Street Update #23

April 9, 2014

This week we have a beautiful artistic spread of murals in the Street Update selection. We have: bright red/orange pieces and nearly all white paintings; translucent animals and fantastical creatures; as well as war generals and renaissance masterpieces. The creative pallet ranges from figurative to surreal and abstract to pixelated. The variance in murals we presented last week resulted in the highest Street Update participation so far. It goes to show that everyone has a different taste and we should be thankful for diversity.

Bicicleta sem Freio

Bicicleta sem Freio is a Brazilian design and illustration collective. The trio is composed of Douglas Castro, Victor Rocha and Renato Reno. The three met the first time at the Visual Arts course at the university of Goias. Characteristic for their style is the strong line work, bold colors and girls. The collective’s preferred imagery is seductive women in surreal environments. Bicicleta sem Freio is known for large-scale murals, but the latest piece is a new level. The red-orange woman is only one wall of their work. The trio continued on the street-side wall of the building this morning.


The Italian mural-maestro BLU created this visually delicate and statement-heavy piece in the Italian city Niscemi. Signature for BLU’s work is the white paint that most his murals are composed of. BLU’s work is always large-scale and eye-catching. Upon longer examination the critical message the artist is trying to convey becomes visible. BLU’s choice of imagery in this case, is an Army General playing a xylophone of weapons. With every strike of the wood bars the deadly xylophone shoots bullets.

Xylophone mural
BLU - Gif


After completing ‘You hold no blame for my proud heart’ in the township of Khayelitsha last week, Faith 47 retained the swan imagery and painted ‘Oh diamond seashore drive me from the yard’. The mural shows a batch of swans starting from the ground to take off. The piece is white with grey shading on the walls ground coated black. With the use of water Faith created the drip effects at necks and wingtips of the launching birds. The shading gradient is stronger at the beginning of the swans take off, when he lifts from the ground white becomes stronger.


The Austrian street artist is presenting a new body of work at San Francisco’s Fifty24SF Gallery. Taking a break from preparation Nychos created another signature piece at Haight and Ashbury –Street, in close proximity to the gallery. The exhibition title “Street Anatomy” is a good description of Nychos’ latest work of a running dog with a see-through body half. The translucent body enables a detailed view of the animals imaginative anatomy.

Invader - Mona Lisa

The French street artist Invader brought an artwork from the Louvre to the streets of Paris. Sneaking into the museum at night and dropping it on a wall. Creating his 1097 invasion of Paris at the ‘Louvre-Rivoli’ subway station the way to the new location wasn’t far. Invader's Mona Lisa mosaic is composed of large tiles that give the piece is fairly large size. Despite the pixelated effect the larger tiles have Da Vinci’s masterpiece is clearly recognizable.


The artist from Philadelphia is residing at Fort Wayne at the moment. The exhibition ‘Biological Canvas’ at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art features works by NoseGo. The curator of the exhibition, Josef Zimmerman, organized for NoseGo to paint this imaginative piece on orange brick. Working between surrealism and hybrids the artist created another beautiful fantasy creature.

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