings, executed independently or as a part of a larger event. In a way, street art murals below will allow our readers to travel around the world, sharing bits and pieces of the viewing experience from the spots of their creation.

A general opinion among the Street Art professionals and theoreticians is that the digital media have played a major role in the promotion and seeding of this new outdoor artistic practice. Widewalls is proud to be a part of this media pool, as we invite all of our regular and new readers to join us once more on this long boat called Street Update and celebrate the year with a visual extravaganza!

Scroll down our list of the best street art murals of 2016 to reach the most popular one!

50. 2Alas and Case MaClaim in Miami

The incredulity of Saint Thomas is a 16 century painting by the Baroque master Caravaggio that served as an inspiration for this striking artwork made by 2Alas and Case MaClaim. Similar to the celebrated painting, the mural shows Jesus, that guides the hand of Saint Thomas into the open chest wound. 2Alas and Case MaClaim joined forces and gave a slightly fragmented, contemporary twist to the recognizable Barouque painting. The mural was painted during the Little Haiti Murals festival held in Miami, United States.

Featured images: 2Alas and Case MaClaim mural in Miami via Wynwood Murals and Little Haiti Murals.

49. WD Wild Drawing - Wake me up when September ends

Realistic mural entitled Wake me up When September Ends was made by Athens-based artist WD Wild Drawing. This site-specific mural that depicts a giant ape sleeping on the house frame reminded us about the inevitable arrival of fall and the upcoming winter. Wake me up When September Ends is located in the abandoned village of Kruunuvuori near the city of Helsinki in Finland.

Featured image: WD Wild Drawing – Wake me up when September ends via artist’s Instagram account

48. Telmo Miel - Nar jeg blir Stor

Når jeg blir Stor (which is Norwegian for When I Grow Up) is an artwork recently made by a street art duo Telmo Miel. The mural that depicts a man in the different periods of growing up was painted for Ugang street art project in the heart of Drammen, Norway. While one side of the artwork shows a portrait of a scared young boy, the other side of the artwork features a brave man that he'll become.

Featured image: Telmo Miel - Nar jeg blir Stor via artist's Instagram

47. Bordalo II - Pelican, in Aruba

While most of the artworks on this list are quite appropriately located on the streets of various cities around the globe, this unique art installation by Bordalo II is placed in an entirely different setting. Aquatic installation, that's placed on top of a deteriorating vessel in the Caribbean Sea, is entitled Pelican and it depicts this large water bird floating on water. Striking 3D installation is composed of trash and found materials collected on the streets of Aruba.

Featured image : Bordalo II - Pelican, in Aruba via artist's Instagram page

46. Nychos - Translucent Serpent

These giant green snakes that are devouring a rabbit are brought to life by street artist Nychos. The artist known for his highly detailed, realistic depictions of animals, painted this large mural on the streets in the city of Linz, Austria. The artwork entitled Translucent Serpent is Nychos' biggest street art mural to date and it took the artist a total of two days to create it, having spent an entire day painting the ribs alone. The stunning mural was made for Mural Harbor Street Art Project in Austria.

Be sure to check out more works by Nychos on our marketplace!

Featured image: Nychos - Translucent Serpent via artist Instagram account

45. Man o Matic - Birds

A realistic portrait of a celebrated film director Alfred Hitchcock was painted by a talented Spanish street artist Man o Matic. The artist combined the title of the director's famous film Birds and the recognizable Twitter logo to create this clean and minimalist mural located in his hometown Huelva in Spain.

Featured image: Man o Matic – Birds, via

44. Fintan Magee in Stavanger

This gigantic mural by Fintan Magee was inspired by the post-oil economy in Norway and the Rorschach stains. Declining prices of oil had long-term consequences on Stavanger’s working class as many people lost their jobs when the extraction of oil from the sea became unprofitable. Fintan Magee's portrait of an oil worker was made on two silos in Stavanger during the NuArt Festival in Norway.

