Street Update #22

April 2, 2014

This weeks Street Update is an amazing compilation of diverse works in far-spread corners of the world. We have: the artistic reinterpretation of Swan Lake in Cape Town; balancing parent in Sydney; the voyeuristic eye in Paris; fearsome creatures in Rome; and the advance of telecommunication in Palm Beach. The murals are, as always, magnificent, outstanding and perfectly executed. The artists responsible for these sophisticated works of art have all been previously chosen for your Street Update selection. It is therefore no wonder we have such treats lined up for you this week.

Fintan Magee

The Australian muralist Fintan Magee is in Sydney at the moment where he painted another imaginative mural. His recent work is titled “Support”. The imagery shows a woman lying on the ground, balancing a small boy atop a wooden board. Despite his unsteady circumstance the boy is seemingly unimpressed and writes letters on small slips of paper. Beside him hoovers the small hummingbird that is a reoccurring image in Fintan Magee’s art. But also the balancing parent is a reoccurring image in the artist’s murals. Magee painted a similar piece of a father balancing his daughter on a glass surface at South Bank in Brisbane. Now Sydney has the artistic interpretation of balancing a family as well.


Levalet is a true master of integrating his art with the direct urban environment. Levalet’s pieces always use staircases, house entrances or the ledges of buildings as essential element of his work. In this case he used the projecting feature of a building as the form and basis of a Television. The TV enlarges the eye of the man looking at the lens of a camera connected via cable. Fittingly the artist titled his work ‘Exhibition’.  Characteristic for his work, Levalet created the entire piece in black and white shading.


Taking part in the Avanguardie Urbane Street Art Festival in Rome, the Belgian street artists ROA created this beautiful and equally fierce mural. The size of the building indicates the enormity of ROA’s latest artwork. This is nothing new for ROA, it is though for Rome, it is the city’s largest mural to date. The giant monochromatic rat-wolf-creature, painted on the buildings orange-color grounding gives the piece a striking effect.

Photo credit: Urbis Ars

Tristan Eaton

Born in Los Angeles, Tristan Eaton began pursuing street art as a teenager, painting everything from billboards to dumpsters in the urban landscape wherever he lived, including London, Detroit and New York. His status as cosmopolitan takes effect in his recent artwork. The mix of difference styles, influences and cultures is what characterizes Eaton’s new street art. The artist and his team create intricate collages that harmonizes perfectly. The latest piece is another example of his creative skill. Eaton’s new piece in Palm Beach, Florida, pays tribute to Alexander Graham Bell and his advance in telecommunications. Hereby another of Eaton’s traits comes into effect. His imagery often reference to his direct environment. The mural is painted on the side of the former Southern Bell Telephone headquarters on Fern Street.

#Faith 47

Faith sent us an email last week containing a picture and a ‘making of’ video of this beautiful swan mural she painted in the township of Khayelitsha in Cape Town. The mural Faith 47 titled ‘you hold no blame for my proud heart’ instantly impressed us with the artistic delicacy despite its impressive size. The light blue white elements on the light-blue-pastel grounding and the light imagery set a stark contrast to its location. A nice detail Faith 47 added is the scribbled writing at the bottom of the wall. We knew you would love this mural and uploaded it to Facebook immediately. Your likes and shares confirmed our assumption and Faith 47 is again included in our Street Update.

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