Street Update #168

July 1, 2018

What you see here in our image slider is an update on Banksy’s invasion of Paris this past month. After several speculations on whether the stencils really belong to our dearly beloved, the artist traditionally confirmed it on his Instagram account.

Rats, history references and some slightly puzzling pieces - it’s all there, and the world of street art is going crazy. Some of the pieces are already behind glass (yes, in the street), while others are defaced, but it is not something we’re not used to when it comes to this particular individual.

While I’m quite sure we will see more of his conquests even after this article is published, I am pleased to feature the ones we know so far - because let’s face it, Banksy makes conversation no matter what.

Of course, it wasn’t just Banksy who was out there painting some walls - after all, summer is here and we can definitely expect many festivals in the coming few months.

Below, find the most dazzling murals from the month of June. For even more street art, follow Widewalls on Instagram!

NEVERCREW in Switzerland

Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni, better known as NEVERCREW, recently visited the Swiss town of Chur and participated in the local Street Art Festival. The result is a mesmerizing mural titled Home Ground featuring a big bear and a nice color palette.

MadC in Germany

A new abstract mural by MadC is now a part of the Artwalk Saarbrücken initiative, hosted by the eponymous city in Germany. It took the German artist four days to complete this 2500 square feet artwork, which features her signature lining and blocks of color.

Sebas Velasco and Sainer in France

When two muralists of extreme talent team up for a mural that captures it best, we are bound to expect something exactly like this. Behold, the joint portrait by Sebas Velasco and Sainer of the Etam Cru, titled Nemanja and painted on Fontaine, France. Let it sink in.

Roc Blackblock in Portugal

In June 2017, Portugal’s Pedrógão Grande caught on great fire, causing much distress and many deaths. A year later, this wonderful tribute appeared on the wall of a building in Covilhã, painted by an urban artist from Barcelona, Roc Blackblock. The painting was made possible thanks to the Wool Urban Art Festival.

Bordalo II and Okuda in Bora Bora

At ONO'U, one of the largest international graffiti and street art festival in the Pacific region, Bordalo II and Okuda San Miguel created a colorful piece of trash - a bear that is half mosaic by Okuda and half construction by Bordalo II. The artists were inspired by some environmental issues that they found in this part of paradise.

Hopare in France

As part of the Cicada Festival in the French city of Uzès, young artist Hopare created this alluring portrait. It is titled Parasite and it features a poignant female figure whose stare is accompanied by a swirl of lining - something this artist is well known for.

Bifido in Albania

Commenting on this mural that he created for Tirana Mural Fest, Bifido said: ”Working, talking, scoping , breathing Tirana atmosphere, I really realized, for the very first time, how it feels to be a woman caught in the grips of this male chauvinist society, to be a woman physically and mentally oppressed by men.”

Awer in Albania

This work by Awer is titled Organized Confusion and this name really does it justice. Also painted in the capital of Albania, only for the first edition of murAL festival, it shows hypnotic webs and intriguing colors.

Joram Roukes in Denmark

A 26 meter high mural was painted on a silos in Gedsted, Denmark by Dutch artist Joram Roukes. This stunning artwork depicts a male figure with the head of a goat, and is now part of the Out in the Open mural project organized by KIRK Gallery.

Etnik in Italy

Last but not least is this Alessandro Etnik mural painted on the entrance of Officina Giovani in Prato, Italy. This former slaughterhouse was turned into a space for young people, and Etnik managed to embellish it with his trademark cubes and futurist constructions.

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