Street Update #38

August 6, 2014

This weeks murals will enchant you and lead you to unknown places. Places that are the home of mythical creatures, kings and queens, ancient hieroglyphs and fabulous beings. You will enter the fantastical world murals by following the hummingbird through the small world of books at a green alleyway in the chest of Alice. The next milestones are the three Cyrcle. kings that you will have to overthrone to overcome them. Follow the path until you reach the radiating lights of the gem lady, the beams will guide you the way to the unicorn. Below the unicorn you will find flowers through which you will have to crawl. But beware only with Faith can you reach the next realm in which the Six Totems of Phlegm block the way to the river. Only by passing through each one of them can your journey through the world of murals continue. At the end of the river you will find the Retna wall with hieroglyphs. If you decipher this final task you will have completed the journey through Street Update #38.

Alice Pasquini

The Italian street artists Alice Pasquini was invited to Wall/Therapy festival in Rochester, New York to make her mark on the city landscape. Pasquini painted a surrealistic figurative piece in green and beige tones. The mural she titled “Along The Way” shows an overgrown urban landscape with an alleyway. The alleyway is embedded in the torso of a schoolgirl clutching the straps of her backpack. The imagery was inspired by the stories that the owner of the building told her. Pasquini writes: This was painted as part of this year’s Wall Therapy festival in Rochester, NY where I was perfectly matched to the bookshop “Small World Books.”  The owner, Rocco Pellegrino, is an Italian immigrant who is continuing the romantic tradition of the second hand bookshop in a time when bookstores are slowly disappearing.  A collector himself, the shop is filled with all sorts of magical objects.  The wall was inspired by the stories that Rocco recounted to me and includes images of him as a young man, as well as his beloved cat Sinbad.  It was a pleasure to be able to paint the wall for him.


The rising stars of the international street art scene are undoubtedly Cyrcle. The LA based duo has been tearing up the urban art scene with their clean, innovative and unique style that I personally admire very much. Therefore it makes me extremely happy and proud that Cyrcle. bring their distinctive style to the house façade’s of my hometown, Munich. Invited by Positive Propaganda, a non-profit organization with the goal to create contemporary and socio-political art in the public space of Munich, they painted their largest mural in Central-Europe to date. The large format artwork covers the entire 500m2 width of an apartment building block in Westendstr. Cyrcle. took ten days to complete their mural and also took time to communicate and discuss their art, with the local residents. The outcome of their creative labor is stunning, outstanding and exceptional. Thank you for beautifying my München.


The South African street art superstar had two runners up in this week’s mural selection for Street Update. Looking at the two contestants it is no wonder that both marvelous artworks made it into your final selection. The first mural was painted as part of the Recoat’s In Common Mural Project in Glasgow. Faith47 perfectly executed the artwork to match the shape of the building. She uses elements of the buildings façade and integrates them seamlessly into her artwork. It seems as if the building was constructed for this mural. Another proof of her talent is found on the island Djerba in Tunisia. Taking part in the Djerbahood project organized by Galerie Itinerrance Faith47 painted a unicorn in a small alley in Erriadh. Again Faith places the mural in a location that fuses the mural with its environment. The unicorn seems to be galloping around the corner and into the next alley.


The imagination of Phlegm is incomparable in the world of urban art. The figures, creatures and scenery the British urban artist paints in monochromatic black and white are unmatched. Despite, or maybe because of, the limitations in color Phlegm creates wonder worlds that can make viewers loose themselves for minutes at a time. The amount of detail and ingenuity with which Phlegm creates is artwork is mind-blowing. Each totem has one major creature that builds the basis for the eye.  The complexity of the totems increases noticeably as the eye wanders from left to right. The first totem is a skeleton carrying a fully functioning fabric on castle foundation on his shoulder. The sixth totem is a small robot with a human heart carrying a large apparatus that rises into an ocular mirror reflecting the eye beneath it. Please spend some time on the images to really soak up the amount of detail and effort Phlegm placed into his newest work of art. Breathtaking.


The American urban artist Retna is a big name in urban art and it is therefore unbelievable that this is his first selection into your mural selection. The apparent explanation is that the big players in the game make the art scarce once they’ve reached money-earning heights. This is definitely the case for Retna. His works achieve hammer prices up to $20.000 at auctions and looking at his latest mural it easy understand why. The clean yet mysterious aesthetic of imaginative hieroglyphs has a sophisticated appeal to many. The monochromatic black and white fuel the minimalistic perception of Retna’s artwork. The large scale does the rest to impress urban art collectors worldwide.

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