Featured image: Fintan Magee mural in Stavanger via artist's Instagram page

43. Pastel - Two Peasants

Mural entitled Two peasants is dedicated to the Ukrainian farmer's battle in for freedom, democracy, and decentralization. The artwork is inspired by 1917 Revolution in The Russian Empire when Ukrainian villagers battled against two confronting forces - the Tsarist rule and the Bolshevik domination. Two peasants is painted by Pastel for ArtUnitedUs street art festival in Ukraine.

Featured image: Pastel – Two peasants in Kiev, Ukraine, photos via

42. L7M in Staten Island, New York

Brazilian artist L7M portrayed a depiction of a colorful bird across a facade of a private building on Staten Island in New York. The artist known for his captivating images of birds painted this adorable character in striking color palette and wrapped it in a whirlpool of lines and shapes. Organic elements and strong, bold, geometric shapes make this beautiful artwork a real treat for the locals and passers-by alike.

Featured image: L7M in Staten Island, New York

41. Lonac - Off You Go

Photorealistic artwork by noted Croatian artist Lonac was made for Re:Think Sisak festival and features a depiction of a large stag beetle. In the past children played around by capturing these bugs and keeping them in a jar but now they are endangered and protected by the Croatian law. Off you go mural evokes the sense of liberation and relief as we observe the large beetle leaving its glass prison.

Featured image: Left: Lonac – Off you go / Right: Lonac – Off you go, just first layer, photos by Silkfatblues Photo & Videography

40. Zabou - Cabinet of Curiosity

After the previous mural on the side of the Bell Pub in Whitechapel featuring Jack The Ripper, Zabou has refreshed the wall by creating a cabinet of curiosity themed mural, the old-fashioned styled mural made through a mixture of stencil and freehand techniques. Echoing the decoration inside the pub, Zabou tried to use multiple frames as shelving showcasing weird objects. Surrounded by a series of ‘curiosities’ including skulls, a taxidermy owl, books, chests and concoctions, the main character is a a Sherlock Holmes-esque character holding a magnifying glass who is examining and picking up passers-by to add them to his strange collection.

Image via artist's Instagram.

39. Mr. Woodland - The Globetrotter

Located on a skyscraper in Erding, Germany, the stunning and realistic mural The Globetrotter is made by the German artist Mr. Woodland. Famous for his large-scale pieces imbued by vividly colored figures and animal characters, Mr. Woodland finds his inspiration in journeys and nature. His murals are always telling a scene or a story. Sporting a yellow raincoat, a full backpack, and a branch,  The Globetrotter character wanders through the woods noticeable in the background accompanied by a raccoon.

Image via artist's Instagram.

38. Aryz - Decay

Known for depicting strange creatures and unusual emotional mixtures, Aryz has produced another intricate artwork entitled Decay, using his spray cans and paint rollers. A colorful and unusual combination showing several still-life elements such as plants entwined with parts from a skeleton, graces a deteriorating building in Belgium. Described by Aryz himself as “messy”, this is definitely a signature artwork for this talented Spanish artist.

Images via artist's Instagram.

37. Robert Proch - Undo

Dramatically skewed within geometric patterns and shapes, Robert Proch's huge outdoor frescos stop traffic wherever they appear. Creating mini-narratives, he explores the human condition through vivid colors and tangible emotions. Dynamic, arresting and strangely encouraging, his latest piece entitled Undo is made in Washington for Art Whino.

Image via artist's Instagram.

36. Faile in NYC

During the Climate Week, Greenpoint Innovations, a local group that works with government, public and not-for-profit organization regarding sustainability and strategy, organized a community-focused sustainability awareness raising street art project. For this occasion, FAILE created a new wall in Transmitter Park in Greenpoint featuring a young girl lolling in the grass and setting the petals of love me nots adrift. A small frog, the first species to be affected by localized climate change, is nestled near her feet. As explained by the duo, the idea is to depict a moment that asks the question of what kind of relationship we have with nature.

Browse more works by Faile on our marketplace!

