Street Update #26

May 7, 2014

Once again we bring you the most popular from the streets. This we your selection has voted some big names in urban art into Street Update. Each artist justifies the claim not only with the scale of their murals but also through outstanding technique and imagery. The pictures you are about to see will leave you longing for freedom, speed, hunting, fishing, and compassion. Please be prepared for this weeks exceptional Street Update selection…

Case (Ma’ Claim)

Secured Liberty

After the victory hand in Berlin and right before his solo show at m.u.c.a. in Munich, Case created this stunning mural in Germany’s bank metropolises Frankfurt. The founder of Ma’ Claim crew is recognized as one of the most talented photorealistic spray painters. His latest piece is testament to that. The mural is entitled “Secured Liberty” and shows encaged symbols of freedom. Nine doves are being held captive in a golden cage. Case sprayed the cage include its prisoners three-dimensional. The effect is just breathtaking.


Going Everywhere Fast

The British pop artist among the urban artists created another Roy Lichtenstein mural. The location of his latest piece is Culver City. In cooperation with the inhabitant Corey Helford Gallery D*Face painted a large-scale motorcycle hero with a dead face- The blond F*Face girl has his hands wrapped around his body tight. She has to hold on because the dead man is “Going Everywhere Fast”.


Dissection of a Wild Boar

The Austrian surgeon Nychos returns to Europe. Nychos’ works are part of the Pictoplasma exhibition at Kaufhaus Jahndorf and Urban Spree. As some of you might know the Berlin gallery Urban Spree has its very own Houston and Bowery wall. The side of the gallery’s buildings has offered numerous urban artists a canvas to paint on. Next runner up was Nychos. The muralist painted the “Dissection of a Wild Boar” and dedicated it to his father.


After creating some an outstanding mural for FORMS: PUBLIC Festival in Perth, Phlegm flew to New Zealand to create another massive street art piece.  Phlegm painted a gigantic fish swallowing his signature characters. All of them are on boats or in submarines heading towards the mouth. As if seeking shelter they readily steer towards the gaping mouth of the enormous fish.


Ms. Reet

The French artist MTO was invited by the Stencibility Festival to Estonia to beautify the streets of Tartu. MTO painted one of Tartu’s residents on the side of her store. Her name is Ms. Reet, she is now seven meters tall and MTO says the following about her “Ms Reet owns this tiny trinket store for 16 years and Tartu's investor would like to move her out of the location to construct new supermarkets”. A great mural, by a great artist and a great meaning. We have our fingers crossed Ms. Reet.

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