Street Update #165

March 31, 2018

It’s spring! This information, of course, relates to the Northern Hemisphere and is certainly good news for all sun lovers and street artists alike.

We can already smell it in the air along with freshly blooming flowers - upcoming festivals, fairs, events and exhibitions, so many it is almost overwhelming.

Luckily for us, urban artists don’t ever really stop working, so we were able to enjoy some brand new murals created in the month of March as well - even though it wasn’t exactly warm. From Banksy’s New York crusade to large-scale murals by our other favorite artists, this sure looks like a promising year already.

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Smug in Australia

Sometimes it's whole humans, sometimes it's just skulls, but they're always amazing works, and they're all by Smug. The Glasgow-based artist recently visited his homeland and the Australian city of Frankston, in Victoria, where he painted this stunning wall between 23 and 25 March on the occasion of the inaugural Big Picture Festival.

As we can see, it is a human skeleton making friends with a little blue bird on its hand, created in a glossy hyperrealistic style - and we simply cannot stop looking at it!

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Belin in China

It’s the year of the dog in the Chinese calendar, and Spanish artist Belin used the opportunity to honor it through his unique PostNeoCubist style.

In the city of Shenzhen, he painted a portrait of a puppy free-hand, accompanied by bold lining and uniform blocks of color. It would seem the artist also learned Chinese for the occasion, or at least enough to say: Happy year of the dog in Mandarin on the corner of his artwork!

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TelmoMiel in Dortmund

THE DIFFERENCE IN SIMILARITY is the title of the latest mural by the TelmoMiel duo. This time round, it can be found in Dortmund, Germany, where they will also have a solo show at 44309 street art gallery.

Covering an entire wall of a house, the piece depicts what appears to be a man on the move, accompanied by a little bird.

You can catch their exhibition until May 5th.

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WK in Lisbon

Another mural created because of a solo exhibition is the one WK created in Lisbon. On view at Lisbon’s Underdogs Gallery until March 31st, Act and Process showcases the artist’s collection of visually striking pieces based on the 20th century American press clippings.

The mural too, of course, follows WK’s black-and-white aesthetics and celebrates the motorcycle culture it would seem, featuring portraits of a biker, fully equipped.

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Banksy in New York, Part I

The first out of four artworks painted by Banksy in New York City the past couple of weeks that we will feature in our Street Update #165 is the one from Brooklyn.

A man wearing a suit and a protective helmet seems to be chasing away a group of people consisting of mostly women, children and old people using a red trend arrow going up.

Another witty comment from the world’s most famous and mysterious street artists that, however, didn’t last very long, as it was defaced only a couple of days after it was created.

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Artez in India

The Indian city of Muzaffarpur this year organized a public art festival under the title Walk for Bihar, and one of the participants was Serbian artist Artez.

Interacting with the building of the LS College, Monkey Palace represents one of his trademark portraits, this time of a pensive man and a monkey on his back.

The mural ”talks about man-animal compatibility that had/has a possibility of living in harmony with each other.”

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MonkeyBird in Paris

Le colosse aux pieds d'argile, or The colossus with clay feet is a wall by the MonkeyBird crew, created in collaboration with the Louvre, on the occasion of their 50th anniversary this May!

You might recognize the Venus de Milo, one of the museum’s most famous works of art on display, here portrayed in the crew’s memorable style. An amazing mural!

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Banksy in New York, Part II

Perhaps the most notable mural that Banksy painted in New York is the one dedicated to journalist and artist Zehra Dogan, who was sentenced to jail for creating a painting of the city of Nusaybin.

The work was done in collaboration with street artist Borf and can still be found on the corner of Houston Street and the Bowery.

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Lush’s Stephen Hawking

We couldn’t find out where this amazing piece honoring the late Stephen Hawking is, but we know its creator is Lush. The artist painted quite a realistic piece of the physicist, who died earlier this month at the age of 76.

The mural also features a quote, saying: ”Don’t worry fam, lil pump’s gonna finish my studies.”

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Alex Senna in Dubai

The Dubai Canvas 3D Art Festival took place between March 1 and 9 this year, and one of the participants was Brazilian artist Alex Senna, who invited us to change our perspective.

”When you look in a differently point of view, sometimes we can change our idea about some things,” says Alex, as we’re looking at his two Muslim figures, from a bird’s perspective, leaving a long shadow of two regular people.

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