Images : Faile - Mural in Transmitter Park in Greenpoint ; via artist's Instagram.

35. SETH Globepainter in Fengjing, Shanghai

The French street artist Julien Seth Malland, aka Globepainter, seems to be on a mission to paint the world. He has recently visited Fengjing town in Shanghai’s deep south, the town that has long been renowned locally for its peasant art – bright, vibrant paintings that decorate the walls of rural buildings dotted throughout Jinshan district. Consisting of colorful child-like figures, this a bit surreal and thought-provoking piece corresponds to the environment perfectly.

Image via artist's Instagram.

34. Pixel Pancho - Against Monsanto

Robots are a constant source of inspiration for an Italian street artist Pixel Pancho. Featuring machine-like characters surrounded by flowers and fruits, his most recent mural entitled Against Monsanto is located in Saint Peterburg, Florida and was made for a SHINE Mural Festival. By painting these rusty, dented or broken robots in new environments, Pixel Pancho gives them new extended life.

Images via artist's Instagram.

33. Hula in New Zealand

Hawaiian artist Sean Yoro aka Hula is best known for murals placed in unusual places, such as his semi-submerged murals painted while balancing on the paddleboard. Bringing new life to empty spaces, he often paints on shipwrecks, abandoned docks and forgotten walls. Participating in a Street Prints Mauao Festival in New Zealand, Hula brought to life another of his hyper-realistic and striking women portraits for the locals to enjoy. Entitled Huli, the piece captures the emotions and interactions between the figure and its environment.

Images via artist's Instagram.

32. Millo - Blind

The Italian street artist Millo is famous for his predominantly black and white large-scale murals characterized by child-like figures, simple monochromatic lines combined with a dash of color and elements of architecture. Created for the Impronte Art Festival organized by Collettivo Boca in collaboration with Salvatore Ferragamo Foundation in Bonito, Millo took his inspiration from one of Ferragamo’s most important shoes model entitled “Rainbow shoes” and designed for Judy Garland in 1938. Featuring the girl holding a rainbow, the mural Blind symbolizes our inability to see the magic, beauty, and uniqueness inside of each of us.

Image via artist's Instagram.

31. Frau Isa in Linz, Austria

International street art crew The Weird composed of 10 German-based and Austrian-based creatives celebrated its five year anniversary by painting several, large-scale murals around Europe. One of the most striking pieces is made by an Austrian street artist Frau Isa in Linz, Austria. Featuring one of her original charming protagonists painted in her characteristic, highly stylized design and a peculiar color choice, this romantic mural is dedicated to Winter and accompanied by three similar ones dedicated to Summer, Spring and Fall.

Image via artist's Instagram.

30. Fintan Magee - Glass Half Full

The fabulous Australian artist Fintan Magee gracefully accepted the invitation by the Santurce Es Ley to create a new artwork. His mural Glass Half Full, located on the streets of Puerto Rico, draws inspiration from the artist’s preoccupation with environmental issues, particularly the alarming questions concerning the global warming. Featured previously as one of the examples of the artist’s works, the mural gained a high number of your votes and earned the placement on our special list.

Featured image: Fintan Magee – Glass Half Full. Image via; Fintan Magee – Work in progress. Image via

29. Artez - Take Care of Me

Painted on one of the facades of Marcos Juarez in Argentina, the mural Take Care of Me by Artez was one of the hits of our Instagram page. This Belgrade-based artist is one of leading Serbian street artists whose international fame is getting bigger every day. His mix of photo-realism and illustration with vibrant colors has caught the eye of many of us. Take Care of Me, featured in our Street Update, displays all the adored elements of his recognizable style.

Featured image in slider: Artez – Take Care of Me. Image via; Artez - Portrait. Image via

28. David de la Mano - Celebrating Black and White

The Spanish contemporary artist David de la Mano is well-known for his beautiful murals depicting trees, silhouettes, and other monochromatic images. One of his latest works, the mural painted on the façade of the housing building in Campomarano, Italy, reflects all that this artist is about. Through minimalist aesthetics and his large-scale black and white pieces, the artist offers to us a poetic vision of the world. If you want to learn more about where this fabulous mural is follow to the link here.

