Street Update #151 - Best Murals of October

November 2, 2016

The month of October is usually marked with bad weather and fun Halloween costumes. But here at WideWalls, October is first and foremost characterized by an array of artworks whose influence will continue to resonate in the years to come. Our Street update of October is packed with versatile murals and public installations created all over the globe. They were made on the streets, walls, towers and museums, painted in spray-paint and acrylic or composed from trash. Some were inspired by the historic events and personal childhood memories while others dealt with more recent news, events and information, but every new piece on our monthly list powerfully showcases the tremendous skill of its creator.And more importantly every artwork in this article managed to capture the attention of our Instagram followers. You have voted on the best artworks of the previous month and chosen this fantastic array of street art masterpieces. Now its time to lay back, relax and enjoy you monthly selection.

If you missed our last week's list of best 50 murals made in the previous year click here to check it out. But before you do that scroll down to see the finest artworks created in the month of October.

WD WildDrawing - Knowledge speaks - wisdom listens

Athens-based creative WD aka WildDrawing recently decorated the abandoned village near Helsinki with a striking image of a sleepy ape. For his latest mural, he decided on the owl motif that's placed at two street intersection in the capital of Greece. The artwork is entitled after Jimi Hendrix's quote Knowledge speaks - wisdom listens and the owl symbolizes both wisdom and the ancient goddess Athena. An animal known for its exceptional vision in the dark should help Greek people find their way trough the hard times.

Featured image : WD WildDrawing - Knowledge speaks - wisdom listens, 2016 via artist's Facebook home page

Pejac - Camouflage (Tribute to René Magritte)

Camouflage (Tribute to René Magritte) artwork by Pejac is created on windows of an abandoned paper factory. The artwork depicts a boy while going after a flock of birds. In order to make this fascinating piece Pejac had to break, cut and remove the glass as well as to paint the silhouette of a boy. This complex process resulted in this effective illusion that's dedicated to René Magritte and his bird-related works, but it’s also an ode to childhood and play.

Featured image : Pejac - Camouflage (Tribute to René Magritte), 2016 via

Tellas - Fog

The unusually rainy weather in Sheffield inspired Italian artist Tellas to create this massive monochromatic piece entitled Fog. Highly detailed black and white mural appears as if it's slowly fading with the top of the artwork looking particularly dim. The mural was made for FeatureWallsSHF festival in England.

Featured image : Tellas - Fog via artist's Facebook page

Bordalo II - Los Loros

Prolific trash artist Bordalo II recently visited the sunny coasts of Mexico where he created one of his massive wall-mounted artworks. Mexico is a native land for numerous parrot species that reside inside its vivacious rain forests. This particular parrot species is called normal yellow-headed Amazon parrot and it represents a perfect example of vivid masterpiece made by nature.

Featured image : Bordalo II - Los Loros, via artist's Facebook page

Hopare in Corée-du-Sud

When Museum of Modern art in Korea decided to decorate its walls with a captivating contemporary artwork they've chosen street artist Hopare for the job. An interesting collaboration between the acclaimed institution and equally acclaimed Portuguese artist resulted in a massive mural painted on the wall of a museum. The beautiful portrait of a young girl appears as if it is melting across the white wall of the vast building while simultaneously turning into big splash of color.

Featured image : Hopare in Corée-du-Sud via artist's Facebook page

Anet Ronen - Creeping and crawling

It took a total of three days for Anet Ronen to paint this striking site-specific street art mural. By carefully positioning the main character of the new artwork the artists managed to create the illusion of looking at a giant chameleon that's crawling down the stairs. The contemplative art piece was made for Hue Murals festival in Huston.

Featured image Anet Ronen - Creeping and crawling, 2016 via

Remed - Reminiscence

French artist Remed recently visited Los Angeles where he painted this awesome abstract mural. Once again the artist found the inspiration for his lates piece in the act of remembrance and used colors, shapes, and lines to express an array of feelings and the constant evolution of thoughts. Creating art for Remed is similar to writing a diary and Reminiscence is the last page in his book.

Featured image : Remed - Reminiscence in Los Angeles, USA via artist's Instagram page

JAZ - The city of the 4 cultures

Just few days before November, Franco Fasolijaz aka JAZ made an interesting and time-consuming diptych at the sides of a building in the city of Tudela in Spain. The artwork reflects the town's rich history but also its place on the crossroads of cultures. In the middle ages, three different religious communities were living here (the Muslims, the Mozarabs and the Jews) each with their specific cultural heritage that left a deep mark on the Spanish city.

Featured image : JAZ - The city of the 4 cultures, 2016 via

Tristan Eaton - Peace Tower

The beautiful city of Paris just got another stunning art tower that will undoubtedly capture the attention of locals and tourists alike. American artist Tristan Eaton painted this stunning piece on a surface in the famous district 13 in Paris. For this occasion the artist embellished a tower rising above the streets with a series of human and animal characters. This intricate artwork entitled Peace Tower was made in collaboration with Galerie Itinerrance.

Featured image : Tristan Eaton - Peace Tower, 2016 via artist's Instagram page

Nomad Clan - Calais Jungle

Nomad Clan kick-started the container project in Manchester by painting this highly symbolic art piece. The artwork evokes all the hardships that refugees have to go trough during their trip to Europe. The mural was made for Journeys Festival an annual event dedicated to Refugee Arts and exceptional talents in Manchester.

Featured image : Nomad Clan - Calais Jungle, 2016 via artist's Instagram account

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