Street Update #155

March 2, 2017

One of the things that came to define urban art in the last couple of decades is the fact that it can no longer be found just on the street walls, but also those of esteemed art galleries, and even museums. Furthermore, the movement grew to become the most exciting one of our time, and even ended up having its own fairs. Just last month, we had the opportunity to witness and report live from the very first street art fair in Spain, Madrid’s Urvanity, which had a select number of renowned galleries in the field. In April, we can look forward to the second edition of Urban Art Fair in Paris, which we will also cover from the spot. The success of street art poses no more doubt and while some may question its nature within these concepts, let us not forget there are some great murals still being created on the street by the world’s greatest artists every day, and as always we were there to capture these moments - think of these two great murals painted by D*Face and Shepard Fairey in Las Vegas! Take a look at the most beautiful pieces of the month behind us!

Pichi & Avo in New York

A story of power, chaos, color and collaboration - that’s how Goldman Global Arts described the latest mural painted by Pichi & Avo at the Bowery Wall in New York City. The artwork is entitled Urban Homeric Hymn to Poseidon and it combined classical painting with modern-day graffiti culture!

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Meggs and Spratx Against Trump

The recent Muslim ban and the wall-building plans revealed by Donald Trump have had a great impact on artists around the globe; among them, we have David “Meggs” Hooke and the Spratx crew, who painted a joined piece in Denver, Colorado. With a clear message that peace will prevail, the mural features Meggs’ signature feather motif.

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Hula - To Embrace

Sean Yoro aka Hula created yet another amazing work tackling the theme of climate change. This time, it is a temporary mural done with natural chalk that washes away, as it covers the trunks of several trees. It is entitled Pūliki, Hawaiian for “to embrace”, as it indeed features a male figure giving a warm hug to all the trees.

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Vhils in Thailand

Portuguese artist Vhils was in Bangkok, Thailand a couple of weeks ago, where he created one of his trademark pieces which involve the walls’ negative space. On one such surface, on the Portuguese embassy building, he depicted a tribute to the people of the neighborhood in Bangkok, making the invisible history of the city visible, with graphic and figurative elements that highlight what we share and brings us closer as human beings.

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Mr. Thoms in Miami

Mr. Thoms is always fun, and his last piece made for Street Art for Mankind in Miami is no exception. Here, we see a diptych of a boy in two similar situations, yet there are differences - seven of them - which the artist himself is inviting us to spot out. In fact, the title of his artwork is Mark the seven differences and we think we found them. Have you?

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Telmo and Miel at Pow! Wow! Hawaii

The renowned street art festival Pow! Wow! once again took place in Hawaii, and the Dutch duo Telmo & Miel were there to contribute with their talents. Here, we see a painting entitled A'o Mai I Kou Hewa, again translating from Hawaiian, this time to “Learn From Your Mistakes”. Two boys seem injured by what the artists describe as “muscle crabs”.

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Above at Pow! Wow! Hawaii

Another participant of the said festival was Tavar Zawacki, aka Above, whom you might remember for the distinct depiction of arrows. The artist described this piece as very “push and pull” and declared it was very challenging to paint it, as it was hard to find a balanced color palette. This surely is one to look at for a while, as new shapes and colors seem to be popping out every second!

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SHOK-1 in Hawaii

The pioneer of aerosol X-ray art, SHOK-1 certainly is most famous for his clever depictions of, well, X-ray imagery. Here, we see his mural at Pow! Wow! in Hawaii, a hand making up the rock sign, and we are able to learn what it all looks like underneath the skin. Great work by SHOK-1, especially considering he is only using a spray can!

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Alber in France

A street wall in the French town of Orleans got richer for a nice piece by artist Alber. Invited by Le MUR Orléans, he painted a vivid, abstract portrait of two faces, giving a significant look at passersby. The live painting was done to mark the occasion of an exhibition taking place at Le MUR Orléans, which showcases his studio works.

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Nychos - Translucent June

We are used to seeing the entrails of animals in the murals done by Nychos, but this time he made an incredible piece of a girl, as an homage to a painting by Sir Frederic Leighton. The original is entitled Flaming June, while the version executed by the Austrian street artist bears the name Translucent June, and it sees the girl surrounded by skeletons. A spectacular work!

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