Featured image in slider: Davide de la Mano – Mural, Campomarano, Italy; David de la Mano - Painted mural, detail; David de la Mano while painting a mural. Images via

27. Mademoiselle Maurice - The Largest Mural in Paris

Using the traditional craft of origami paper works, embroidery, or even lace, Mademoiselle Maurice never stops to amaze us. This time, the author is responsible for the creation of the largest mural ever created on the streets of Paris. The mural Lunar Cycles, produced with the help of Gallery Matgoth, took over three weeks to be made and it incorporated 500 liters of black paint, 15.000 origamis, and 2.000 maurigamis. Featured on one of our previous Street Update posts, Mademoiselle Maurice is one of many artists Widewalls and its public simply adores.

Featured image in slider: Mademoiselle Maurice - Artist at work; Mademoiselle Maurice - Lunar Cycles - Mural; Mademoiselle Maurice - Artist at work. Images via

26. Monstfur - Homage to a Fallen Industry, Czestochowa

With his mural Our Rust painted on the streets of Czestochowa, the Polish street artist Monstfur pays homage to the fallen industry of the city. This large stencil is also a form of experimentation involving the creation of an imitation of brush strokes. Decorating one of our previous Street Update, the work caught the attention of a great number of our Instagram followers and as such we just had to include it in our celebratory list.

Featured image in slider: Monstfur – Our Rust. Image via; Monstfur – Wider view on the mural. Image via

25. Chazme and Sepe - Collaboration in Budampest

The collaboration between the two names of street art, Chazme and Sepe resulted in the creation of the fabulous mural Blue in Green, which we at Widewalls just feel in love with. Mentioned previously in our Street Update, the work was made for the Szines Varos Street Art Festival in Budampest, Hungary. The two Polish visual arts masters incorporated the festival’s topic City and the Water, while at the same time attempting to talk about the burning social issues concerning the contrast between poverty and wealth. This fabulous artwork is just one of many that the duo produced.

Featured image in slider: Chazme and Sepe – Blue in Green. Image via; Chazme and Sepe – Blue in Green, detail. Image via

24. David Walker - Stencil All the Way

Using only spray paint, without the help of brushes or stencils, David Walker has developed his own unique technique. His beautiful portrait, painted on the façade in Boulogne Sur Mer, France, has caught the eye of many of you and for this reason, we just had to include it on our celebratory list. Featured in our Street Update#139, Walker’s mural was created attempting to showcase the growing concept that art could be found in the most unsuspected places. The stunning artwork of this Berlin-based artist decorates just one of many decaying facades of the city.

Featured image in slider: David Walker – Wide view of the painted mural. Image via; David Walker – Mural, detail. Image via

23. Seth Globepainter - Reunion Islands Mural

While traveling through the lovely Reunion Islands, the fabulous street artist Seth Globepainter finished his mural entitled Creole. Featured on one of our Most Popular Instagram posts, Widewalls is always on the trail of this artist who aims to paint the entire world with his colorful images. This time, painting on the streets of La Port, the French artist, showing a patchwork of bodies and fabrics, painted one giant portrait. The girl in the mural has her back turned to the viewer and as such could easily be understood to reflect on one of the important issues of the artist, the notion of the universal identity we all share.

Featured image in slider: Seth Globepainter - Artist at work; Seth Globepainter – Creole. Image via

22. Fran Bosoletti - The Poetry in Italy

Featured on our Best Instagram Post of the hot August month, Fran Bosoletti and his mural entitled Desarriago, reached a high number three on the list. As such, the work and the artist are just one among many that our readers and followers adored. As always, Fran Bosoletti manages to get an upper hand on reality and his painted portraits are one of the most poetic ones painted today. This Argentinian artist produced the celebrated mural for the Urban Vision Project in Acquependente in Italy, where he managed to incorporate and use the deteriorating building. Poetic and eclectic his work decorates various other streets and buildings of the world.

