Street Update #167

Street Update

June 4, 2018

Surely what’s marked the month behind us - at this moment that being May 2018 - is the Berlin Mural Festival, which brought quite a few famous names and donned some of the most remarkable artworks we’ve seen. This is why we were simply unable to choose only one of them for our Street Update this time round, and I think you’ll realize why further down this article.

But Germany wasn’t the only place where street artists kept themselves busy this Spring, and it is slowly becoming harder to keep track of them. That’s sunshine for you - it wakes creativity up and nurtures it to the fullest.

Of course, we do our best to be up-to-date with creatives around the world, which is why we invite you to follow us on Instagram, our little visual diary of street art, and not just.

Udatxo in Barcelona

If you’re near Hospitalet de Llobregat in Barcelona, make sure you stop by Sant Feliu, as twelve artists will be painting a wall nearby for a year as part of Contorno Urbano’s 12+1 Project. Currently, there is the work of artist Udatxo, who is inspired by the people she meets on the street. But hurry - the next painting is coming up soon!

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Lonac and CHEZ 186 in Los Angeles

Two Croatian street artists recently took over LA. In what is Lonac’s first wall in the city, this time done in collaboration with CHEZ 186, we see artist Ken Flewellyn. This, according to Lonac, is the continuation of his portraiture of fellow art-makers, and it was made possible thanks to Thinkspace Gallery and Sherman Gallery.

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Francisco Bosoletti in Bonito

Look closely, because this is not a single wall. Francisco Bosoletti was recently in Bonito, Italy, where he was part of Collettivo Boca’s Impronte 2018 project. There, he painted three walls, one containing the head of a female figure, the other her hands, and the third her intimate parts, together composing a unique portrait titled Genesi. We’re in awe!

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PichiAvo in Glasgow

We don’t know much about this latest mural done by the PichiAvo duo, except that it was made in Glasgow. As always, their work combines classical sculpture with graffiti tags and this piece seems to be predominantly blue.

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Anthea Missy in Brussels

This beautiful piece was created in Brussels for the international LGBTQ+ day (May 17), as a tribute to Ihsane Jarfi who was murdered as a result of a homophobic crime in 2012. Authored by artist Anthea Missy, the mural has been commissioned by the Rainbow House of Brussels and and will be incorporated as part of the collection of artwork featured in the Street Art Brussels tour.

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Artez in Canary Islands

Serbian artist Artez left a great mark on the Canary Islands last month, with his Soñando con San Borondón mural painted for Capital del Color project in Santa Cruz De La Palma. According to the artist, the concept was inspired by the legend of San Borondon, a mysterious island that could sometimes be seen, but never reached because of the mist that would cover it as sailors approached it. Because of its elusive nature, it is believed that the island is carried on the back of a gigantic sea creature, probably giant turtle or a whale.

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INO in Piraeus

A massive wall was painted a few days ago by INO in the Greek port city of Piraeus. In his signature style, the artist created a portrait in hues of gray, featuring only a splash of color, in this case blue. The mural is titled Lost.

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The Berlin Mural Fest - Millo

Last but certainly not least are the murals created during this year’s Berlin Mural Fest. First up is Millo’s remarkable My Head is a Jungle piece that can now be found in Kreuzberg. It was part of Urban Nation’s UNity Project held during the festival and, as we’re used to, it depicts a black and white concrete jungle interrupted two colorful, yet mysterious figures.

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TelmoMiel and James Bullough

Commenting on the mural they made together, TelmoMiel and James Bullough all said: "This mural represents a ‘unified’ theme in approach and concept. Collaborating when all participants know what their doing, creates a kind of freedom within unity." And it is a spectacular collaboration indeed, combining the very best of what all these artists bring to the field of portraiture.

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Case Maclaim

The Future is Female is the message behind Case Maclaim’s wall for the Berlin Mural Fest. The artist commented that it shows his friend Benjamin with his smart daughter Carla and he’s dedicated it to “all the good and hard working papas out there!”

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Herakut, Wes21 and Onur

Finally, this great, great wall made by a bunch of great artists - Herakut, Wes21 and Onur. As long as you are standing, give a hand to those who have fallen is a touching image, and we'll leave it to you to recognize each artist's influence within it.

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