Street Update #196

Street Update

March 1, 2021

It is that time of the month when we take a look back to all the amazing street art pieces created in the month of February. This Street Update brings together works by iconic street artists, created all around the world - from France to Uruguay. To always stay up to date, be sure to follow us on Instagram.

Vhils in Grasse

One of the most skilled and talented young artists on the urban art scene today, Vhils is known for his unique aesthetics that involves carving, drilling, scratching, ripping and blasting his images out of architectural walls. The artist created a new wall in Grasse, France after being invited by Ville de Grasse. The mural pays homage to one of the city’s most iconic figures, Charles Négre, a pioneer of early photography known for an impressive and ground-breaking body of work. Located in the city’s historical centre, near a brand new Multimedia Library, it depicts a self-portrait photograph that stands out due to its texture and grain.

Florencia Durán Itzaina in Mercedes

An artist from Uruguay, Florencia Durán Itzaina created a new piece in Mercedes, Soriano in Uruguay as part of the 33 GRADOS FESTIVAL. Depicting two young girls, it is accompanied by a quote from Carl Jung that reads: "Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes".

Fabian Bane Florin in Chur

A Swiss street artist, Fabian Bane Florin is known as being part of the international artist duo Bane & Pest. He is also the founder and president of the Association for Urban Culture Graubünden. The artist created a new piece in Chur, Switzerland titled On the Road with Freya by using 2500 squares/pixels in total.

INTI in Iquique

A Chilean street artist, INTI is known for his colossal murals that pulse with the bright colors of a Latin carnival and the mysterious energy of Ancient South American culture. The artist recently took part of the Iquique En Color Es project in Iquique, Chile, painting a piece titled El Tamarugo. The murals features a closeup of hands holding a native tree from the north of Chile, known for its ability to survive in one of the driest places on the planet, Atacama desert. As the artist explained, the tree has been vital to the communities that inhabit these places since ancient times, and us a symbol of life and resistance to the devastation of resources caused by mega-mining in these lands.

LIGAMA in Ruderi di Montevago

The Italian artist LIGAMA recently visited Ruderi di Montevago, Italy, located on the border between the provinces of Agrigento and that of Trapani, to create a new stunning piece titled The Universe inside. It was created as part of the project Percorsi Visivi, commemorating the 53rd anniversary the earthquake of 1968. This stunning piece created on a crumbling house depicts a character taking his face off.

Featured image: INTI in Chile. Courtesy the artist.

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