Street Update #195

Street Update

February 1, 2021

It is that time of the month when we take a look at the most exciting works of street art created all around the world. Since we dedicated our time in December to choose the most loved murals of the year 2020, this month's street update brings together works created in both December and January. We go around the world, from Italy, France and the UK to Ecuador. To always stay up to date with the latest murals around the world, be sure to follow us on Instagram.

Bifido in Stigliano

An Italian street artist, Bifido creates work that tackles issues such as war, violence, capitalism and childhood. His work usually features children, as he believes that the child, like the animal, represents the other, something that can never be totally absorbed because it escapes the codifications. The artist recently took part in the Appartengo festival in Stigliano, Italy, spending a month there and immersing himself completely in the reality of the community. During this period, the artist created 4 murals in the isolated village, based on the stories from the locals. The one that involved him the most, was a piece depicting two eighty-year-old sisters, Giulia and Filomena.

Banksy in Bristol

The most famous anonymous street artist out there, Banksy left his mark in the city of Bristol, in Totterdown, at the bottom of Vale Street, Britain's steepest residential road. Titled Aachoo!!, the work depicts a woman in a headscarf sneezing and her dentures flying into the air. A 22-degree gradient slope, Vale Street attracts crowds each year with its Easter Sunday egg rolling contest. Apparently, the owners of the house in Bristol have pulled out of the sale of the property after the piece appeared on the wall, as it could see the value of their house rocket.

S K A N in Tertenìa

Born and raised in Sardinia, S K A N creates wok that delves into the human psyche. He focuses on the psychological phenomenon of false memory - memories of events never lived or distorted in combination with other memories. The artist recently visited Tertenìa, Italy to create a work curated by Home Network. This large-scale piece features a distorted portrait that evokes tensions.

Louis Masai, Jo Peel, Hixxy, Xenz and Paige Denham in Thamesmead

Artists Louis Masai, Jo Peel, Hixxy and Xenz recently visited Thamesmead during lockdown to transform network of canal underpasses into colorful and vibrant spaces. They were joined by a local designer, Paige Denham, who won a design competition held by Peabody, in partnership with Moniker Projects, as part of its Thamesmead Canal Mural Programme. Together, they created murals at eight underpasses that connect the four-mile network of picturesque canals, featuring the area’s wildlife and natural inhabitants. Additionally, the works will be accompanied by way-finding signs to guide people to local landmarks and open spaces.

Irving Ramó in Quito

Coming from Quito, Ecuador, Irving Ramó combines figurative painting with contemporary elements, relocating elements that he takes from the history of design as a discipline, and his constant attraction and curiosity towards mystical encounters. He is inspired by semiotics along with the latent legacy of ancestral civilizations. The artist recently created a new piece in his hometown. Titled On Board, the work depicts an upside down male figure holding a crown in his hand.

Lobster Robin in Ghent

A street and fine art artist from Antwerp now living in Ghent, Lobster Robin explores the individual's journey through life in a colorful and sometimes psychedelic way. Recently moving to Ghent, the artist felt particularly inspired by this new chapter in his life. The recent piece he painted there, covering a wall on BarBroos, features a fellow artist Kitsune Jolene, serving as his way of showing his gratitude.

Alice Pasquini in Calabria

An Italian street artist, Alice Pasquini explores the brighter side of human relationships. Revolving around topics of femininity and independent women, her works tell stories about various acts of kindness and love. She moves from urban explorations to installations using found materials. The artist recently visited Valabria, Rogliano to paint a new piece. Covering an entire side of a residential house, it is a beautiful female portrait.

Chloe Tiravy in Bordeaux

A French street artist, Chloe Tiravy is famous for her unique expressionist style. She recently created a new mural in Bordeaux, France, in collaboration with Fondation Desperados. Located at Place Avisseau in Bordeaux, it will be on view until the end of January.

2alas in Jacksonville, FL

Presented by ArtRepublic, a new installation was presented in Jacksonville, Florida. Created by a renowned Miami artist Andrew Antonaccio aka 2alas, the work is a tribute to Augusta Savage, or rather her “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing” AKA, The Harp sculpture, which was inspired by the hymn “Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing” by James Weldon Johnson. It is done in the artist's signature style and it can be found at at 229 N. Hogan.

Reves x Sidok in London

We love us a collaboration! In South London, Milan Quadrov aka Sidok and Reves created their first piece of the year 2021. While Sidok donned the graffiti-inspired letters, Reves contributed with a portrait of a girl. A real nice piece!

Anthea Missy in Paris

A French-born self-taught street artist currently living in Brussels, Anthea Missy creates organic, vibrant, often romantic street art pieces. Such is the case with her latest work painted on the streets of Paris: a paste-up reading "I Dreamt That We Were Kissing" in French, commenting on our current health situations and the measures we're taking to stay healthy.

The paste-up reminds us of what we were once able to do without a second thought, highlighting the curtailment of our freedom. The text is signed 'anonymous', attributing the quote to everyone who is thinking and feeling the same as I am. 

"I Dreamt That We Were Kissing" by Anthea Missy

Featured image: Hixxy in Thamesmead.

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