Street Update #30

June 4, 2014

The 30th edition of Street Update is reserved for the big names in street art. With one exception the artists in your mural selection are regulars in this feature and world-renowned for their artwork. This week you selected works of wild horses, the sun and the moon, hands getting ready to fight, graffiti trees and window jumps. The participation for last weeks selection of murals has never been greater and you rewarded the following artists for their outstanding street art.


The Austrian surgeon is in Sao Paolo at the moment doing what he does best: Dissecting animals. The artist we’re writing about is Nychos. He painted a figurative mural depicting the comical and imagined entrails of a horse. Looking at the artist kneeling in front of his creation gives an indication of the massive scale this piece has. Although the anatomy comes from Nychos’ imagination, it seems close to the real thing. To complete his outstanding mural Nychos created the shadow of the running horse, enhancing the 3-D effect.

Pixel Pancho and Case

The Italian Pixel Pancho and the German Case from Maclaim crew met up in Brooklyn to create this stunning collaborative artwork. The imagery the newly formed street art venture decided on is not new to either of them. The mural depicts two interpretations of a hand. Case painted a photorealistic hand and Pixel Pancho added the robotic imagery that has become his trademark. Case and Pixel Pancho’s hands are a clenched fist hitting into the palm of the other hand. Getting ready for a fight.


Pakone has his first appearance in Street Update. The French graffiti artist was invited to Brest in France by Lilliwen to partake in the street art project Crimes of Mind. His contribution to the beautification of the harbor city was this pink tree with 3-D graffiti abstractions in its crown. The small boy is standing at the roots of the tree is watering this magnificent pink tree. The leaves floating aways from the tree add to the illusion of three-dimensionality.


Charles Leval is a regular in Street Update so you know what to expect from this talented street artists. His latest piece on the streets of Paris is entitled “Changes” and is one of our favorite works by Levalet. The black and white paste-ups show a man jumping into one window while another jumps out the other. Our interpretation of the work and its title is that it is in fact the same man that changes his outfit and is ready to get back on the streets.

Faith47 - The Solar Logos

Faith’s unicorn mural was one of the most popular artworks we posted on Facebook. The work entitled “The Solar Logos” is accompanied by another piece with the title “Hunger”. Together the two make up “The Imperial Sun and Moon”. The unicorn and the lion in London are another impressive demonstration of Faith47’s exceptional artistic talent. Faith seamlessly combines delicate and fierce imagery to make strong statements.

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