Street Update #194

December 1, 2020

Once again, we reflect on the month of Novemeber to bring you the best street art out there. However, this Street Update is dedicated to Hyuro, the Argentinian artist passed away at her home in Valencia on November 19th, 2020 after a long fight with leukemia. During her tragically short life, she made significant contributions to the movements, leaving a legacy of pieces worldwide, including, Europe, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, the United States, Morocco, and Tunisia.

An alias of Tamara Djurovic, Hyuro initially started her career on canvas, but after she met Spanish artist Escif, she completely turned her practice to muralism. She was renowned for her distinct and subdued style and pieces that capture the complexity of human emotion. Her process was always informed by her concerns and questions about the world, often depicting women, portrayed mundane in appearance, alone or in a group within or against nature. Blending politics and surrealist sensibility, she created dreamlike compositions populated with often creepy characters ranging from decapitated figures, dreary women, to animals. Women at the center of her work provided her practice with intimacy, almost as if she was using the wall as a mirror. Her works often played with the surrounding architectural elements and the urban environment.

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Drez in Melbourne

A famed graffiti writer, Drez creates works characterized by curved reflective Tron style, laser and neon fonts, curvy liquid metallics and chaotic pointillism. He constantly experiments with different ways of presenting his art form. The artist recently visited Melbourne, Australia and created a massive work in different shades of blue that appears as a portal into the other world.

Nevercrew in Grenoble

A Swiss duo composed of two urban artists, Christian Rebecchi and Pablo Togni, Nevercrew creates work that combines a simple graphical structure with realistic and formally complex elements, arranged in different spatial levels. The duo recently visited Grenoble France on the occasion of the Grenoble Street Art Fest. Titled Collapse, their new mural references the previous one made in the city in 2016, bringing forward the distorted perception that humankind has of nature.

Okuda in Cozumel

A famed Spanish artist, Okuda San Miguel is celebrated for works characterized by psychedelic colors, skulls, and geometric patterns, producing mental stimulation and visually pleasing content. The artist added some of his vibrant colors to the city of Cozume, Mexico, transforming a massive wall into a work of art. The artist provided his own take on famed popular culture characters Pikachu and Sponge Bob Squarepants.

Pastel in Buenos Aires

A painter and architect, Pastel creates work rooted in a consideration of public art as urban acupuncture. His works mostly feature plants and flora, used as both descriptive and conceptual tools that represent a place and symbolize the events that marked it. The Argentinian artist created a new wall in Buenos Aires, as part of the celebrations for the 131st anniversary of Villa Ballester. Titled Cocina, the mural features floral designs and motifs that are visually integrated into the vegetation of the square.

Dabs Myla in Fort Smith

A dynamic duo from Melbourne, Dabs Myla create paintings that depict Dabs’ mischievous characters on Myla’s photorealistic cityscapes. When working outside, on exteriors, they use bold colors, and heavy strokes, while their paintings are subtle, gentle and harmonious. The duo recently painted a mural in Fort Smith, Arkansas as part of the project the Unexpected curated by Justkids. Titled Magical Unity, the piece transforms a water tower into a work of art featuring vibrant flowers and insects.

Lost Optics in Vienna

A Romanian graffiti artist, Lost Optics is renowned for his peculiar style that can be described as a constructivist, futuristic one with digital/glitch art influences. His works feature bright colors, specific lettering and peculiar modeling. The artist visited Vienna to paint a new piece for The Student Hotel. This colorful piece is executed in his distinct geometrical style.

Iker Muro in Malaga

A Spanish illustrator and graphic designer, Iker Muro began creating public murals in 2002. The artist himself describes his style as “an acid mixture of pop culture, graffiti, illustration and graphic design.” The artist painted his latest piece on the walls of Málaga University of Science as part of the Moments Festival. This surrealistic piece adds a perfect dash of vibrant colors to the building.

Featured image: NEVERCREW - Collapse mural, Grenoble, 2020. Courtesy the artists.

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