Featured image: Fran Bosoletti – Desarriago. Image via

21. Inti - China Mural

Recognized for his surreal characters placed in-between the rational and spiritual worlds, the Chilean artist Inti was featured on our Best Instagram Posts of September list. Known for his mural painting, his latest work Random received one of the highest numbers of likes. Accepting the invitation from Back to School project in China, Inti painted this large-scale mural. Taking inspiration from the long astronomy tradition in China, the mural conveys the random pattern of the universe that remains out of rich. The playful figure stands between the mathematical measurements and the chaotic universe and helps us to reflect that in our search for balance we are not alone.

Featured image: Inti – Random. Image via

20. Seth - Dream Big China

Participating in Back to School China project, street artist Seth made several murals where he combined children drawings and themes related to children. In this mural - Dream Big China - he uses the image of a boy standing in front of what seems an opening to numerous possibilities. It is an enlarged image of a head, with opening into some other world where just a sky is visible. Colors of the rainbow and repetition of frame strongly suggest that power of education and children's imagination can lead to a better, more exciting, and yet unknown future.

Featured image: Seth - Dream Big China, via

19. Gola Hundun - Risveglio

Part of Altrove Project, the Risveglio mural of Gola Hundun is made with socially critical stance at its core. Aptly titled Risveglio which translates as Awakening, this colorful piece of graffiti art is dedicated to legendary priest Don Pino Puglisi and his fight against mafia. Situated in the town of Catanzaro in Italy, the mural depicts a whirlwind of leaves that surround a silhouette of a deer. Showing that a firm stance is needed in troubled times, Hundun's mural invites citizens to stand against mafia and resist its destructive force.

Featured image: Gola-Hundun - Risveglio, via

18. Ben Eine - Gothenburg Mural

For the latest edition of street art festival Artscape in Gothenburg, British street artist Ben Eine produced a large mural with his characteristic large letters, done in rich color and with recognizable shapes. Eine was shot to prominence with his unique style and collaboration with Banksy. Later on his pieces were also introduced in the spheres of high politics - one of his artworks was given as a gift from David Cameron to President Obama. Eine produced numerous lettering styles that he uses in his murals but also in his commercial works.

Featured image: Ben Eine - Gothenburg Mural, via

17. GLeo - Solar Family

As a part of the Springtime Delights Festival in La Rochelle, France, Colombian street artist GLeo has created a mural depicting three family members. Titled Solar Family the figures carry the artist's staple motif - multicolored masks.  The image is dedicated to the artist's mother and sister. It is not difficult to discern influences for Solar Family. Multicolored shapes and other visual elements show a strong link to visual culture of South America, from where the artist hails. Masks, strong palette and decorative elements create a contemporary mestizo with traditional and graffiti styles combined.

Featured image: GLeo - Solar family, via Widewalls archive

16. Peeta - Campobasso Graffito

Italian artist Peeta is well-known for his graffiti style that surpasses the flatness of the surfaces on which he works. In his Campobasso graffito done for Draw the Line festival he continues with experimentation with surfaces and forms. Peeta usually sprays his moniker, but in highly abstracted forms. As he himself says, words and letters in public space are often ruptured from their own histories and re-adapted for different purposes. His style creates visual images removed from from the semantic functions of the letters, often with the effect of taking over the space and changing it into new 3D forms, such is the case with the building in Campobasso.

Featured image: Peeta - Draw the Line mural, via Widewalls archive

15. Nychos - Exploding Ronald's Head

Growing up surrounded by skeletons as his father and grandfather were hunters, Nychos developed the interest in functioning of anatomy and the world hidden under the skin. His large-scale murals peek under the skin of the figures he depicts, often revealing some gruesome and cringeworthy details. In Exploding Ronald's Head he is again at it, now showing the famous mascot of a fast-food chain restaurant with a split head.  Social commentary is inescapable here. With the growing number of health issues created by the consumption of food in this type of restaurants to which doctors are constantly pointing out, but also the increase in consumption of such food, Western societies seem to be divided, or literary split between the health concerns and urge to indulge in fast food. Nychos's exploding Ronald is an apt critique of such schizoid position.

