Street Update #166

April 30, 2018

Every day, fascinating murals are popping all around the world, making it more globalized and engaging entire communities along the way. As the Northern Hemisphere enjoys the spring, the street art and mural festivals season is heating up, bringing an overwhelming number of new art in the streets.

As every month, the artists have amazed us with their skills and techniques, intriguing subjects, striking colors, scale and clever locations, all showcased on our Instagram profile. It is now that time of the month when we take a look back and bring you the most stunning pieces that marked the month behind us.

Dourone in Oostend, Belgium

Realistic or surreal, the work of Dourone is very colorful and figurative. He has recently visited Oostend in Belgium for the Crystal Ship 2018, a contemporary art festival that specializes in public space. The artist tackled one of his recurring motifs - a female portrait.

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Pichi Avo in Lisbon, Portugal

A renowned graffiti duo from Spain, Pichi & Avo produces a spectacular explosion of fresh colors and impressions. Ahead of their solo exhibition Versus at the Underdogs Gallery, the duo created a mural in Lisbon, Portugal. Located in the district of Santa Apolónia, the piece blends the ancient harmony of classical art with the calligraphic rebelliousness of modern graffiti.

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Bordalo II in Aberdeen, Scotland

Using various discarded objects, Bordalo II creates murals that depict animals that are possibly perishing to the effects of such waste existing in their natural habitat. The artist was leading the line-up of Nuart Aberdeen 2018, where he created a horse made out of recycled plastics. Located in a small car park off Union Row, the work has a unique 3D appearance.

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Sainer in Rabat, Morocco

A Polish artist who is a member of Etam Cru, Sainer continues to amaze us with his colorful, whimsical figures. The artist took part in Jidar Toiles de Rue in Rabat, a highly-anticipated cultural event that allows a dozen street artists to unleash their imaginations on the walls of Morocco's capital. Using his characteristic color palette, the artist has created a large-scale mural that looks stunning.

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Super A and Collin van der Sluijs in Leuven, Belgium

While Dutch street and gallery artist Super A blends urban methods, graphic design and traditional painting techniques to give life to work that evolves out of his personal experiences and thoughts, the Dutch artist and illustrator Collin van der Sluijs translates personal pleasures and struggles in daily life into his own visual language. These two talented artists have collaborated on a new mural in Leuven, Belgium created for Straatbeeld. Located near The Abdij, the mural depicts different visitors from the garden in the form of birds.

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Pejac in New York, US

A street artist from Spain, Pejac combines elements of surrealism and fantasy executed in his signature minimalist style. The artist recently visited New York for the first time with a goal to spread his concerns about a human relationship with nature through two new public interventions in Bushwick and Chinatown. With minimal intervention on the existing setting, he proposed a hypothetical fatal future in which the only memory of nature is the fossilized appearance of a tree on a brick wall.

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Nevercrew in Paris, France

A Swiss duo Nevercrew combines a simple graphical structure with realistic and formally complex elements to create large-scale pieces that emerge from their analysis of the relationship between humankind and nature. The duo has recently visited Paris to collaborate with Le M.U.R. Oberkampf, an urban art association that organizes live painting every two weeks. They have created a stunning piece depicting a whale that appears as covered in oil.

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Millo in Forlì, Italy

The Italian artist Millo is known for his predominantly black and white large-scale murals inhabited by child-like figures, simple monochromatic lines combined with a dash of color, and elements of architecture. The artist has recently visited Murali Street Art Festival in Forlì, Italy, a cultural event curated by Bonobolabo. Painting during the 70th anniversary of the Italian Constitution, Millo sent along the following quote to illustrate the idea behind is painting:

Art. 3 “All citizens have equal social dignity and are equal before the law, without distinction of sex, race, language, religion, political opinion, personal and social conditions.”


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XAV in Barcelona, Spain

A self-taught Spanish graffiti and tattoo artist, XAV creates art characterized by a realistic style with almost hyperrealistic effects. Participating in Project 12+1 in l’Hospitalet de Llobregat in Barcelona, the artist depicted a mural titled The 3 Rodents. Once again, he impresses by the delicacy of the details and the photographic precision.

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Elbi Elem in Catalunya

Catalan artist Elbi Elem was one of the 10 female artists from the region participating in the WOMART Project. Curated by RebobinArt, the initiative underlines the need to recognize female talent in the visual arts and urban art in particular, and talks about the lack of gender equality in institutional circuits. The Bridge is a mural painted across five levels of the Millennium Bridge in the city of Tortosa, to generate optical effects that break with the two-dimensionality.

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Featured images: Millo in Forlì, Italy; Pichi Avo in Lisbon, Portugal; Nevercrew in Paris, France.

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