Street Update #154

February 2, 2017

After a short New Year’s break, street artists and the urban art world in general are slowly coming back in the game. Needless to say we are delighted by this fact, as we follow these creatives around the planet and admire their incredible murals painted on entire building walls. In the month behind us and during Christmas break of 2016, many of them were quite busy participating in festivals and different initiatives in all corners of the Earth, illustrating a variety of stories for us to discover and enjoy. After we have summed up the most beautiful murals of the year behind us, we continue to track down the brand new ones over on our Instagram profile, so make sure you follow us there for all the latest updates from the most renowned and talented street artists working today. In the meantime, check out what they have been doing in the past four weeks!

Liqen in Kassel, Germany

Close to the Culture district in Kassel, Germany, we can find the mesmerizing work of artist Liqen. In August 2016, the artist was invited to participate in the local KolorCubes public space project, organized by the people behind Documenta, which takes place every five years in this German city. The Spaniard created this mural titled La Ceguera (The Blindness) using acrylic paint and brush, making it look like a giant drawing.

Natalia Rak and Bezt of Etam Cru in Napa, California

In a joint effort, Polish street artists Natalia Rak and Etam Cru’s Bezt gave life to a beautiful mural in Napa, California. Entitled Knockin' on Heavens Door, it is now part of the RAD Napa project curated by Thinkspace Gallery, after twelve days of painting together. According to organisers, the artists captured a unique glow that will ignite the imagination of those riding on the Napa wine trains, as the artwork is made right next to the railway tracks.

INTI in Arica, Chile

A port city of Arica, Northern Chile, known primarily for its surfing beaches, is now richer for a new mural by artist INTI. The Chilean artist completed a mural entitled PACHAKUTI, which depicts one of his signature characters holding a heart in one hand and a corn crop in the other. With a distinct color palette, he expressed a strong connection with the people of Arica, representing the sacred and the festive culture of Chile.

Telmo Miel in Berlin, Germany

The dynamic street art duo Telmo Miel found themselves in Berlin, where they painted a new intriguing piece under the name We're all the same, but different. The artists have visited the capital as part of an initiative started by THE HAUS, who have gathered more than 100 local, national, and international creatives in the commercial heart of Berlin to paint soon-to-be-abandoned or demolished buildings.

Vera Bugatti in London, UK

Teratology is the name of an amazing artwork painted by artist Vera Bugatti in the Clerkenwell district of London, UK. Made during the Christmas period of 2016 in collaboration with Global Street Art, the impressive piece explores environmental issues, abnormality, and spirituality. According to the artist, ”The wall would also be an homage to artists fascinated by the study of theories linking imagination, art, and monstrous progeny, both in renaissance and in the ‘900.”

Sabek - The Omen

For the occasion of Sabek’s solo show at Swinton Gallery in Madrid, Spain, the artist painted a great wall entitled The Omen, symbolically featuring a big black bird. This has been realized as part of the 17th edition of Mind the Wall project in the Spanish capital, which typically gathers artists to paint a 30 square meter thematic wall of a building in calle San Millán at Plaza de La Latina.

Guido van Helten in Ashfield, Australia

This stunning mural by Guido van Helten painted in Ashfield, Sydney, was based on images take at The Exodus Foundation, following the artist’s visit there in late 2016. This organisation is dedicated to providing health and food services for disadvantaged, poor and at-risk people in Sydney’s west. Based a block up the street from this wall, they provide meals to hundreds of people daily. Truly captivating portraits!

INO in Athens, Greece

In a wonderfully recognizable surrealist style, artist INO once again painted an intriguing portrait on a building in Athens, Greece. Entitled Mind Control, it was created on the yard of a school that had been occupied for 23 years. It was the core of the Anarchism in Athens and now the municipalities turned it into a high school. The curious male head has a bomb instead of a brain, just waiting to explode.

Faith47 and Imraan Christian in Stellenbosch, South Africa

South African street artist Faith47 and photographer Imraan Christian teamed up for a unique collage on board work pasted to the wall of Stellenbosch. We see a photograph of a conflict taken by Christian broken down in squares which are then puzzled back together by Faith47, for a thrilling visual effect which uses original purple hues.

Felipe Pantone in Seoul, South Korea

Information Overload in an Organized Grid - this certainly sounds like something Felipe Pantone could paint - and he did, on the walls of the Daelim Museum in Seoul! The mural was commissioned as part of the upcoming exhibition Youth, and will remain as a permanent fixture on the 4-story building. The artist deemed it as the most challenging murals he has ever done, and the exhibition will open on February 8th.

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