Street Update #192

October 1, 2020

As we say goodbye to one of the strangest summers in our lifetimes, we take a look at what the street art scene looked like during the month of September. Numerous street art festivals, urban art initiatives and projects, it's always hard to pick and choose those who will end up among the most popular murals posted on our Instagram. As always, here is our monthly Update from the Streets.

ARYZ in Versailles

A Spanish street artist, ARYZ is best known for his intricately detailed works done with spray paint and paint rollers. His easily recognizable style occasionally features cartoony characters, skeletons, and pastel colors. The artist recently painted a massive wall in Versailles. Titled Violeta, it features a female character executed in his distinct style and muted color palette.

Dimitris Taxis in Figueiros dos Vinhos

A Poland-born Greek contemporary artist, Dimitris Taxis is always poised between realism and abstraction, capable of capturing emotions and moods. The artist recently took part in FAZUNCHAR festival in Figueiros dos Vinhos in Portugal, organized by MISTAKER MAKER. Titled AUGUST 20, the work depicts a leasure scene on the Fragas des Sao Simao, a popular local river beach.

Anthea Missy in Brussels

A French-born self-taught street artist currently living in Brussels, Anthea Missy is guided by a simple spiritual approach to life that heavily reflects itself on both her personal style and the way she treats her work upon its completion. She always seeks to capture the atmosphere of the place she paints at. Working in Brussels, the artist decided to honor feminism with a mural titled Women Bike the City on the wall of Leopold I school in Laeken district. While the city is full of bicycle paths, women represent only 30% of users. As the artist explained, she wanted to create an emancipatory mural that depicts "a sleeping child as a woman, in a cosmic universe, inspired by cultural references from the 80s through to today, taking off with a feeling of freedom and the wind in her hair – a feeling synonymous with bike riding."

RH74 in Ålgård

The Nuart team contributed to the small city of Ålgård, Norway with a stunning piece by RH74 aka Renate Hermansen. A giant 50m mural covering the wall of a purpose built sports hall which serves as a home to the town's female handball club, it celebrates the power of not only the many female teams but also the leaders of the project who pushed ahead with the construction. Showing the central image of a girl, the character is acting as the guardian of the new Handball centre. As the organizes explained, they hope that the latest piece "expresses the power and grace of those that have created this building as their new longterm home."

Helen Bur in Parenti

A British contemporary artist, Helen Bur paints both in the studio and on the streets, sensitively addressing current issues and events. When working on the streets, she wields brush, roller and masonry paint to create larger than life works on wall. The Gulìa Urbana festival in Parenti, italy recently welcomed the artist who created a massive piece titled The Place That Makes You."Our environment directly shapes us, we learn, adapt and reflect our surroundings both physically and mentally, products of evolving experience and place," Bur explained.

NeSpoon in Corsica and Sicily

Setting on a mission to embroider the world, the Polish artist NeSpoon uses intricate doily patterns to beautify abandoned and unadorned spaces in unlikely urban jungles. Taking this humble domestic craft to new heights, she provides often harsh cityscapes with a new softness. Continuing to work with respect for the spot and the local context, the artist created two new walls in Corsica and Sicily as part of the Festival Popularte, l'Arte Fora di Cità, curated by Fabien Flori and Emergence Festival, curated by Giuseppe Stagnitta. Both murals are based on local lace patterns found in the homes of the locals.

Sabek in Vigo

A Madrid-based street artist, Sabek paints large-scale walls depicting clear, black, almost stamp-like figures usually inspired by nature and animals. His poetic and sensitive graffiti universe raises questions about the state of those who inhabit our ecosystem. The artist finished a new piece titled Anhelo in Avenida Atlántida, Vigo, Spain. This colorful piece was created for Vigo Cidade de Cor and it poses a reflection on the human being and his relationship with the primal instincts.

WD Wild Drawing in Bali

WD aka Wild Drawing is a painter and muralist from Bali, Indonesia, where one of his latest works comes from. The artist is known for art that bends our perception, and this mural is no exception - painted in an apparently abandoned space is a figure of a man about to shoot an arrow from a bow. The painting is accompanied by the caption: "An arrow can be only shot by pulling it backward."

Astro ODV in Marseille

Another street artist who is a fan of optical illusions is Astro ODV, a French individual. His latest murals is located in Marseille, in the new business area called "Les Docks." The picture, with strong shapes in red and orange on monochromatic background, is taking up and entire stairwell.

MadC in Rheine

Thanks to Kids & Heroes clothing store, MadC painted one of her most recent murals in Rheine, Germany. We're quite used to the artist's extraordinary abstract works that seem like abstract paintbrushes on a large scale. We can't wait for more!

BLOOP Festival Ibiza 2020 Recap

At a time when art events are getting cancelled like mad due to the ongoing pandemic, one street festival persevered. The 10th edition of BLOOP Festival concluded in Ibiza, with a micro edition that celebrated the power of art. The island is once again adorned with street artworks, this time from Octavi Serra, Silva Ramacci and Emilio Cejalvo, and Amadama.

Featured image: Anthea Missy - Women Bike the city, Brussels. Photo by Anaelle Antoine, courtesy Addicted Art Gallery.

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