Street Update #28

May 21, 2014

Street Update has some new artists in the round of selected few. Although the first rookie is certainly a well-known name with insiders, it is the first time you selected him for Street Update. The artist makes a big entrance to the stage.  As does the second artist, who really impressed us with the imaginative imagery and versatile styles. The fifth artist created a museum painting on the outside of a museum. The two returning artists are what you would expect from these pros. Their murals are once again outstanding works of art.

Pantonio - Cat and Squirrel like creatures

The Portuguese artist Pantonio painted a massive mural of cat and squirrel like creatures in black-to-blue-color palette that has become characteristic for his work. Amidst the bustling animals is a human playing a wooden pipe. The scene reminds of the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Using painter rollers and thick-hair paintbrushes Pantonia creates this ‘flowing’ abstraction of the famous folk-legend. The mural is unbelievably dynamic because of Pantonio’s technique. The creatures seems to be dancing to the music of the piper.


The Spanish artists Antonio Segura Donat aka Dulk is a hungry and insatiable all terrain illustrator. This is a very fitting statement for an urban artists that is not limited to this description. The mural ‘Bipolar’ that he painted for Poliniza Festival in Valencia is evidence of his multifaceted painting imagery. The highly imaginative piece is full of colors, details and small wonders.


Levalet loves to play with the direct environment of his paste-ups. His latest piece for the in situ street art festival in Paris shows is another proof of not only his love but also talent. Levalet created a 1950’s mafia-gangster shoot out on a run down van. The brown rust, smashed windows and stripped interior of the vehicle are the ideal canvas for Levalet’s pieces.

Seth Globepainter

The fantastic world of Seth Globepainter opens up for the children of Gaeta. The French muralist was invited by Memoire Urbane festival to do what he does best. The artist painted two children with their heads emerged in blue spheres. As if entering another world the children dreamlessly float head first into the unknown blue.  The creation of the Gaeta’s dream was documented by Flavia Fango and shows Seth Globepainter’s artistic process.


The Peruvian street art JADE painted this impressive horizontal mural at the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo in Lima, Peru. JADE’s artwork is broken into four sections. The mural shows a man lying down with a bird on his belly. The bird is just outlined and delicately shaded with white paint, The effect is that the bird and the mask on the boys face look like glass. Upon closer observation you will detect a small boy next to an even smaller brick house standing on the chest of the lying man. Undeterred by the sight the boy looks up at the glass bird.

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