Street Update #160

Street Update

October 1, 2017

Recently, we wrote how successful Street Art has become in the art market, as one of the most dynamic sub-segments of today's Contemporary Art Market. Indeed, street artists are working tirelessly all around the world, continuing to amaze us with their stunning pieces. As summer was coming to an end, artists were making use of the nice weather, showing their creativity in a variety of street art festivals, events and projects. On our Instagram profile, we continue to showcase the very best that street and urban art have to offer, among other things. It is now that time of the month when we take a look back and bring you the most stunning pieces that marked the month behind us. Scroll down and enjoy our latest Street Update!

Case Maclaim in France

Contributing to the Wall Street Art Festival in Grigny, France, the German artist Case Maclaim has created a stunning mural that depicts a gigantic hand playing with a coin. Titled Pile ou Face (Pile or Face), the piece represents the Earth, but also Europe. While the European continent is perceived as a wealthy one, it also a place of mini-revolutions breaking out, such as Brexit. The mural adorns the facade of a building in the Place de l'Œuf.

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Kevin Ledo in Denver

The Montreal-based artist Kevin Ledo has just completed a brilliant mural for The RAW Project in Denver, CO. Titled Rise Above, the piece was commissioned by a Miami-based group bringing mural painting to city schools.

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Bifido and Julieta XLF in Volos, Greece

The first collaboration between Bifido and the Spanish artist Julieta XLF, a mural titled Deep Blue was created in Volos, Greece in the neighborhood of refugees. Organized by Urbanact and Jugend- & Kulturprojekt e.V as part of the project Urbanartventures Vol 2, the piece talks about migrations, the possibility to travel in freedom, changing life and building a new home. Working for a week, artists have been in contact with locals, consulting them on what their needs are in life and hopes for the future.

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Lonac in Borås, Sweden

The Croatian artist Lonac has created a new mural as part of the festival No Limit in Borås, Sweden. No Limit is an outdoor art event inviting artists from around the world to participate in turning public space into an outdoor exhibition. An outdoor gallery that is available all year round.

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Telmo Miel in Borås, Sweden

Also as part of No Limit in Borås, Sweden, the Telmo Miel duo have created a stunning piece inspired by the stories about Nils Holgersson, a Swedish work of fiction they grew up with. Written by Selma Lagerlöf, it is a story of a Swedish boy and his wonderful trip with wild geese.

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MadC in Paris

The renowned artist MadC ha created a large-scale mural at the Pavillon Carré de Baudouin as part of the program organized by the association Art Azoï. The wall at the Pavillon Carré de Baudouin is renewed three times a year. This latest piece will be on view until January 8th, 2018.

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Millo in Jyvaskala, Finland

The Italian artist Millo has created a beautiful piece as part of the multi-city Street Art Festival UPEA in Finland. The artist has painted a mural in Jyväskäla, a small city 350 km North from Helsinki. Titled Keep Me, the piece underlines the relationship between small things and ourselves and how something that seems nothing could be everything. As the artist explains, you are the only one who knows what is important for yourself.

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Ella & Pitr in Rhone Alpes, France

The famous Street Art duo Ella & Pitr have created a massive mural in France that tackles the gravity of the global refugee crisis. Titled Le Naufrage de Bienvenu/The Shipwreck of Welcome, the stunning outdoor work depicting a refugee seeking passage scales the surface of Piney's Dam in La Valla-En Gier, Rhone-Alpes in France.

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SeaCreative in Santa Caterina Valfurva, Italy

The latest piece by SeaCreative was created on the streets of Santa Caterina Valfurva in Italy, as part of the Stelvio Fest. Titled Mountain Lovers, the piece references the mural's location and surrounding, a charming mountain town that is home to a popular ski resort. The new mural depicts a man wandering through a series of cold blue mountains.

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Fintan Magee in Saarbrucken, Germany

The Australian artist Fintan Magee has just completed a mural in Saarbrücken, Germany as part of an Urban Art project called Artwork - Saarbrücken. Titled Boyhood, the piece was inspired by the artist's recent trip to Lebanon, and it's based on a photo that he took of a boy playing with a bow and arrow in Beirut. In this site-specific mural, the boy from Beirut was replaced by a local one.

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Featured images: Telmo Miel - The Adventures Of Nils Holgersson; MadC at Pavillon Carré de Baudouin; Case Maclaim - Pile ou Face; Bifido and Julieta - Deep Blue. All images courtesy the artists.

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