Street Update #161

Street Update

November 1, 2017

Even though the northern hemisphere is slowly but surely kissing nice weather goodbye and going well into the fall, there are still many street art festivals happening - despite winds, rains and even actual storms.

It makes us genuinely happy to see more and more cities becoming engaged with their communities through the means of urban art and contemporary muralism; after all, that’s what it should all be about. This could also be a good time for you to check whether your own town is a good place to take those Instagram selfies with graffiti and murals in.

This October, we’ve got another round of amazing street art coming in for our monthly appreciation, and for even more of your favorite artists and art, make sure you follow us on Instagram.

DEIH in Bayonne, France

The French city of Bayonne is the place where Points de Vue street art week takes place. One of the participants this year was DEIH, who gave life to this mural depicting a girl about to plug in. The artist asks: What do you think it will happen when she does?

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Artez in Lecce, Italy

In South Italian town of Lecce, on the other hand, we have the 168Bstreet, a project dedicated to the flourishing of the movement. Earlier this month, they were joined by Artez, who created a marvelous mural covering an entire wall of a building. Inspired by a girl he knows and her cat, he painted Bookworm, in spite of some rainy weather.

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Bifido & Julieta in Lecce, Italy

A few blocks away, at the same festival, there was Bifido joined by Julieta XLF. Joining forces, they painted First Fire, featuring two girls who embody a fox and a bird. The artists commented: “As a grey blanket, as a cruel concrete, one lives in forgotten places. Pressed in huge boxes, as mute beehives. And we break the silence with rains of colors and, in erased corners, life seems to appear.”

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Gleo in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Curated by instagrafite, the Nu Festival is a public art initiative in Sao Paulo. The Other is the latest mural to enrich their collection, painted by artist Gleo. Colorful and detailed, the artwork sees two portraits on two large building surfaces, featuring the artist’s recognizable symbolism.

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Rustam QBic and Igor Igou in Kamskiye Polyany, Russia

A Sudden Inspiration came over Igor Igou and Rustam QBic, the two Russian artists behind this stunning portrait. It is a quite literal representation of a quote saying: “Listen to your inspiration even if it comes in the form of a soaring fish.” We must admit this is quite an advice!

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Dimitris Taxis in Volos City, Greece

Sometimes it’s interesting to see how street artists will use a narrow wall to paint their works. Dimitris Taxis seems to be very good at this, and to testify to this there’s his latest piece. Entitled October and painted in Greece, it depicts a woman going into the fields; but the rest is left up to our imagination.

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D*Face in Cincinnati

Cincinnati was a good place to be during October, as D*Face was there to paint one of his trademark murals inspired by the comic book culture. Tainted Love/My Mistakes Were Made For You is the name of this work, brought to life with the support of BLINK festival and JustKids. What a mural!

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Antonello Macs in Campobasso, Italy

It’s Not A Game. This is what artist MACS went to tell us while participating in Draw the Line festival in Campobasso, Italy. This is the updated version of what he painted a few years back, and it features a handful of familiar faces, playing the usual game of politics with a person under a veil.

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Various & Gould in Berlin, Germany

In the German capital, artistic duo Various & Gould painted Dedicated To, their second mural in the city and part of their Rabotniki series. As the artists state, the mural could be an homage to anyone and anything, and they have also created an edition of screen prints with the same image.

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Lonac in Leiria, Portugal

An incredible photorealistic mural of a girl holding her cigarette, a cup of coffee and a cell phone is the latest creation of Lonac. It was painted on the occasion of Arte Pública festival in Leiria, Portugal, and it surely is one of the highlights of the 2017 edition - and beyond! The mural is appropriately named Vices.

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Featured images courtesy the artists.

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