Street Update #168

July 31, 2018

These summer months have been very prolific when it comes to mural painting. Street art festivals and murals have been popping all around the world, making it a much prettier place. It is time to look back at amazing pieces created this month, which are now part of this huge open-air gallery.

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Dulk in Shanghai, China

The Spanish artist Dulk is known for creating characters and stories based on his own dreams and everyday events, mixing fact and fiction, with a touch of pop surrealism. The artist has recently visited China for the first time to create a compelling and colorful mural which is a representation of one of his earlier paintings. Titled Troubadours, it can be seen on a wall in Shanghai.

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Koga One in Nancy, France

Part of Moulin Crew, Kogaone is a French multi-media and multi-technique painter. Self-taught, the artist toys with the notion of realism that he turns into abstraction. The artist has recently created a large-scale mural in Nancy, France. Executed in his characteristic style, it depicts a photo-realistic female portrait.

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1010 in Mannheim, Germany

A Hamburg-based contemporary artist, 1010 is widely renowned for his obscure street pieces underlined by amazing effects of optical illusion. On the occasion of STADT WAND KUNST Festival in Mannheim, Germany, the artist has created a large-scale colorful mural.

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Ludo in France

A Paris-born street artist, Ludo primarily works in the wheat-pasting technique. He is best known for his Nature’s Revenge series, where he connects the world of plants and animals with our technological universe, tackling what surrounds us, what affects us and to highlight some kind of humility. The artist has recently created a brand new stencil in France.

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Seth Globepainter in Neuf-Brisach, France

Wherever he works, Seth Globepainter incorporates local symbols and subjects from the surroundings, sending a message that is often playful and political at the same time. On the occasion of Mausa Vauban, the new museum of street art and street art in Neuf-Brisach, the artist created a playful mural in UNESCO World Heritage Vauban's fortification depicting a child with a hammer breaking a piece of a wall. It is titled Little Thor.

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Telmo Miel in Saint-Denis, France

A Dutch artistic duo, Telmo Miel is known for combining spray painting styles with classic Realism, Abstraction and Surrealism. The duo visited Saint-Denis in France to paint a mural for Street Art Avenue Grand Paris. They were asked to paint a mural which references water. Titled Like Giving Flowers to a Fish,  the mural is an abstractified portrait depicting a woman offering flowers to a fish.

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Dan Ferrer in Fanzara, Spain

The artist Dan Ferrer describes his style as Allegorical Jazz, for the symbols he represents in his images and a very technical style which includes much improvisation. On the occasion of the MIAU festival in Fanzara, Spain, the artist created a mural titled Girls Don't Want to Be Princesses.

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Os Gemeos in Düsseldorf, Germany

A Brazilian street art duo, Os Gemeos is best known for the yellow-faced characters which feature in their work. The duo has created a new large-scale mural on a building in Düsseldorf, Germany. Besides the official yellow color, all the other colors are 100% improvised.

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SODA in Santa Croce di Magliano, Italy

The Italian street artist SODA is best known for exceptional abstract graffiti pieces that stimulate people’s point of view. The artist painted a new wall in Santa Croce di Magliano in Italy for the urban art festival Premio Antonio Giordano.

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WAONE in Mannheim, Germany

Vladimir Manzhos, better known as WAONE and formerly a part of the Interesni Kazki duo, recently visited the German city of Mannheim too, where he painted this 8 meters high x 12 meters long wall, in collaboration with Stadt-Wand-Kunst, Alte Feuerwache and Montana Cans. Titled Jump through time, it depicts "a metaphor of the travel in time. This is about moment when the mind is racing so fast that you see the result of the chain of numerous activities, the moment when you can slow down the time."

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Featured image: 1010 in Mannheim, Germany.

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