Street Update #16

February 19, 2014

Welcome back to the street art circus. Today you will witness never-before seen brush stokes, sprays and images. The murals you will see show: teaches with sheep hats; freaks with laser eyes; the incredible father and son; flying fruit; robot man; the unbelievable builder; the little girl in red; and the strongest man alive. The artists in the circus ring are: KOZ DOS, Sr. X &  Id-iom, Fintan Magee, Ludo, Pixel Pancho, Herakut, James Jean and MTO & UTI Crew.

We don’t wanna get to POW! WOW! heavy in this week’s Street Update, since we covered most of the murals on the beautiful island of Hawaii already. This Street Update will show you what’s happening on the walls of other spots in the world: London, Sydney, New York and Za’atari (Jordan). Of course we have one piece from Honolulu as well. This mural by James Jean wasn’t ready yet when be posted our latest POW WOW update. Well, now it is ready. Enjoy this week’s Street Update:


Unfortunately we can’t tell you much about the Venezuelan street artist KOZ DOS. We know he’s from Caracas, we know he wants to remain unseen and we know he’s responsible for one o the most popular murals we ever had. KOZ DOS paint photorealistic portraits of people and frames this with colorful and wild geometric patterns, a strawberry brain and animal hats (cats, dogs and sheep). Sounds surreal?! It is surreal and beautiful. Thanks KOZ DOS, we hope to see more from you in the future.

James Jean

The Taiwanese artist James Jean is the only artist in this week’s selection that painted a mural at POW! WOW! His monochromatic red and white lines form a naked women kneeling down intertwined by ropes. The fine red lines that make up the mural give the painting a very delicate appearance despite its large size. 

Sr. X & Id-iom

Id-iom and the Spanish artist decided to scare the British town they both inhabit. They painted a collaborative mural organized by Global Street Art in London. The starting point for the mural where two equal faces each on one side of a heavy iron gate. The left profile is painted by the Sr. X and the right side by Id-iom. The Spanish artist predominately sprayed black, beige and brown giving the profile a photorealistic appearance when looked at from far away. Closing in, reveals the signature paint splashes Sr. X uses to roughen the imagery. Id-iom used stencils to complete larger portions of the profile and then filled out the cheeks with graffiti-esque small images like skull and bone in green, pink stars and a yellow bull’s-eye. Finishing the mural off the added a red line connecting the eyes and red LED lights in every eye to make the effect even more striking at night.

Fintan Magee

The Australian street artist Fintan Magee is a regular in your selection for street update. It’s been the third time Fintan Magee has made it into the feature for the thirs time already. The reason are his fantastic, dreamy and photorealistic murals that lighten up your heart. His latest piece entitled “The Hiker” is no exception. It depicts a boy running ahead with his father close behind him. The Father has an over dimensional sparrow on his had, carrying him along. The mural’s paint runs down the wall giving it the dreamlike feel.


The French artist Ludo is residing in New York showcases a new body of work at Jonathan LeVine gallery. The title of Ludo’s exhibition is “Fruit of the Doom” and explains why Ludo painted a green-lemon chopper. The mural is in a continuation of the deadly fruits Ludo painted for the exhibition at LeVine. Besides the lemon chopper Ludo also presents AK-47 bananas, syringe carrots, and lettuce knives. The chopper guides you in the direction of The Fruit of the Doom.


The German street art duo Herakut created a beautiful mural in the Middle East. Herakut painted this mural in the refugee camp Za’atari, the worlds second biggest camp. Za’atari inhabits over 120,000 refugee’s from the Syrian war. Herakut are trying to help the people of Za’atari to bring some joy and light into their lives. The beautiful mural of the little child building Arabic letters with toy blocks is very colorful and more joyous thatn some other Herakut pieces. We find it is the ideal image for the children playing in Za’atari to escape the horrors they are going through for a few seconds. This mural project was made possible by Apt ART (Awareness and Prevention Through Art)

Pixel Pancho - Domatore di Leoni

The Italian street artists did let much info slip on his latest mural. We know it’s called “Domatore di Leoni” (Italian for lion tamer). The mural depicts a signature robot man in the background and s small boy taming the robot lion he is sitting on. The artist from Turin has once again proven to be one of the most imaginative street artist in the world. Seeing Pixel Pancho murals is liking be a kid in the 1950’s reading Orwell’s “1984”.

MTO & UTI Crew

MTO collaborated with 5 old school graffiti artists from LA. The graffiti artists Black Light King, PETAL, FEAR, NUKE and SWAN are members of the UTI crew. Each UTI added his very own signature style surrounding the photorealistic “MTO man”. MTO’s contribution is held black/white/grey shades except for yellow T on the man’s forehead. The majority however is monochromatic and is in contrast to the very colorful framing of UTI. The mix of styles, old school and new school as well as the composition produced one of the murals we’ve seen in a long time.

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