Street Update #197

Street Update

April 1, 2021

As March 2021 comes to an end, we take a look back at the impressive mural projects that popped up all over the world. To always stay up to date with murals worldwide, be sure to follow us on Instagram.

Banksy in Reading

The most famous anonymous street artist, Banksy created his latest piece on the high brick walls of HM Prison in Reading, UK, formerly known as Reading Gaol. The work features a black and white stencil of a prisoner trying to escape by hanging onto a tied set of bedsheets. At the end of his "rope" is an old typewriter, possibly referring to Oscar Wilde, who was once imprisoned at this very jail between 1895 and 1897 after he was convicted for being gay.

Lidia Cao in Los Realejos

A Spanish street artist, Lidia Cao focuses on depicting figures and faces, analyzing expressions and attempting to communicate a lot with very little resources. The artist recently visited Los Realejos, Tenerife, taking part in the Seisdedoce project. Titled Decoration, it features a female figure holding a flower.

JR in Florence

Using the streets of the cities across the globe as his museum, JR combines photography and street art, creating works charged with emotion and often addressing heavy social issues. The artist recently adorned the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence with a monumental new installation titled La Ferita (The Wound). This site-specific piece reinterprets the facade by opening it up to reveal a vision of an interior at once real and imaginary. The work is aimed at opening up the debate on the accessibility of culture in the age of Covid-19. The artist said:

They say the museums are closed. But it's up to us to open them. Here is Florence, the city of Boticelli, Donatello, Machiavel and Dante, we opened the Palazzo Strozzi. These last few months, we have been deprived from the possibility to be together ... but we still the freedom to dream, to create, to envision the future. 

Saype in Benin

A Swiss land artist, Saype is known for large-size land paintings on grass. The artist recently visited Benin to create his latest land mural directly on the beach sand, achieving the 10th step of his Beyond Walls project. Painted in sites around the world, the project features images of interlaced hands, reaching out, shaking and united in a common effort beyond all walls separating humans and enclosing them in mental or geographical spaces. It is dedicated to friendship and togetherness. During the period of almost two years, he visited three continents, painted 37 pairs of hands and sprayed 77’300 square meters with biodegradable paint that he developed himself.

Martin Ron in Buenos Aires

One of the pre-eminent street artists in Argentina, Martin Ron is known for hyper realistic surrealist imagery painted on a huge scale. The artist recently painted a massive mural in the Banfield neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Being 65-meters tall, it is the tallest mural in the country and the region. The piece comes after a 50-meters tall piece the artist finished last year. He is planning the third one in March 2022 to complete the trilogy. As he said, "hopefully it will be in another different world, a healthier third world, with more hugs and above all with much more freedom than the previous ones."

Featured image: Saype in Benin. Courtesy of the artist.

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