Street Update #159

September 3, 2017

As usual, summers are a busy period for street artists around the world - the nice weather allows for a lot of creativity to be expressed on walls, buildings and other (un)conventional surfaces. The couple of months behind us were filled with festivals and events of all kinds, with more to come in September as long as the sun is there. If you’ve been following us on Instagram (if you haven’t, make sure you do - you won’t regret it!), you know we’re there to showcase the very best that street and urban art have to offer, among other things. Like every month, we pick out the most interesting murals and paintings which marked it, in one of our trademark columns - street update. Enjoy!

Remi Rough in Richmond

Anyone can paint an abstract but only a few can make it say something, says on the Instagram profile of artist Remi Rough. One of his latest murals seems to be reflecting on this philosophy - the one painted on the building of the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, as part of Artwhino and the annual Richmond Mural Project.

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Agostino Iacurci in Russia

Known for his clean graphics and amusing scenarios, Italian artist Agostino Iacurci never ceases to amaze. Recently, he visited the Russian town of Yakutsk, where he painted a large facade in his trademark style. The mural depicts a traditional vase featuring animals such as elephants, horses and fish, resonating with its environment in a unique way.

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ETNIK and Macs in Italy

It is always fun to see two artists collaborate and witness the fusion of two original, yet compatible styles. The latest case of this kind is the one of Alessandro Etnik and Macs, two Italian artists who joined artistic forces for the Rock Your Head Festival in Montebello di Bertona, Italy. Macs’ recognizable portrait is surrounded by Etnik’s familiar geometric figures in various colors.

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INO in Ibiza

Melting Earth is the title of the latest mural painted by artist INO for the 2017 edition of BLOOP Festival in Ibiza. Last year, he painted a much more controversial piece, so all eyes were on him this year. The name of the painting pretty much describes the scene here, where a “bowl” of our planet melts away like ice cream on a cone, dissected in INO’s style, as always.

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BEZT in Poland

BEZT of the famous street art team Etam Cru found himself in the Polish town of Bielsko Biała, where a new mural of his now graces a tall building wall, thanks to Galeria Bielska as well. Here, we see a portrait of a woman holding a planted Philodendron plant, oozing in a number of shades of dark purples and blues. A truly stunning painting!

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Nikola Mihajlović in Serbia

Serbian artist Nikola Mihajlović participated in a street art festival in the city of Požarevac, where he painted a masterly mural titled Horse, which he dedicated to ”the good people of the city”. One of his strengths surely is painting realistic subjects in an abstract manners, here also placed on a narrow piece of wall. Superb!

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Dan Ferrer in Spain

Dan Ferrer gave an explanation of his mural named Past, Present, Future and made for the Shikillo Festival in Avila, Spain. ”We spend most of our mental time in places that do not exist: crying for our past or having our hopes for the future, without seeing the greatest and only real thing in front of us: OUR PRESENT.

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Artez in Germany

A while ago, we wrote about Millerntor Gallery’s Art Creates Water project, organized in collaboration with Viva con Agua. Another Serbian artist, Artez, participated in the initiative, painting a mesmerizing mural in Hamburg. In it, we see a humanoid creature with a faucet for a head, providing water for the entire world - which is what the project aims to do!

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