Street Update #171

November 1, 2018

This fall was very busy, bringing us a range of street art festivals and events featuring some of the most renowned artists in the scene. Each of the fascinating pieces created is a valuable contribution to their environment, making their respective cities a little more vibrant and alive. In our monthly Street Update, we bring you some of the most stunning murals from around the world which have marked the chapter behind us. As always, make sure you follow us on Instagram for even more of street art.

Artez in Cairo, Egypt

A renowned street artist from Serbia, Artez is famous for his style which combines photorealism with illustration. He draws his inspiration from things and people present in his daily life. He found inspiration in the work of many different artists over the years, but perhaps the most visible influence that is still present in his work is the one that he has got from the photorealistic graffiti from the Maclaim crew.

Created in Cairo, Egypt, the piece Sand Stories is inspired by a common scene that could be seen around touristic places in Egypt. As the artist himself explains, behind each of his mural there is a story which triggers a change in the way we think and influences our lives more than we could have imagined.



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Borondo, OZMO and Collettivo FX in Malegno and Angone, Italy

Famed street artists Borondo, OZMO and Collettivo FX took part in this year's festival WALL IN ART. Borondo and OZMO worked in Malegno, while Collettivo FX adorned a wall in the city of Angone.

Titled Mites terram possident'', Borondo's piece is a poetic intervention that stems from a profound dialogue between the location and the artist’s perception of the entire environment. Rich with local figurative elements, the composition features a cave with an entrance opened towards the daylight.

Similarly, OZMO found inspiration in the site of the piece. The artist created his version of Mona Lisa on the wall in the apartment block in Via Silone. Interpreting the most famous painting in the world, the artist gave form to Dadaist détournements to the piece titled Pixelated Mona Lisa with deconstructed Donald Duck in Valle Camonica.

Titled Roots, the mural by Collettivo FX in Via Silone neighborhood is created in the mountain located behind the area, inspired by the map of the neighborhood itself and the community that lives there. In a bi-chromatic color palette, the artist created a composition filled with human faces.


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Spaik in Ibiza, Spain

A Mexican urban artist, Spaik is known for colorful pieces inspired by the rich folklore of his country. He uses traditional local themes in most of his paintings as wells as mythical references from native tales.

The artist has participated in this year's edition of BLOOP International Proactive Art Festival in Ibiza. Taking place in the island Eivissa, the festival was dedicated to bringing art to everybody and anybody under the annual theme of HOPE. BLOOP has wrapped up this year's edition with an impressive mural from Spaik created in his signature style based in the Mexican folklore. This vibrant piece depicts a dragon, a cheetah, birds, fish and other creatures, embodying the infinite possibilities of hopes and dreams.


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Parees Fest in Oviedo, Spain

Taking place in Oviedo, Spain, Parees Fest is a cultural, social, and artistic event bringing artists and citizens together to offer the city a new look through its walls. Over the course of one month, seven artists immersed themselves in the reality of a particular location and worked interactively and consensually within the social fabric of the neighborhood and the city to create really amazing pieces.

This year's edition welcomed artists Roc Blackblock, who created a piece titled Forging CommunityColectivo Licuado, who created a piece titled The Tambourine PlayersAndrea Ravo Mattoni, who did an intervention based on Velázquez’s painting The Triumph of BaccusAlfalfa, who created a mural titled The Metamorphosis of Xana, Kruella D'Enfer, whose work centers around the brown bear, XAV, who created an homage to Tino Casal in Tudela Veguín and Taquen, who created a piece about the Iberian wolf.


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Milu Correch in Campobasso, Italy

An Argentinian graffiti artist, Milu Correch is known for her large-scale murals and imagery that creates a world without limits or written codes. She is inspired by literature, film, comic strips and sometimes even by herself.

This year, the artist took part in the Draw the Line Festival in Campobasso, Italy, dedicated to redeveloping the most deprived areas and showing to guests the beauty of the region. In this way, they give a new aspect to this little Italian city. Created in the San Giovanni district, Milu's piece depicts a completely naked woman with three heads, a disturbing and at the same time fascinating being. The imagery is an homage to the Greek goddess Hecate who reigned over evil demons, the night, moon, ghosts and dead. 


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Bezt in Leiria, Portugal

A part of Etam Crew, the Polish street artist Bezt is renowned for his murals characterized by fine drawing, distinct coloring, and overall approach to the surface. The artist invests tremendous efforts in creating strong narratives which should deliver the certain message, creating works which are fantastical, perhaps mythical or even dreamy.

Created in Leiria, Portugal, his latest piece titled Kick Me depicts a schoolboy carrying a mouse on his shoulder and sporting a sign on his back saying "kick me."


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Featured image: The Tambourine Players by Colectivo Licuado.

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