Featured image: Nychos - Exploding Ronald's head, via

14. YASH - Where Trees Don't Grow

Coming from a small village in Sweden, YASH's graffiti are not necessarily engaged in everyday issues but are often steeped in a dream-like atmosphere where  images of girls and animals mingle. With a developed chromatic style, thematic choices and excellent execution, YASH is among the rising stars of the Swedish and world graffiti scene. In Where Trees Don't Grow he depicts a girl with a small bird on her head. Instead of offering a social commentary on the increased violence in Gothenburg suburb where the mural is situated, YASH instead creates an atmospheric and serene image of innocence.

Featured image: YASH - Where Trees Don't Grow via Widewalls archive.

13. Wes21 and Onur - Heavy Stones Fear No Weather

Inspired by a song from Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men street artists Wes21 and Onur created a large mural in Reykjavik titled Heavy Stones Fear No Weather. This is not the first collaboration by the two Swiss urban creatives. Their previous works include murals produced for different festivals in Berlin and Miami. We21 is known for his combination of science fiction elements with reality, while Onur has been recently preoccupied with representations of effects of urban living on human psyche. Heavy Stones Fear no Weather seems to follow both creatives' interests. It is a depiction of fictional world where a stone fist rises as a sign of persistence and endurance.

Featured image: Wes21 and ONUR- Heavy Stones Fear No Weather, via

12. Alexis Diaz - Fayetteville Mural

Known for his precise line drawing, Alexis Diaz is a street artist whose mural in Fayetteville, Arkansas, continues with the theme of animals in some kind of metamorphosis. Starting to draw from a young age in his native Puerto Rico, Diaz was always attracted to street art as a more democratic art expression than traditional art forms. As he says: “I felt that traditional, paint-on-canvas style had its limitationsI had always dreamed of creating art for all people to enjoy”. In Fayetteville mural Diaz draws an owl on a branch, with a medallion around its neck. In medallion is a depiction of a human eye, which is a reminiscence of the Native American's belief in therianthropy, a mythological ability of humans to turn into animals.

Featured image: Alexis Diaz - Fayetteville Mural via artist's Instagram page.

11. MP5 - Root of Evil

MP5 is an Italian creative who is working as a painter, illustrator, muralist, and sometimes even as a comic book maker. Her work is done in distinct black and white drawings, with thick lines that often transgress the walls and seep into the surrounding space, creating a 3D effect. In Root of Evil done  in Rome, MP5 follows her interest in Jung and Freud's theory  and archetypal figures from psychoanalysis. She draws a woman letting craws escape small confinement, in this case it is in a shape of a window around which the mural is made. Possibly referencing Pandora's box, MP5 investigates the links between the contemporary conditions and their roots in the unconscious.

Featured image: MP5 - Root of Evil via

10. 1010 - Mural for 1xRUN in Detroit

Over 40 new murals has been produced in the city of Detroit, Michigan for 1xRUN’s Murals In The Market festival in September 2016. One of the participants, Hamburg-based 1010, made one of his signature designs of a colorful abyss, which covered an entire surface of a horizontal wall. Painted in shades of green, the portal has some sharp edges, so make sure you don’t get too close to it!

1010 - Mural for 1xRUN in Detroit, 2016

9. TARM - The Rio Esporte Arte Project

This summer, graffiti artist TARM visited Praça da Bandeira in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where he painted a mural as part of the Rio Esporte Arte project. The Brazilian city was swarmed with the visitors of the Summer Olympic Games and the mural reflects on the importance of sport in everyday life, in a very vivid and traditional way. Along TARM, there were five other artists participating in the project as well.

