Street Update #33

June 25, 2014

Street Update is back again with the hottest murals from around the world. The artists you selected for this weeks edition really outdid themselves with their artworks. They painted figurative pieces in black, unbelievably colorful cartoons and sepia toned imaginations. We have figures climbing up stairs, children flying on planes as well as men that carry unbelievable loads on there back. Street Update #33 presents murals from Montreal in Canada, Brisbane in Australia, Ipoh in Malaysia and Malmö in Sweden. Prepare yourself your about to be blown away with the wind.

Ernest Zacharevic

The Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic is a frequent resident in South-East Asia. This is especially delightful because many of the countries are not necessarily overflowing with street art. Luckily they have Ernest Zacharevic. His latest ingenuity’s are painted in Ipoh, Malaysia. For the people of Ipoh and us Zacharevic painted a figurative piece that shows two boys sitting atop a paper airplane. The boy with the yellow sweatshirt in the front of the plan steers the paper aircraft while the boy in the back keeps a look out for their destination. The second mural by Zacharevic references the tin-mining history of Ipoh. The piece entitled “Mine you own Business” shows a tin-mining landscape in black and white with several workers carrying out the burdensome job. With these murals Zacharevic once again proves his outstanding qualities as a holistic muralist and artist. Terima kasih Ernest.

Alexis Diaz at MURAL Festival in Montreal

Alexis Diaz is one of the outstanding artists invited by the organizers of the MURAL Festival in Montreal. To justify his invitation Diaz painted one of the most imaginative and exquisite murals we’ve seen in recent months. Over an entire day and with unbelievably fine and small paint brushes the Puerto Rican muralist painted this stunning hybrid creature. The images combine the skull of a bull, the wings of a bird, a skeleton made of branches and a fish inside its rib cage. The creatures fades from red pastel paint at the top to a light yellow in the middle and a stronger green at the tip of the wings.

Fintan Magee

Back in his home country Australia, Fintan Magee was one of four artists that painted the façade of the new TRYP hotel in Brisbane. Magee created a figurative mural with the very descriptive title “Carrying a Queenslander through the snow in a shirt and shorts”. The man in shirt and shorts is walking on the snowy ground spiked with old school graffiti by Eikas. The house he’s carrying on his back with backpack straps is called ‘Queenslander’ because of its unique architecture. The Queenslander is a frequent building in Australia and a reoccurring motif in Fintan Magee’s artwork.


The creator of our favorite street art figures Phlegm was invited by ArtScape Festival to Malmö to paint his signature characters and beautify the city. The mural shows the ‘Phlegm characters’ climbing up ladders and ropes to the top a building. Phlegm magnificently integrates his figures to the façade details of the building. Making some of sit on top of the window ledges or climb around the balcony. The huge scale of the mural becomes apparent when you look at the real man climbing up the lamppost at the bottom of the artwork.

Seth Globepainter

Seth Globepainter is another outstanding artist in the line-up of Montreal’s MURAL festival. His contribution to the festival was his signature cartoon-like boy with his face submerged in ripples of color radiating away from his face. The difference to many of his murals is that the colors are also a curtain beneath which the boy buries his knees and hands. Seth Globepainter’s Montreal mural is another demonstration that the same motif never gets boring but is as exciting as ever.

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