Street Update #39

August 20, 2014

This week’s Street Update #39 presents you with some of the greatest murals that are adorning the walls of the world right now. From tribe inspired mural by Dale Grimshaw and beautiful and colourful mural of a Japanese woman by Fin DAC, to levitating images done by Fintan Magee in Atlanta, all the way to street art’s finest ROA and his signature street art mark, this time painted in Sweden, just to end it in Puerto Rico with the newest Seth Globepainter’s mural for the Santurce Es Ley Street Art Festival, for the last couple of weeks our favourite street artist were very busy. Slide through the images we brought to you and let us guide you through the stories of their occurrence.

Dale Grimshaw

Dale Grimshaw is known for his portraying of tribe people and haunting but at the same time breathtaking visuals. Few weeks ago, Grimshaw spent several days working on his new piece in the streets of London. Doing what he does best, the newest ‘Tribes People’ image appeared in a very short time and left the passengers with their jaws open. Becoming him trademark and something he is most recongized for, Grimshaw simply known the key to success – just do what you do best. 


Fin DAC is once again back on the island of Ibiza in Spain where he was invited to paint for the Urban In Ibiza event. After only few hours of hard work, the Irish artist brought one of his signature Japanese ladies for the locals to enjoy. Merging perfectly with the surroundings, Fin DAC proved to be not only a fantastic artist but that he also has an eyes for the wider picture, which is something a lot of artists are lacking. The set of colours, perfect dimensions and a simple but still very complete mural that seems like it was meant to be there from the beginning. 

Fintan Magee

Since his last solo exhibition in London at RexRomae last month, Fintan Magee has found time to visit North America and prepare for his newest edition of the Living Walls Street Art Festival. Painting on the streets of Atlanta, Georgie, the Australian artist just wrapped up this impressive piece showing some of his signature characters in levitation. The surreal images both wonderful and disturbing at the same time, inosculate perfectly with the clear blue sky and the surroundings creating a feeling, when looked at from a distance, that it’s not a mural but a true sky vision. 


The last time we heard from ROA was only few two weeks ago while he was working in Bromölla, and since then, the artist has already done a new mural in Nässjö, Sweden. The Belgian muralist painted a powerful mural on one of the city’s forgotten walls. The painting is a part of the city’s 100-year celebration this year. ROA decided to paint a dark bird, with all the necessary details and place he chose to do it was simply perfect because, then seen from a different and higher perspective, the bird looks like it’s flying between the houses and building in Nässjö. ROA never seems to let us down. 

Seth GlobePainter

Paris based street artist Seth GlobePainter just wrapped up a massive new mural on the streets of San Juan on the island of Puerto Rico for the Santurce Es Ley Street Art Festival. His large scale artwork is showing a young kid scribbling with coloured chalks. Santurce Es Ley's international line-up was curated by JustKids and produced by c787studios. 

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