TARM mural in Rio photo Henrique Madeira via Rio Esporte arte facebook page

8. Sainer - Mother

Polish painter Sainer, of the famous Etam Crew duo, recently visited Brussels, Belgium, where he participated in the artistic initiative undertaken by the Une Ville En Couleur association. In his signature figurative style, Sainer produced a beautiful mural entitled Mother, which sees a young woman holding her child and a girl standing in her shadow. The artwork is indeed wonderfully composed as it plays with light and pastel colors.

Sainer - Mother

7. Mr. Thoms - Keep on Listening Any Kind of Shape Talk with You

For seven years now, the Estonian city of Tartu has been home to Stencibility, a street art festival that hosted Italian artist Mr. Thoms, among others this year. Instead of doing a flat 2D mural, he used the architecture of a house to incorporate his entertaining artwork, turning the whole intervention into a proper installation, or even a street art object. Surely one of the most innovative works we’ve seen so far!

Mr.THOMS - Keep on listening Any kind of shape talk with You

6. Fintan Magee - Head in the Clouds

Here’s another stunning festival piece, this time coming from Australian prodigy Fintan Magee. In September, he was one of the artists participating in the Estau Festival, for the MistakerMaker in the Portuguese city of Estarreja. Entitled Head in the Clouds, it depicts a girl in the artist’s recognizable photorealistic style, with her head being wrapped in what appears to be a swirl of white sheets.

Fintan Magee - Head in the clouds

5. Pejac - Downside Up in London

When witty Spanish artist Pejac said: “For my first ever London public intervention I thought of doing something very high end,” he wasn’t kidding. In June, he installed pairs of shoes hanging upside down on light poles in Shoredich and across the city. These may not be getting our attention at first sight, but on a second look we start wondering whether it is us who are upside down here… or maybe downside up?

Pejac via whodat de 1200

4. Zest - Mural in Villars-Fontaine, France

If you happen to be in the French city of Villars-Fontaine, there’s a very vibrant reason to visit its old stone quarry, as artist Zest painted quite a remarkable mural there. To say that the artwork is brightening up the place is an understatement, and we are surely impressed by the brightness of the work, its marker-like marks, the way it looks as though the stone has been peeling off its surface. Now there’s a creative way to make a dull place interesting.

Featured image : Zest in Villars Fontaine, France

3. Roberto Ciredz - Mural in Aalborg, Denmark

Speaking of abstract portals into another world, here’s a great mural by Italian creative Roberto Ciredz, done for the occasion of WEAART initiative in the Danish city of Aalborg. Spreading on two different but adjacent buildings, it reflects the surfaces of both of them as it hypnotizes us into the very center of the blue abyss. There are ever so many street artists who can pull off three-dimensional work and we can definitely count Roberto Ciredz as one of them.

Roberto Cirdz in Aalborg

2. Apolo Torres - Education is Not A Crime

When young people are deprived of getting an education because of their gender, religion or nationality, they are stripped of their human right. In Iran, thousands of these individuals are barred from higher education because of their beliefs, and #NotACrime campaign aims to change that through artworks of the world’s most prominent street art-makers. One of them is Brazilian Apolo Torres, who gave life to a marvellous mural of a girl reaching up towards the sea of books while a snake is curling up around her legs to prevent her from doing that. Apolo Torres’s mural speaks to campaigners and and governments worldwide who are involved in education issues.

Apolo Tores in Sao Paolo

1. Millo - Love Prisoners

One of our personal favourites, Italian artist Millo is known for his complex, yet minimalistic-in-style murals depicting urban scenery and often pensive characters. In Agueda, Portugal, he participated in an initiative by the aforementioned MistakerMaker, and it involves a tower and two lovers. The mural is entitled Love Prisoners because these two lovers are tied up with a rope, painted in red to break the black and white hues of the piece - something that Millo does very often in his work. Still, in a very romantic act, they are able to touch themselves behind their backs and this very act is what made this artwork the most popular one on our list!

Millo - Love Prisoners

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