Street Update #188

June 1, 2020

It seems that the coronavirus pandemic is slightly slowing down, allowing artists around the world to hit the streets. The majority of the pieces that ended up on our list reflect the crisis we are going through, from public sculptures of self-isolation to homages to essential workers being on the front line. Here are the best pieces from around the world; in the meantime, be sure to follow us on Instagram to always stay up to date.

Beshvosty in St. Petersburg, Russia

The Russian street artist Beshvosty recently created an installation in St. Petersburg that is supposed to remind us about the time spend in self-isolation during the lockdown and the inconveniences, difficulties and self-sacrifice we had to endure. Titled Self-isolation 2020, the piece was originally installed at the entrance to Piskarevsky Park and later moved to a recently renovated and landscaped plot on Vernosti Street by the authorities.



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Ardif in Paris

A Paris-based artist, Ardif focuses on the mechanics present behind living beings. Illustrating a symmetry between nature and the industrial world, he explores architecture, materials and the duality between the animal depicted and architectural buildings. With his recent paste-up in Paris, the artist payed tribute to the caregivers and all the people in the first line against COVID-19. The work is part of the event Carpe Diem organized in collaboration with Fondation Recherche Médicale.


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Carrie Mae Weems, Duke Riley and Christine Sun Kim in New York

As part of a joint effort by Times Square Arts, For Freedoms, and Poster House, the second phase of the public art campaign Messages for the City lit up Times Square. It featured work from more than 30 artists and designers on digital public service announcements in New York, Boston, and Chicago, including Alixa Garcia, Carrie Mae Weems, Christine Sun Kim, Christine Wong Yap, Duke Riley, Jenny Holzer, Kameelah Janan Rasheed, G.O.N.G. with Mel Chin, Nekisha Durrett, Paula Crown, Pedro Reyes, and Xaviera Simmons.


Atelier Louves in Brussels

Atelier Louves is a Brussels art collective, created by Cathy Gagalis Vega, graphic designer, and Clarisse Jeghers, art therapist and illustrator. The duo travels around the world, leaving their dreamlike patterns, repeated prints, geometric and universal patterns on various supports, from textiles and walls to windows, ceramics and packaging. The duo recently created a text-based work on a roof in Brussels, titled WATCH YOUR STEP // Mind the gap.



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Bisser in Leuven

A young Belgian artist, Bisser paints mainly stylized, cartoonish human figures. These characters are extremely appealing, yet very hard to categorize and define. The artist recently created a new wall dedicated to the employees working at the De Wingerd residential care center during this pandemic. All of their names are listed in the Red Cross.


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JR in Paris

Merging photography and street art, JR creates works charged with emotion and tackling heavy social issues. Plastering giant, monochrome photographs in urban centers, he aims to tell stories of the marginalized and voiceless. The artist created a new piece on the streets of Paris. Titled New World, New Streets, the paste-up creates a stunning optical illusion.


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Ale Senso in Berlin

Working with stories, Ale Senso absorbs them, reworks them and sometimes mixes them and then transfers them into the environment as symbolic and oneiric shapes. The artist created a recent piece in Berlin titled Noise, playing with space, surfaces and their peculiarities.


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Ulyana Poloz in Sankt-Peterburg

The Russian artist Ulyana Poloz is best known for reproducing sections of famous masterpieces on the broken walls of old buildings. She recently created a stunning piece in Sankt-Peterburg, inspired by the paintings of John White Alexander, a celebrated American portrait, figure, and decorative painter and illustrator.


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Featured image: PSA by Christine Sun Kim. Photo by Maria Baranova. 20 Times Square.

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