Street Update #153

Street Update

December 28, 2016

The year of 2016 has come to its end and we're all getting ready to great the Happy New Year of 2017. But before we say goodbye to the year behind us, lets take another look at some of the eye-catching street artworks it brought. More specifically the ones created in December. The final month of the year was just as exciting as the months behind it and the street artists all over the globe just as busy as always. The street art festival in Heerlen in Netherlands, resulted in an array of pieces made by some of the finest street artists of today including  Collin van der Sluijs, Interesni Kazki and Faith47. In the meantime across the globe,  director Selina Miles is shooting The Wanderers a film about street art in Australia while documenting the creation of some of the best street artworks of the month along the way. Street art in India also captured the attention of our Instagram followers as two murals form the vast country made it to our list and famous trash artist Bordalo II found a great way of promoting his new solo show currently on display at 23 gallery in Turin. But these are not the only artworks that made it to our list.

Take a look at the finest street art pieces created in December by scrolling down to the end of our last street update list in 2016

Interesni Kazki - The hatching of humanity

This surrealist mural made by Interesni Kazki represents the human continuous quest to reach the dream. The earth is portrayed as an eggshell with people arising from it. The head with the third eye represents mystics, scientists, artists and saints and all other people who have the unique ability to drive the human race forward. The acrylic and ink mural was made for Heerlen Murals festival in Heerlen, Netherlands.

Featured image : Interesni Kazki - The hatching of humanity via artist's Instagram account

1010 in Dubai

Polish street artist 1010 recently visited Dubai where he painted one of his recognizable Op art pieces. The artist known for painting artworks that create an illusion of staring into a black hole made this colorful mural for Brand Dubai, the creative department within the government's media office. The artwork simultaneously appears as a crack in the wall and as a large portal into a new dimension.

Featured image : 1010 mural in Dubai

Fran Bosoletti - Speranza Nascosta

This interesting mind-bending artwork by Bosoletti can be seen in all of its glory only by using a negative filter that will cause this blurry image to be replaced with a face of an elderly woman. The artwork aptly entitled Hidden Hope is located on the wall of La Tenda a homeless people asylum in Napoli. The artist that often created artworks reminiscent of a photo negative to mimic the way society filters our views, believes that sometimes we have to turn the negative into positive to find the things that connect us to one another.

Featured image : Bosoletti - Speranza Nascosta

Okuda in Miami

Street artist Okuda San Miguel embellished a new Vondom store in Miami with his massive geometrical colorful artwork. The famous street artist painted two walls with his recognizable imagery and on this particular wall, he created a depiction of an object reminiscent of an old WW2 bomb with numerous spikes coming out of all its sides.

Featured image : Okuda in Miami via artist's Facebook page

Sainer - Afternoon

Street artist Sainer also known as a part of a famous street art duo Etam Crew was inspired by an afternoon in San Hose to create a fantastic art piece in this American city. The mural represents a powerful statement about the passage of time by portraying people of various age in the same piece - on one side a little boy playing an instrument on the other, an elderly women holding to her stick.

Featured Image : Sainer - Afternoon

Bordalo II in Turin

Trash artist Bordalo II is preparing for his new exhibition at square 23 gallery in Turin. The solo show entitled DECOMPOSED will be on view until February 2017 and this adorable sculpture of a teddy bear is made to accompany the exhibition. The artwork made from trash and metal scraps is located in Teatro Colosseo, in Turin.

Featured image : Bordalo II in Turin

DO and KHATRA - Usual Unusual

Here's a usual morning depicted in an unusual way. Siddharth Gohil also known as DO and Nikunj Prajapati aka KHATRA painted this image of an elderly man in the Makhta area in India. The artwork is inspired by Aataji a randomly chosen man from the neighborhood. It depicts a person with on teeth and a brush with one bristle while holding a crowing rooster on his arm. Truly unusual!

Featured image : DO and KHATRA - Usual Unusual via pictagram


Painted on the side of a dry cleaner in India the Untouchable mural by Nemo's reference the casting system in this country. The unfair system is based on the strict division to class in which priests were on top, warriors right beneath them, merchants 3rd, servants 4th and in the very bottom the untouchable cast that among others included latrine cleaners. The mural depicting the society pressing down hard on its lowest cast is dedicated to all members of this underprivileged group.

Featured image : Nemo's - UNTOUCHABLE via artist' Facebook account

Nychos - Tyrannosaurus

Viennese artist Nychos kept himself busy in December by paintings this large scale depiction of a Tyrannosaurus Rex on the back of the FLAX art & design store. The artist known for slicing up animals and innocent childhood characters didn't spare this long distinguished specie of his artistic knife. New mural in Oakland is focused more of the inside of the animal than on its outside appearance.

Featured image : Nychos - Tyrannosaurus, photo Spencer Shea, via artist's Instagram account

Guido van Helten - Salt of the Earth

Guido van Helten's Salt of the Earth was painted on the train in the Australian city of Manildra. The portraits on the vehicle were based on photographs of the local population and aim to celebrate everyday characters of regional Australia. The artwork was made for an upcoming documentary entitled The Wanderers that's dedicated to the work of contemporary artists in Australia.

Featured image : Guido van Helten - Salt of the Earth

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