Street Update #193

November 1, 2020

As COVID-19 restrictions became looser, urban art festivals began taking place again all over the world. Working tirelessly, street artists have created some amazing pieces during the month of October and here are our favorites. For more updates from the street, be sure to follow Widewalls on Instagram!

Colectivo Licuado in Vigo

A talented street art duo, Colectivo Licuado is composed of Florencia Durán Itzaina and Theic. Formed five years ago, they work together to give color to both public and private spaces. Each of their pieces is site-specific, combining the culture and tradition of a particular environment with their own aesthetics. The duo has recently painted a massive piece in Vigo, as part of the festival Vigo cidade de cor. Titled Las Aguaderas, it shows women of different ages carrying water. In different cultures and throughout many periods to the present, it was women who were responsible for fetching water and bringing it to their homes. This piece is a tribute to this care work.

Jacoba Niepoort in Copenhagen

A Copenhagen-based artist, Jacoba Niepoort examines the bonds between people, nature and the body, visuaizing universal feelings and topics. She believes that connectedness facilitates a better understanding of self and others, and is a powerful tool to address and change current social issues. Continuing to tackle this subject, the artist recently painted a new piece in Copenhagen, reflecting on the ways we interact with the world around us. This large-scale piece shows two figures exposed but partially shielded by masks. There are two birds next to them, one with plucked feather which birds usually do to themselves when forced into captivity.

Pejac in Santander

A Spanish street artist, Pejac is known for combining elements of surrealism and fantasy executed in his signature minimalist style. Through a clever use of symbols, he explores subjects such as freedom, peace and poetry in murals which are mostly site-specific. The artist recently painted three pieces in his hometown Santander, Spain, as part of his project Strength, addressing three different aspects of the current crisis and proposing the ways we could respond to them. Titled Overcoming, the piece depicts a boy in wheelchair recreating Van Gogh's Wheat Field with Cypresses with his hand. It was created with on-hand help by young oncology patients. Other two pieces are titled Social Distancing and Caress.

Nicola Alessandrini in Stigliano

An Italian street artist, Nicola Alessandrini brings hybrid creatures to life by juxtaposing the human body with animal elements. Through his practice, he examines the relation between an individual and society as well as reality and fiction. The artist recently visited Stigliano, Italy to take part in appARTEngo, an annual street art festival. His latest piece depicts the Stiglianese tradition of a Monacicchio, a wandering soul of a child who passed away without baptism. Monacicchio usually makes mischievous jokes during the night and the only way to ward him off is by taking off his long red hat, after which he would throw himself at your feet in tears.

Fabian Bane Florin in Chur

An international artist duo based in Switzerland, Bane & Pest are painting all over the world, always creating new ideas and concepts more powerful than before. Fabian Florin alias Bane from the duo recently visited Chur, Switzerland to create a new piece titled Possession. The piece addresses the issue of genital mutilation of girls and women around the world. The artist first encountered this subject in Ethiopia, as well as an aid organization called Target, founded by Ruediger Nehberg. With this piece, the artist raises awareness of this dangerous practice, sending a message, "Stay healthy and become part of the solutions ... blessings".

Elisa Capdevila in Sant Joan d'Alacant

A muralist and painter based in Barcelona, Elisa Capdevila has been actively working at urban art festivals and developing large murals both nationally and internationally. Her latest piece is executed in Sant Joan d’Alacant, Spain, as part of the urban art festival LA TAPIA. Titled Noche, the piece examines the subject of sadness, which the artist described as her favorite out of all "unpleasant" emotions.

I feel it as if inside me there is a vast, empty valley, very empty. It does not make me grind my teeth like anger or paralyze me like fear. On the contrary, it is wide and silent, like a clear and clear night.

Adele Renault in Linköping

A Belgium painter, Adele Renault is known for her realistic portraits. Among her recurring subject is a real life pigeon called Camp, documenting his every day’s and most heartwarming moments. The artist recently took part in Artscape festival in Linköping, Sweden. In this colorful piece, the artist depicted bird's feathers.

Featured image: Pejac - Overcoming. Courtesy the artist.

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